Total Goal

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tubb of Tuesday on Sunday

Well we arrived home yesterday, one day ahead of schedule. We left a day early due to all the crazy snow storms in Washington. We where afraid they may travel over the mountains to Interstate 15 which is the highway home. So I'm home early which is fine with me, I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

My trip was great! We had sooo much fun! It was hectic at times, with to much we wanted to do, and with two toddlers to boot.

Anyway on to Tubb of Tuesday on Sunday.

I was shocked! Is my scale broken? I ate pizza, choclate, crackers, chips, hambergers, and yup more pizza. My weight as of this morning is...drum roll please...189!!!!! Wooohooo! I don't get it...but...Wooohooo!!!

Well thats it for me today. I'll post some pics of my trip when I get a chance to load them. After all a picture specks a thousand words and I don't like typing that much.

Have a great X-Mas ladies.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hiho Hiho its of to Calafornia I go!

Well its 2 in the afternoon and I'm almost ready to go! I am so organized! Hero cookie for me!

Earl did a great job at almost finishing his honey do list yesterday so he's pretty much off the hook for today. Everything I have left to do I can't do until morning eg pack up Evan's bedding, playpen, music box etc. So I guess I can just relax for the evening, get a good nights sleep and look forward to tomorrow. I'm soooo excited! I hope I'll be able to sleep. I just got off the phone with Crystal and she's so excited she's almost in tears. I think that might be preggy hormones but to tell you the truth I'm almost at the same point. There was a few times while we where doing our running around this morning that the thought of hugging her and Mannix got me a little misty. Not to mention we went to my dad's on Thursday and there was alot of trifling through old stuff of mom's. All those memories came flooding back and I couldn't help but feel a lump in my throat. Some of her things such as the jewelery box my dad gave me have been sealed for so long still smelled of her. I'm looking forward to sharing those memories with Crystal as we unpack the crystal glasses, tea sets, and decorative spoons that where a small but memorable part of our childhood.

I can remember every year around this time my sister and I would be in charge of carefully pulling out all the fine china tea cups and silverware for our yearly New Years party, and XMas dinner. Or the even better times of sipping tea out of those beautiful dainty cups on cold winter nights when my dad was out of town. My mom would make squirrly jiggs and tea, then just us girls would sit at the dinning room table and just talk. I can remember feeling so special on those nights, like a grown up that's more special then the guests during the holidays. I'm looking forward to making squirlly jigs and tea with Crystal when all the boys are asleep, we will be able to sip tea from those very same cups and talk. I'm sure my mom will be watching. It will be nostalgic and a memory of our very own.

Well that's it for me today. I'm going to grab a Kleenex now that I'm tearing up from the above memory and say goodbye. I'll see all of you in 2 weeks or so.

Leanne I'll see you on boxing day at the latest.
Jordanna I'll see you when you get a chance to come out.

Have a great two weeks ladys. Have fun shopping in the crazy malls!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well it official I'm now off for a month!!!! Yaaahoooo!!!!! No more smelly poinsettia fish gooo, no more being board and lonely, no more blowing dirt out of my nose when I get home! Well for a month anyway. I'm looking forward to leaving now more then ever, but I have an endless list of stuff to do before that happens:

- do laundry for all three of us
- go visit Cindy and give her the key, an orchid I bought last night as a gift, and go through the baby cloths I lent her and keep what I want to keep. I'm super excited about giving her the orchid, its one I've never seen in the green house before. Its got like a million smaller blooms. In a dark choc brown, white and yellow colour. I know she wont have anything like it in her collection. I can't wait to give it to her, hopefully tonight she's free.
- clean the house, I hate coming home after a trip to a dirty house. Coming home to a clean one that I can relax in makes coming home even better then leaving it. lol
- pack us up of course. This may seem like a simple task to you but with an Evan its so much more work! I found out the hard way when we went to Lethbridge that if you forget something your F'ed! I have to pack his play pen, cloths, blankets, Mobile music thing, toys, DVDs, diapers, wipes, bum creams, bath stuff, sippy cups! OMG it never ends!!!! Who ever said it gets easier as they get older was lieing!!! When he was a new born he slept toys where not an issue! OMG do I miss those days. lol.
- Tomorrow night we have to go pick up my contacts at WEM, a poinsettia as a gift for my dad...Booooo, down with goo! Then go over to my dads to pick up some stuff to haul down to my sister. He has some gifts, and some family items he wants to get out of the house before you know who gives them to her kids. Bitch! Those things have nothing to do with u!!!! Grrrrrrr it makes me so mad!!!

There's a bunch of other stuff too but those are the highlights. I wont bore you with all of it.

I got the first NS order in a few months yesterday. I have to say I love their new packaging! It's the same food from what I can tell so far, but all the packaging is colour coded by meal time! Eg Pink and white for dessert, green and white for lunch etc. It was so much easier to put away! Not to mention it looks so much prettier in the cupboard. lol. Since it was a new menu they of course snuck some of the new menu items into my order. I decided to try one of the honey mustered pretzel snacks last night when I got home from work. I usually hate honey mustered something about mustered and sweet bugs me, but it was super yummy!!!! I was pleasantly surprised! I'm truly hoping my body as passed it's platue I'm planning to sticking as close to the diet as possible while in Cal. I'm bringing some of my easy to pack stuff with me, the snacks, and bars, that sort of thing. I have the stuff I may as well eat it. Don't get me wrong I'm planning on having a good time, but there is moderation. I don't want to ruin all my hard work for the last year on a two week vacation. I will however be taking advantage of the free buffet at Disney land! Seconds? why yes. Dessert? x2? yes I'm in! lol.

Well I think I've rambled on enough for today. Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tubb of Tuesday

Well I was happy to see a weight of 190.8 this morning. That's a loss of 1.2 this week. I thought for sure I gained. I've cheated sooo much this week, but at least I've been cheating smart. We've been eating on the go a lot lately. So much to do and so little time to do it. I've had Mc Donalds once mostly because we had Josh this weekend, if I hadn't been so hungry I would have found it gross. The other times have been at Subway and regular restaurants where I've been ordering smart. Do I'm surprised and proud of myself.

My measurements are exactly the same this week so no news there.

On a non-weight loss note I leave for Cal in less then 5 days!!! yippee!!! A whole month off work will be great! We are so short staffed that I'm always alone! I'm going crazy! No one to talk to, I'm up to my eye balls in poinsettias, and the place is of course dead! I understand why they don't have two ppl on, but I feel so segregated and lonely at work. It sucks! I will also tell you I'm tired of watering those stupid pointed cetters! I'm tired of my hands and arms being covered in fish smelling poinsettia goop, I don't want to be there! I'm so not looking forward to working again tonight. I guess I'll just have to keep telling myself it's almost over. I can't wait to get out of here!!! I really need this brake! Not to mention I can't wait to hold Mannix in my arms, to hug my sister and spend some time with her. There is only so much I can take of just talking to her on the phone.

Well that's it for me today have a good one ladies.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well I've almost completed one thing on my "to do" list. It was a big one! Decorate the house for Christmas! Earl and I went out last night and went a little crazy, we bought some xmas village stuff to fill in the weird box hole on top of our fire place. I loved the village stuff at work, so we went ahead and did it. The funny thing is, it was Earl who said he wanted to do it, so we agreed and did it! We got the ski lodge, cathedral, a car sales building, a post office, and my personal fav the ornament shop, we also got some trees and bridges and figures and stuff. I also got a garland and lights for the fire place mantel. I think it looks fantastic! I love it! We decided to put the Xmas tree upstairs in the living room to allow more space and keep Evan fingers away from it. Next year it will go down stairs. But I think I'll still want one upstairs so it can be in the front window of the house. I love when ppl do that, it looks so pretty. I also got a super cute wreath for the front door, which is something I wanted to do ages ago. I would like to switch one out for every season. Call me girly but I like the way a wreath looks on a door, it's welcoming!

So that's about it for me today. I got more accomplished then I thought I would last night. Maybe we won't need a baby sitter on Sat. Evan was really good last night, we went to Canadian Tire and 2 Ronas! Having the car carts with steering wheels seems to help, if only Walmart had car carts!

Have a good one ladies!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My new computer case

So this is now what my computer case looks like. Pretty cool huh. My computer was getting slow so Earl gave me an upgrade! This meant I had to upgrade to a bigger case. Now it looks like I'm compensating for something, it's huge! It's almost as tall as my desk! the front panel with the purple circles also lights up blue! Earl also put a blue fan in the inside since it has a windowed panel on the side. It's super cool! I love it! I feel like such a gamer! To bad all I play is Pogo, lol, and sims once in a while.

I have a jam packed couple of weeks before I leave for Cal. Today at 3pm we are taking our dogs in to get their kennel cough shot. Tomorrow Steph is coming over for a visit. I still have to get my hair done, decorate the xmas tree which includes getting an extension cord. Clean the house so it's ready for Xmas when we get back, oh and all the packing and list making included in going for a trip. I've started making a list of things NOT to forget. Baby night light, baby lullaby thingy, gifts for sis and family from here. You know all the odd things. I'm soooo looking forward to getting away. The daily grind is really starting to get to me. Not to mention all the drama going on in Earl's family. I'm just getting soooo sick of it all! All the winny, bitching, bullshit! I'm so over it!

So anyone want to baby sit an Evan one evening this weekend? Ave is going to Vancouver. Don't ask I don't get it either. So much for buying that Victorian house and opening a tea house. Again don't ask, unless where in person. Explaining would be way to much typing. Earl and I are going to have to get some stuff done. Sat would be great since I work till 5:30 and Sun I work till 4:30, and things close yearly. We have to shop for car toys, get automatic fish feeders, etc. It's so hard to get running around done with him when we have to stop at mutable places for one or two items. Let me know if your interested? Please?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday...Grrr!

GRRRRR! I've been such a good girl! Only .2 lost! GRRRR! What more can I do! I know it gets harder the further one gets along in the journey but come on! I want to see some results for my hard work! I've been eating right, jogging on my treadmill, doing my power cord work out, plus working. I don't have any more time to invest in exercise. I don't know what to do. Maybe measurements will show some change.

Arms: 13 each- one inch down
Hip: 45- no change, man that's a hard area to work, I've been trying. That lower tire just doesn't want to budge.
Waist: Got some great results here 40 that's down 2 whole inches!
Thigh: 24 That's down 1 inch each.

Well that makes me feel a little better. I guess I'll just keep at it and hopefully it will pay off this week.

Have a good one ladies.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No more Plus!

I have a huge announcement. Okay not huge, skinny! lol

I am no longer a + size girl!!!! Yahoo!!!! No more paying $50 - $90 for a pair of jeans. It's money in my pocket.

I just got back from shopping for a long over due pair of new jeans. I went into reitmens tonight and tried on the size 15 on the regular side and they fit!!!! Not only that but I also bought a hoodie at Old Navy. {Huge sale this week} I bought a Large mens! Earl bought a mens M and guess what, it's to small! Hehehehe. I am finally the same size on top as Earl!!!! In hoodies at least. When I fit his jeans then I'll really celebrate. Okay so I'm still the largest size, but I'm in the regular size!

So that's my happy, happy story for the week. I'm hopping the scale will show a good number this week. I've been a pretty good girl so I'm hoping for results. I only have 2 more weeks before I leave. I'm sure my sis will be shocked regardless but every pound counts for so much now that I've lost so many inches. Not to mention I would love to finish my mini challenge.

Hope your weekend was as good or better then mine. Have a happy Monday. Or as happy as a Monday can be anyway.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bally Power Cord

I wish I could have found a picture of this product so you could all know exactly what it looks like, but I can't find one.

Anyway so I was watching Biggest Loser about a month ago and one of the trainers said that a power cord is a great all purpose piece of exercise equipment. I know I need to start toning my body in my problem areas so I figured I would give one a try. So I went to Walmart last week and found a great product. It costs under $30! It's called the Bally Total Fitness Power Cord. It comes in a box with an instructional DVD. I just finished doing the workout for the 1st time. I can see how once you've learned the moves and can up the reps this is a great tool! The DVD itself was short and I found I had to do it twice to feel anything. I found the cord strong and well made, the DVD was helpful and easy to understand. The cord itself looks like a strechie skipping rope. So of course you can use it as cardio and actually skip with it. This would be great for ppl who want a gym on the go. The DVD also went through about 25 moves that works every part of your body. Legs, arms, abs, butt you name it. So if your able pick it up, its cheep, easy to store, and easy to use.

Have a good one ladies.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I stepped on the scale and was relieved to see 192.2. This puts me under my lowest weight (before AF) with a loss of .2. I'll take it! I'm not going to bother measuring today, I'm sure the numbers are the same.

Sorry I haven't been writing a lot, Evan has been a real handful. He's waking up at night which means I need a nap before work. He's also been rather snugly lately. God forbid I leave him on the other side of the gate to play while I type. I think he's been getting over a cold or teething and growing, I guess that's what kids do. Work has also been super busy, X-mas stuff, a plant delivery and getting ready for inventory has kept us jumping!

Did you know that poinsettias get a white goo if they get water droplets on them? Yup! It's really disgusting! So all the poinsettias have to be watered by hand! It takes forever. It's only Nov and we have 10 carts of them. All different sizes. I also have to say that poinsettias in large numbers stink! Just thought I would let you know. Never fill your house with them, the official x-mas foliage should be bought in moderation. To bad they look so nice in large groups. Not to mention they are poisonous to your pets, so watch out if your kittys and puppys like to eat your house plants. The odds of them dieing are slim to none, they would have to eat a whole huge plant. But a little bit for a small animal could upset there tummies and you may have a mess to clean up. Opt for a x-mas (zyco) cacti instead. They last for years, are very hardy, and they bloom in the winter! I know I want one.

On Thursday night I went to a Close to My Heart show, it was a last minute thing. I knew Vicky was holding it, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go. When Jordanna told me we would be making an x-mas card, I figured I'd go. I hate the ones where you make the first page in a scrap book, I always take pics I have replacements for, My pages always seem to get lost or damaged. I hate that! Not to mention I wasn't overly impressed with the other scrapbook home shows before. I didn't like the style or price of the supplies. This show however was different! I loved their stuff. It was reasonably priced for the quality of product, the product looked classy and not cheap, and it left room to mix and match other product with their stuff. No special page holders for their albums etc. Check out the website!

Pay attention to the stamps, they are sooooo cool! I'm hoping to have a show in Jan. So I'm afraid I'll have to make another first page that will never be in an album. Time to brake out the doubles I guess. The page never matches the product you want to buy since the consultant provides the materials. I do want to use their scrap booking product before I buy it so I guess it just has to be done. Maybe this company is different, maybe we get a paper choice? I guess I'll see. I've always wanted to scrape book but I found it overwhelming, and expensive. I guess I'm ready to invest now that I've found a company I like.

Well that's all for me. Have a good Tues Ladies!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

I hate you AF!!!!

the scale says I gained? Stupid AF!

I gained a whole 1.5! That's over half of what I lost last week. Grrrr. Nature sucks!

I stayed the same for most of my measurements.

Thighs 25 both sides
Hip still 45.
Waist lost .5 inch for a total of 41.5
Upper Arms still at 14.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. (if you had Mon off) I also hope you had a chance to either attend a service on Sunday or at least pause for a moment to remember the men and women who have fallen for our freedom.

I attended the service at my dad's legion on Sun morning. It was outside so it was short and sweet. It didn't feel cold at first but by the end we where all shivering a little. One of the legion guys let all the ladies with little ones sneak through a back entrance to warm them up sooner. The wait to get inside the front way would have taken at least 20 min extra. We didn't stay long after the service since it was packed and of course Evan was being a squirmy worm. So we went home.

I worked that day a short 4 hour shift 2-6pm when we closed. It was crazy!!! I sold like 35 fack x-mas trees! (no real ones yet) Not to mention every year Rona puts out the x-mas village display. Thats all those cute lite up houses and figures. Anyway it's been up for a week and all the figures are starting to brake from all the little fingers. One of the bumper car figures was decapitated along with a clown, a cow, and another shopping type man. Oh well. I guess ppl will get the idea of how things look. The village has been set up for 1 week and we've already sold out of some items. Its great to see things fly out the door.

The green house is also full, full, full! Lots to tend to and to water. But like the rest of AB staff is short so I'm afraid some of the plants that need daily watering are suffering. But once they get a good long drink they'll bounce back.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pets! Grrrr!

Okay so we got these stupid fish for Earls Birthday as you all know. We have the two tanks, the big one 30 gal in the living room and a small 10 gal down stairs here in the office.

All of a sudden Kess our girl dog has noticed the things swimming around in there! At first it was just the small tank since its down a little lower to the floor then the big one. She hops up to look and trys to bit the glass! Silly dog. She wines and fusses constantly. I noticed this morning after I feed the fish b-fast that she's noticed the big tank too! I hope she'll get used to them, or else every meal will be interrupted by her constant fussing!

We thought the cat would be the problem. That's why we made sure the cover on both tanks would support his fatness. Aren't cats supposed to like to eat fish! Not dogs!

Oh well I guess we will deal. If it continues I'm x'ing the fish!

I was looking for my glue gun yesterday and came across my old food journal. I started trying to lose weight 3 months after Evan was born. I watched what I was eating and used information from Weight Watchers. I used the points as if I was going to the meetings and weighed in every week. My first weigh in was on July 7th! I couldn't believe how much it was, I weighted 266 pounds! Granted that was on my old crappy scale but still it wasn't that far off! So if you subtract me current weight from that I've lost a total of 74 pounds! OMG! Now I don't feel so bad about lieing to get goal bear. I really have lost those extra 20 pounds. Not that I'm lieing yet, but the day will come when I've reached the 170 mark and I'm going to fudge my numbers a little.

Well that's it for me today! Luv ya ladies! Have a good Thursday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

These are the days!

Today is a good mommy day! I was playing with Evan on our 4th level. We where rolling the ball, reading and I was trying to teach him to build with his mega blocks, the usual play with a 19 month old. He walked by me, turned around, looked me straight in the eye and puckered up! He was making kissing motions with his lips and running full throttle towards me. Then he landed on my lap on his knees (which hurt by the way) and planted one right on my cheek! Then my lips, then my other cheek! It was slobbery and wonderful, I couldn't help but smile ear to ear! He had given kisses before but never on his own, he always had to be asked, or I think he was copying me or daddy after we kissed him.

These are the moments when all the worry, all the pain, all sticks in the bicycle wheels of life are worth it! For all the tumbles, all the tears, there is moments like these that make being a mom worth while.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I was super surprised to see a 2 pound loss this week. With the trip to Lethbridge and all the snacking in the car I figured for sure I would have gained or hopefully stayed the same. I am pleasantly surprised to be 192.6.

My measurements showed absolutely no change. My TOM is coming I can feel it. I got a major case of the munchies lately and I'm a mega bitch, so I know AF is one her way.

Yesterday was Evan's follow up appointment about his talking. I was shocked when I made out my list of his new words. He's gained 12 more! The repetitive nature of what I was told to do is obviously working. Dr Anderson was pleased and wants to see us again in 3 months to see how he's doing. I was relieved when he squeezed my shoulder and said "See nothing to worry about. I never tell my parents there kids are abnormal, this is why I love pediatrics, it never stops amazing me." I love my Doc!

Well that's about it for me today. Have a great Tues ladies!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Remind me never to move to Lethbridge! Its way to windy!

Well all in all the trip was okay, I mean we where going down for a funeral. Evan refused to sleep the whole way down, and since we where in a new place he didn't want to sleep in the hotel either. By 9pm I was done, my temper was shot, so I went swimming while Earl tryed for an hour to get him to sleep. I had forgotten his mobile music which I think had a whole lot to do with the situation. I also forgot his night lite. Oh well I'll remember for the Cal trip that's for sure. He was so exosted, his eyes where so red, and he would run then fall to his knees and lay down for 2 seconds then back up he went. At 10 when I was finished swimming and I came back up to the room, he was still up! So we decided to put him back in his car seat and find Walmart for a night light and mobile/ music box. He was out cold as soon as we where 3 blocks from the hotel. We did find Walmart and picked up the items we needed just in case he woke up during transfer from the van. When we got back to the hotel he did wake up. We plugged in the night light and I layed him down with me and he finally slept for the rest of the night. It was 11:30 at this point. Since he went to bed so late he slept in so we missed the continental b-fast that was included in our room rate. We ended up at Smittys instead. Oh well lesson learned. We knew there would be some kinks this trip, it's a good thing we found out now instead of in Dec.

We went to the service, he was quite since we kept him distracted as much as possible. After the service we just let him run! Most of the family took turns just following him around, up and down stairs, across huge expanses of floor, and through every door in the place. Needless to say he was out before we hit the highway on the way home. He slept for about an hour and a half. He only got cranky when he got hungry around Airdree then when we hit the Edmonton city limits. Other then that the ride home was way more stress free. He was clearly happy to be home when we rolled into the driveway. But he also went to bed without a fuss, you could see the sigh of relief when we put him down in his own bed.

I can tell from this trip the the first day to Cal will be hell, then after that we should be much better, as long as we let him burn off his energy for an hour or two every day. Thank God for our van's DVD, for his benefit and mine! lol

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I was at first not going to bother dressing Evan up since we aren't really giving out candy this year. Since we have Earl's Grampa's service this weekend it was either give out candy or stay in a hotel. We picked the staying in a hotel for the night in Lethbridge so we wouldn't have to rush and drive there and back (10 total hours) in one day. So where turning off all the lights and taking off to make our rounds with Evan. Grama and Gramps house here in Akins, Mike and Leanne's, and who knows where else. I'm planning on picking up a costume of some kind after Evan wakes up from his nap. I hope they are on clearance already, that would be great!

So I called make my hair appointment at my regular salon here in St A. I left a message on the answering machine on Mon. When I didn't hear from the Mattar family, (they own the salon and I went to Jobies with their daughters) I figured something was going on. She usually calls me back with in the hour. So yesterday I called again. Sure enough something was going on! They where in the process of moving to bc! Kelowna to be exact. Whats with everyone moving! That's the second family moving to bc, both I know from jobies! Anyway the Dad was still around and he filled me in on everything going on. All three daughters moved with them. The mom was already there with them. Today was his last day, he's flying out tonight to join them. They've sold everything but one condo which they are renting out, just in case. The things sold include the salon! So my hair was done by some one other then one of the Mattars for the first time in over 8 years. As you can imagine I was a little nerves. The young lady of 25 that bought this small but well astonished business was great! She was friendly, talkative, and did a great job on my hair and Evan's!. So despite the change I'll still be loyal Salon Perron customer.

Hope everything is well your in worlds. See you tonight Leanne! Around 8?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I finally have good news!

I lost a total of 1.4 pounds!!! yippee! Finally the scale moved in the right direction!

I also got some results on my measurements this week with a total loss of 1.5 inches. My thigh and arm inches stayed the same, which is no surprise. But I lost .5 on my hip and a whole inch on my waist. I guess the jogging and poloties (I have no idea how to spell it) is starting to pay off.

On another weight loss note I've decided to change my goal weight. With all the muscle I've gained over the super months I'm pretty sure that another 55 pounds was an unreasonable amount of weight to lose. So I've cut it by 20 pounds to a total goal of weighing in at 170. I just don't believe my body will ever be smaller then 170-165, its just not possible at this point. Accordingly I've changed my mini goal to 10 pounds before my Trip to Cal on Dec 10th.

Feed back please. Am I going to easy on myself? Should I push myself harder? Should I be aiming for 160 or 165? You've seen me recently ladies so do I look like a weigh 195 pounds? A lady at work and Andrea where shocked that I weighed that much! They thought I looked like I am 170! Where they being nice? What to do, what to do?

I also have some news unrelated to my weight loss journey.

I'm going to Lethbridge on Friday. Earl's Grandpa has finally passed away...for sure this time. So that's where I'll be this weekend. Andrea already has the key to our house to care for the zoo of dogs, cat and fish.

Our snail infestation seems to be caring for itself at this point. About 12 of the 22 snails have been sucked up by the filter. They seem to let go of the glass as if to say "look mom no hands!" I can just hear all the other snails yelling don't do it man it's suicide. It truly is since they flout around the tank not able to do anything, then they get sucked up. I'm still doing a daily count to make sure the numbers aren't getting out of hand. But so far they are doing nothing bad except cleaning the rocks and glass, so I'll leave them until I notice something bad going on.

Well that's it for me today.
Please leave me some feed back on my weight goal. I'm lost. I know it's my battle and my choice, but I do need some advise. hint hint Jordanna and Leanne. Luv you ladies!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Treadmill stuff

Well I did it. I went on my treadmill last night after Evan went to bed. I was shocked at how fast I wanted to and could go. I was only on it for 35 min but I was walking between 3 and 3.5 and I even worked my way up to a jog at 4.5! I jogged! I've never jogged! I was listening to my tunes and a good song came on, I just felt like going faster! Needless to say I was sweating like crazy which is of course good. In total I burned 151 cals! Cool! I stopped after 35 min because I didn't want to push myself to the point of never wanting to do it again. I figured 5 min total of jogging for the first time was enough. I'm also surprisingly not sore this morning. I work tonight and I believe we're getting a tropical plant order, so there will be lots of lifting involved. It hasn't been overly busy lately but I don't want to be too tired tonight. I've decided to not work out on he days I work since I never know how physical my shift will be. If its not to physical the day before I'll exercise for longer on my days off.

Well that's it from the now jogger. lol

Have a good one ladies!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I can't believe how warm it is outside today! Since it was sooo warm Evan and I went for a romp in the field by our house. I can't wait till he's old enough that we can go to the park and play in the sand, swing on the swings together, rank up leaves and jump in, build snow men, and sooo much more. To be honest playing with him right now is rather boring. He just runs around and I follow. Not all that thrilling to be honest. I would love to find another mom to hang out with but even then I would still be chasing Evan so really there's almost no point. Again, I can't wait till we can actually play together.

More on the snail infestation. I was doing some research on the net and found some info on snails. Apparently snails are great to have in a fish tank. They clean it up like little vacuum cleaners. The 1 inch of fish per gal of water still applys so we'll have to watch that. We still have plenty of room in the tank so I'll just have to watch how big they get. Some of them may have to get moved to the 10 gal or just plain flushed.

I did my 20 x 2 min work out on Monday afternoon. I had forgotten how hard it was till yesterday and today. I can still barley move! I am planning on going on my treadmill tonight after Evan goes to bed. His napping schedule is out of whack lately, not to mention my treadmill is still in the living room up stairs with no TV, so in order to make it bearable I would have to put on my Ipod, which makes listening for him impossible. So Earl will just have to listen for him while I walk. Or maybe I'll go for a walk after dinner since it's so warm outside today.

Have a good one ladies.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay so we have a snail infestation!

We have a 30 gal tank and a 10 gal tank. The pet store guy suggested we get some starter fish for both tanks so we got some striped danos for the big tank and some tetras for the small tank. After about 2 days we noticed some tiny snails in the small tank, we where of course surprised! We eventually moved all the fish from the little tank to the big tank including the 3 mystery snails. They got sucked up by the bigger stronger filter in the big tank so we figured, oh well nothing lost, they where free snails anyway.

So yesterday I feed the fish and noticed more mystery snails crawling around on one of the plants. As I looked around and saw more, and yet more! A total of 22 tiny little snails! Crazy! So from 3 free snail we have now gained 22 free snails. So imagine for a second if you will that 3 snails makes 22 snails (from what I can see) so if 22 snails lay eggs or do what snails do we will end up with over 100 snails!!!! crazy!!!! We don't know what we are going to do. I don't want to kill the snails since they are living creatures, not to mention they are kinda cool. They're shells are chocolate brown with gold shinny spots. We do have the 10 gal to move some into if needed, but I'm a little nervous as to how many snails one tank can handle.

I'll keep you posted.

Since it's Tues I figured I would up date you on my battle of the bulge. I did weigh myself this morning and I'm still up from my lowest recorded weight. But down a little at 197.3. I've decided to start measuring and tracking inches as well as pounds since the scale isn't being very nice.

As I've explained I've been doing a lot of lifting at work which is adding to 0 lost or worse gaining on the scale. This is causing a discouraging feeling, which means "I don't care" which means I cheat, which causes even more discouraging results. Earl says I've been losing inches like crazy but I need to see some true numbers to feel like I'm getting some where. So here they are as embarrassing as it is:

Thigh - left 25/right 25 - great I'm even lol
Upper arm flab - left 14/right 14-even again
Hip (including bottom tire) - 45 inches
Waist (including top tire) - 42 inches

Well there it is in all its glory.

Tune in next week for the riveting continuation.

Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Okay I gained.

Here's my issue lately.

I don't care! lol...I mean I do care but I've felt soooo tired, so run down, so fed-up with what I'm not sure. I honestly don't know whats getting to me lately. I thought is was because I needed an Evan brake, but Earl and I went out on Saturday and I feel a little better, but still feel like I'm in a funk. I don't get it. Anyway so I got up this morning and I've followed program so far today. Oh...except those 10 gold fish crackers I stole from Evan. But other then that I'm right on track. Half a day down, 6.5 more to go. lol...I'm going to try.

Have a great day ladies.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay so yesterday one of my posts was about Earl's grandpa. The night I wrote it Earl received a phone call saying that his grandpa was being pulled from life support and would be gone. Earl went through the initial morning process and fell asleep rather late.

The next day when he received a phone call from his mom at work he was surprised to hear he was still alive!!!! What a spirit to live! He's now on morphine and oxygen, he's still in really bad shape, his quality of life is pretty much nill. Earl's dad and brothers where surprised to learn the news but where shocked to see the shape he was truly in. They signed a do not resesitate order and headed back home to play the weighting game in the peace of their families. So that's the story, crazy huh!!!

Now the doctors are giving anywhere from a day to a week. So the waiting game begins again.

Man, weird things happen I guess.

Have a good one all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Great Man

As I was writing the below post Earl was on the phone with his mom. Earl's Grandpa has pasted.

I only had the pleasure of meeting this man once. I have to say that dispite his age (93) he was very alert, talkative, and full of the stories only someone of his age could tell.

He told me about driving to school in a horse and buggy, about having a new fangled phone installed in his family home, he told me about playing goaly with news papers tied to his shins as shin pads. I could go on and on with all the interesting things he said.

May he live peacfully on the other side with all the loved ones he has lost through the years.

Good bye Great Grandpa.

Baby Talk

Okay so Evan's shots went pretty good last night. He got them in his arms this time "thank God" which ment I didn't have to struggle with him half naked. The first shot there was barely a wimper! The second there was a small amount of tears, I would say not even 2 seconds worth. He hugged me then turned to the nurse with a smile! As if to say "I know you didn't mean to hurt me. You where doing what you had to do." lol. Then he ran over to dad, grabbed his car keys and continued to try and unlock the cupboards he was detirmaned to get into earlier.

There was also the usule questions about his development. Talking came up which I have to say I've been a little worried about. Suposadly a child Evan's age should have a speeking vocab of 50 words! WHAT!!! ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!! THAT SEEMS CRAZY TO ME!!! I felt a little worried and guilty when I left with some extra information and a number to call. A number for a speech theropisit! WHAT!!! Is it really that bad!!!!

This morning I also had to take Evan for his 18 month check up to Dr Anderson. He was happy with his size, weight and head mesuaments. He asked if I had any concerns. I mentioned the talking and Capital Healths reaction. He simply shook his head, reasured me not to worry that much, not to call the speach theropist yet and gave me a plan. So for all of you coming into contact with Evan here is the plan. We have to repeat everything 3 times. If he hands us something for example his milk cup. We say "More Milk?" count to 5 in our heads, say "More Milk?" count to 5..."More Milk?" count to five...then give him more milk. All he's really doing the whole time your talking and counting is getting more and more upset, he gets down right mad! But I'll continue. For those of you who think I'm being lazy, you try it for one whole day and see how hard it really is. I dare you. Only imagin a fussey, crying, or screaming 18 month old at your feet, is he really listening?

Other then all that Earl's Granpa is again in the hospital. So it looks like a trip to Lethbridge is going to be coming sooner then we thought. Like maybe as soon as tomarrow. We are on alert to leave so I guess we'll see what happens.

Have a great day all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great Turkey day!

Well the scale was not very nice to me this morning, but it could have been meaner. I had a gain of .4 which could be worse I know.

I've been cheating sooo much lately. I've been skipping my vegi servings the last 2 days-I'm just not interested in munching on vegis lately, and I'm sure the pizza couldn't have helped last night. I can sure tell my TOM is coming since I never seem to feel completely full. Munchy crazy I am these days for toast, cheese and popcorn anyway. I guess I'm just going to have to keep myself busy this week. I'm planning on taking Evan out to play with the leaves when he wakes up from his nap today. I took some pics of him last year so I really want to keep it up every year. My sister loves getting photos of him in the changing seasons. That should keep my busy for a couple of hours anyway.

Tonight is Evan's 18 month needles. I have a feeling this one might suck! He's becoming so much more aware of whats around him. He knows what he wants, and he wants it now!!!!! lol...I guess it had to happen, he's more of a handful now then ever before. I'm dealing but I think I'm going to have to start the time out thing soon, or he'll never learn.

We had some excitement in the neighborhood yesterday. At about 11am the swat team rushed in to a house on the street that both Darcy (our x border)and my friend Cindy live on. This is one of the main roads in Akinsdale. There was still tons of cops in the area as of 12am last night. There is an unmarked cruiser sitting around the corner in my crescent since our crescent connects another main road to the street the house was on. They are obviously waiting to see if someone shows up. I'm curious as to what the hell is going on. Am I in danger if I want to go out and walk around? Is there a dangerous man or women on the prowl in my neighborhood? There must be a media black out on the situation because there has been nothing on the news or in the papers, but I also don't get any of the Edmonton papers. They would just pile up and be a fire hazard anyway. So I may walk by there to 7-11 and get the edm sun later.

Well that's it for me today, I'll keep you posted on the crazy situation. I hope good old St A isn't going to end up like 97th street!

Have a good Tues ladies.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm giving thanks today for everything I have gained-oh and lost. lol.

My wonderful house which for the first time is all mine-well and Earls and Evans. I give thanks for my husband that is great dispite a few ticks, but hey whose perfect! My perfect son-oh that's whose perfect. lol. I give thanks for everything I have, everyone whom I love and who loves me, and for the first time in a long time I feel I'm right where I belong. I have a sense of peace in my life now, which is a great feeling.

So why do I have a picture of pizza on turkey day? Well I'll tell ya. Earls Grandpa is in the hospital. He's going to be okay for now, but he's like 93 years old so the family is bracing it's self. Anyway so Earls parents and sister went down to Lethbridge to see him for the weekend. So that puts our little family alone so we decided to have a thanksgiving day pizza instead of the whole turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie thing. So I'm going to be pigging out on some gooey cheesy pizza the day before I weigh in. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to deal.

Since we had the whole day, we got all our fall clean up done outside. It looks sooo weird with all the flower beds cleared, the deck canopy down, and everything except the table and chairs put away for the winter. It looks like the remaining brown trim will not be painted burgundy before it snows which sucks, but I guess I'll just have to live with it.

I also got a great Turkey day call from my sister. She had just taken a preggy test before she called. So congrats are in order! She's having another one!!!! This means Mannix and #2 will be just under 2 years apart. She's super happy, and I'm happy for her. I couldn't do it, I know I'm not ready yet. Another 6-8 months and I'll maybe revisit the idea of starting to try.

Well that's it for me today. Have a great turkey day! I hope you'll have a slice of pumpkin pie for me!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tubb off Tues on WEd

Okay so I'm totally confused! I've gone down a whole jean size but the scale showed only 2.4 loss in the last 4 weeks! What the! Okay so I'm lifting alot of block at work so I must be gaining some muscle, but could that really account for a 10 pound loss (one size) only adding up to 3 or so pounds? I don't you?

Other then the weight loss part of things:

1. Having the whole basement is great! Evan gets so much more tuckered out since he's gained 2x's the square footage to run in. Which means an easier bed time for me, no fussing, nothin, I put him down and he's down for the count.

2. Both Earl and I are sick, with some kind of cold bug. I went to visit Jordanna for like 3 hours when she was sick. So either it came from her and I spread it, or maybe Evan had a bug last week and his stuffy nose was not teething but a cold, or Earl brought it home from work. Or maybe I pushed myself too much at work in the cold. I guess we'll never know. Regardless of where it came from having a toddler and being sick sucks!!!!

3. Our office is now down stairs in our newly painted room. (Darcey's old bedroom) which leaves the old office open for company and Josh to come and visit over night.

4. Uncle Ian is no longer coming this week which works out great since we are all sick anyway.

That's about it. Work, Evan, weight loss. Hoohum...Have a good Thursday ladies. Hey at least my show is on tonight! Yippee!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

quick catch-up.

Everything is great!

Fish are still alive and growing.
Darcy is almost moved out.
Started painting the guest room (Darcy's old room) for Uncle Ian's visit.
Evan now has 8 teeth and is in size 6 diapers!!!!
Work is good, still busy, still lifting huge amounts of block and moving jungles of plants.
Trim on the house still isn't finished. Deck railing also still isn't finished.
Pets are shivering! Its getting sooo cold out there! I'll have to buy them little sweaters. Can anyone teach me how to knit! I want to learn!
Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow, it might actually show a lower number this week.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just catching you all up.

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Survivor!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so all my fav shows are starting a new season. The problem is I have no time to watch them! Its a good thing that Earl has set up a media center that acts like TVO in the states. I can set it to record a whole series and watching later. It sucks that I can't watch them when they are airing, but at least I can FF past the commercials.

WED-Biggest Loser and America's Next Top Model
THURS-The all important Survivor!!!! This season a record breaking China! First in time in history!!! I can't wait! I would be watching it right now...but Earl and I went fish shopping! That's right fish shopping, and not the kind u eat either.

Yesterday was Earls birthday, he wanted a fish tank, I said go ahead as long as you take care of them. I figured this hobby couldn't be as bad as collecting cars. Hey, at least I can enjoy this one too. I thought to myself it must be a cheaper then cars. Wow was I wrong, its snow balling now into 2 tanks, a 30 Gallon in my living room and a 10 in the computer room. Oh and plans to put a huge tank in the basement. (More on that later.) Not that I mind, it's relaxing to hear the water trickling, and watch the fish swimming around, we make voices for them and talk for them, its fun! So despite the dollar signs I'm enjoying the experience as much as Earl. Not to mention this is the first thing in the last 6 years that we've done together, a hobby we can both get into. All in all its been fun. Our other pets are doing much better now that they are shaved. Yup that's right all 3! Even the cat! He looks super funny. Our camera's batteries are dead so I haven't been able to take pics to post. Hopefully I'll remember to get some more soon before it all grows back. But I tell you his whole attitude has changed. He's our loving chatty Gandolf once again. He's quickly replacing Medalion as kitty king of the house. Its great to see him back to his suckie self again.

My other big news is Darcy is finally moving out!!!! OMG!!! Tomorrow!!! Him and Anthony (one of Earl's and Darcy's other friends) got a house just around the corner! About 5 houses down from Cindy's. It looks super nice, and it also has a super nice price tag of 1900.00 a month!!!! I hope they know what they're getting into! Yard work, cleaning, extra bills. Oh well not my problem I guess. I can't wait to move all of Evan's toys down stairs. Oh the space he'll have!!! I'm sooooo looking forward to using our fire place, having the extra fridge and freezer, being able to run around in my birthday suit, lol...just joking. Or maybe I'm sure Earl would just love that!

Well I hope I've left you with a wonderful mental picture for the day. Happy Friday! LMAO!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

well I'm down to 198.8 that's a loss of .8 in 2 weeks!!!! I still don't get it! I jeans are bigger, I've noticed a difference in my body, but the scale hasn't been showing it. Oh well I know the scale isn't the only thing that counts, but its the only solid way to know whats going on with my body. So either all the hard lifting at work is doing funky stuff to me or my scale is broken. The scale seems to be working fine, so work it is.

Have a good one ladies.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A busy couple of days.

Okay I know I'm not writing as much as I used to, but I feel like my days are shorter then before! Evan is such a handful!

Okay to catch you up on the going ons.

Wed-Long night with Evan Tues night. Earl was over at our friends house and Evan slipped on a stuffy and smacked his head on the kitchen cabinet. Needless to say a cut and a huge goose egg. Then I worked a hectic shift all by myself for 3 out of 4 hours. This would be fine except everyone and there dog wanted block! Heavy, energy robbing block to load. Most ppl are great about me being a girl, but some are just mean! I was exhausted. When I came home that night I found out Evan cut himself in the tub! On my shaver! Bad me for leaving it there, bad Earl for not noticing to remove it. There was lots of blood but Roo is A okay. He was more pissed about the huge adult sized band aid being on his thumb then the cut its self. Earl had to run and get liquid band-aid for Evan after I came home. He's fine from both incidents, but it was 2 long nights in a row.

Thurs-I took Brandin Andrea's 7 year old for the morning so she could go to court regarding custody. There was no way Brandin was going to sit in a waiting room till it was their turn on the docit so I did her the favor. Not to mention it was no place for him in case things got messy. I was happy to do it but between him and Evan it was an exhausting morning of chasing Evan at the park and eating pretend sand ice cream at Brandin's restaurant. Another nap was definitely in order. I got about an hour by the time Andrea came to pick up Brandin. Then, you guessed it another long night of loading block at work. Dam you ppl doesn't anyone by plants anymore!!!! Guess that season is over but still this block lifting stuff sucks! It better pay off on the scale this week or I'll be pissed!

Fri-okay then today! I went swimming with the girls -and their boys- at 930 this morning at Servus Place here in St A. This is our huge new leisure center. Its sooo cool there. There's to much to write about so you should check it out. I will say its great for babies and kids. Plus there is two huge hot tubs for the adults. Evan had a blast and so did I. I found out there is an indoor running track, a gym and child care!!!! Only 4 bucks an hour! Maybe this winter I'll take advantage of both, since work will physically slow down I may need to take some time away from Evan and use the gym. After swimming I came home and put Evan down for a much needed nap Then hoped in the shower. Washing one's hair after swimming doesn't happen with a 16 month old-trust me.

I love my new hair cut but it requires blow drying and straiting to look presentable. This takes an hour!!! I'm not used to that. So I've done that now, it's 1pm and I got 1 hour to have a nap before another night of block loading at work. I hope it's not too busy!

Well that's my catch up for the week. TTYL ladies.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tub Off Tues on Wed...I'm confused!

Okay so I did weigh in yesterday and was mortified at the number on the scale. I didn't get it! I had a few drinks and a couple of pieces of really cheesy pizza but could that really add up to a 2 pound gain? Not to mention I had a hugely physical week at work, my jeans feel loser, and even my mom in law commented! I had to put a belt on my size 14 jeans and they are sagging in the butt region now! WTF!!! I don't get it. Hopefully it was water or something and the scale will show some real numbers next week.

TTYL ladies.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My weekend

Well it was a great weekend!

On Saturday we helped Jordanna and Dustin move into their new place. It is a beautiful town house that she had painted in bright and airy colours. It suits her so much! They have a new gorgious lether sectional and a new TV stand. Both not bought at Ikea, wow are we all becoming adults now! I know Earl and I are not planning to buy anything more from Ikea-for ourselves anyway-the kids are a diffrent story. I'm looking forward to going to see her agian soon after their settled to see how she's made her house a home.

After helping them move we came home to get ready for the big event. My 10 year high school reunion. We went a little later then most we found out and showed up after all the speeches etc. I would have liked to make it there sooner but the ppl I still keep in touch with where heading there later so we decided to do the same. There where quite a few ppl there, most of them I recognized of course but couldn't put a name to. Very early we where approached by Brad, (he was kind of a geek so we didn't run in the same circle. I would be around mid class, never noticed so there for never picked on, in high school at least.) He said he was Annette Findley's boss!!!! crazy!!! Annette is his secretary!!! Weird. I started the night strong with 2 vodka perlizers which where going down to good and to fast. So moved on to coolers. I was feeling fine until we had a shooter. Cindy's choice a Double J. That's when I started feeling really good. lol. I hadn't drank much since our wedding over 2 years ago. I was first preggers for a lot of what you would call drinking events-Leanne's wedding, a trip to Edson etc. I'm not much of a drinker anyway so I never had an event to do so till Saturday. I wasn't at the spinney throw up stage which I hate so I know my limit. We got home around 12 mid. I can honestly say it was a good experience and I'm glad I made an appearance. I did get complimented about how I look a few times, I got everything from you look so much younger then every one else, your glowing are you pregnant?, or I barley recognized you! you look great! It was nice to hear those things. Another thing that happened was that Earl was recognized! He did go to the school or was enrolled there anyway. Going to school was not Earl's cup of tea. lol. Everyone was saying he should have been wearing a red name tag for a grad, not a blue one for a guest. He wouldn't let me change it. I wanted to give him a red one, which "Earl Potter went to PK and was abducted by Aliens in 1995/6". It's true! We found his name in my grade 11 year book and that's what it says do to his lack of picture and mysterious disappearance mid year!

Other then the reunion, I have some Evan news. He's been a super grump the last few days. He had what I thought was a little cold. But I was wrong. He's been teething again. Only this time his fang teeth have popped out of his gums! I made him smile when changing him yesterday and noticed them. So after they grow in Evan will have a total of 6 teeth. Yahoo! Its also been easier to communicate with him the last few days. Now when you ask him a question he either says nothing for no, or yaha for yes! Are you finished eating? Yaha. Or he shoves another piece of food in his mouth. Is your bum dirty? Yaha. Or he runs away! lol. Oh well what ever works. He's getting so big! Its crazy that I can ask him to do something. Like get his blankie (now we have to bring it everywhere) so you can go for your nap. He actually goes and picks it up, brings it to me so we can go upstairs! Crazy! He's turning into such a little man! Its great to see. He is truly the apple of my eye.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good Mon ladies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well despite my many cheats and BBQ's this week I still lost .1. lol. So my little car is at least on its way.

The funny thing is I feel thinner! My size 14 jeans seem bigger in the waist. So maybe I lost some inches. Work was super physical this week with a another huge tropical plant order. Maybe I gained some major muscle? Well what ever the cause, I'm still happy, despite what the scale says. I had some great nights with my friends and co workers eating some good BBQ food, and I still had a loss. A tiny one I'll give you that, but what ever, I feel great!

Have a good Tues Ladies!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A new mini goal

I've been thinking for the last few days on what my next mini goal should be. Then it hit me. I want to be in regular girl sizes by the time I go down to Cal to see my older sis! So why not make that my goal. I figure 20 should do it. So my goal is as seen above to loss 20 more pounds by Dec 12, which is the day before I usually weigh in, but also the day before we plan to leave.

I figure 3 months should be about right at the rate I'm going. So that's that, another goal set.

In other news, Earl has been working on replacing our doors. The ones that where on the house where just interior doors so you can imagine how much heat we where losing through them. There was screen doors too but what help could that truly give!

So we've picked up two 6 panel doors and frames. Just the cheap ones, but better then what we had. We had to decide what colour we where going to paint them. I was throwing around the idea of going with burgundy-but told Earl to just go with choc brown so we wouldn't have to paint all the trim/ shutters on our house. He convinced me other wise and we took the leap toward change. I'm soooo happy he convinced me, now I love it! We painted the man door as well as the big car door on the garage to start and experiment with the colour, it looks so good! Different, but in a great way! Since we've moved in we've only made minor changes, a new fence, a deck rail/ filling in the hot tub hole, took out some trees etc. But we've never really took the leap to make a big "US" change. I can't wait to see what the front will look like with our new colour choice! I'm super excited for Earl to finish. We haven't been able to do much since it's been so rainy and icky out all weekend. He's coming home early today, so hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for him to get some work done! I'll post before and after picks as soon as he's done.

We also have a slightly annoying kitty development since Medallion is no longer with us. Our black kitty Gandolf is lonely. So lonely he feels the need to sneak into Evan's room in the morning to sleep on the rocking chair. This wouldn't be a problem but he doesn't close the door behind him! So when Evan stirs in the the night and opens his eyes, he sees the door open and thinks Daddy or I is coming in. So we have got to find a way to correct this problem. I certainly don't want to we woken up by an awake Evan at 6am any more. We may have to brake down and get Gandolf a new companion.

Speaking of that we took a drive on the Morinville highway last night since Evan wasn't going to sleep. Since we where in the neighborhood we decided to see what Jordanna and Dustin's new place was like. We found it right away and drove into the parking lot to turn around. Earl almost ran over a cat! We looked over to their unit and where surprised to see about 5 little kittens going through a bag of garbage on the front step! Earl said that must have been the mom! We of course called Jordanna right away to warn her about her kitty infestation. It looked like maybe the nest was under her step. So maybe Gandolf will get a friend out of that stray litter! We will of course have to bring all the kittens straight to the vet before bringing them home. Since Jordanna can't take them in maybe we will, and we can find them all homes including mommy kitty of course. It would be our good Samaritan act for the year. I guess we will see.

Well it was a long post today so I'll let you go. Have a good one ladies!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mail that made me get teary again.

In the mail today we received 2 things that I have to say surprised me. I didn't expect it since we didn't pay for any extra things when we made the hard decision to send our first fir baby to kitty heaven.

One was an envelope with a clipping of Medallions fir, prints of his big lion paws, and a card with all the staff's sympathetic wishes.
The other was another card from our regular vet also with signatures and messages from the 11 staff members.

It brought a little tear to my eye remembering all his the wonderful quirks. The way he acted like the big tough cat when we had guests, but the second they left he was rubbing against us looking for some love. I loved seeing the two cats snuggle like the ying and yang, black and tan. lol. Then there is always the memories of ogopogo! lol. If you know me well enough you should be laughing your butt off right now not to mention its alittle x rated to be blogging about.

All those memories came flooding back again and I had to smile through the tears. He will be missed. But at least I have the memories.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday....YaaHoo!!!!

Well I worked really hard this week and it payed off. ( I had some smarties and a bite of banana bread at Danna's -bad me) I am now in Oneunderland!!!! Not much under the 200 mark but under non the less.

I am now at 199.7! lol.

I got some jeans from Leanne. Thanks girl. She gave me one pair of 16s and 2 pairs of 14. Guess what! I fit into the 14s!!!

Ten more pounds or so and I can say good bye to plus sizes! No more paying $35.00 for a V-neck t-shirt when the reg sizes have a price tag of only $20.00. This also means by Dec when I go to Cal I'll be able to shop in the same stores as my older/skinny sis! This has never happened before! I'm soooo excited!!!!!

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medalion is gone

I was at work this evening when I received a page from Earl.

He said Evan is at Grama's house, Medallion is with me, I'm coming to pick you up.

Medallion was hit by a car tonight. His back was broken. He had no choice but to euthanize him.

I'm super sad. He was our very first fur baby. He was one of Earl's first gifts to me, he was our first purchase together. We are both super saddened by our loss, but there is always a blue sky. We no longer have to remove a cat from the sink before we wash our hands. lol. That was one of his biggest quirks, and something I will never forget.

We love you big guy. I'll see in heaven.

Tub Off Tuesday

Well another 2.1 pounds down.


Friday, August 3, 2007

What a night!

So here's a riddle for you. What does a picture of an egg and a picture of a light bulb have in common? They both played a part in one of the longest nights with Evan since he was 3 months old.

I got home from a long frustrating night at work. (I have the feeling general public is getting stupider as the summer progresses.) Any way, Earl and Evan where just getting back from a drive when I too pulled into the driveway. We tried to put Even to bed but as soon as Earl walked into the nursery with him he started crying hysterically! So we figured he just wasn't ready, or in pain so we let him play for an hour or so, at 11:45 we where getting the "I'm tired signs" so we tried again. Same thing happened. But we pushed it a little this time, he continued to scream after his music stoped playing, so we knew something was wrong. He was screaming so much his voice was beginning to crack! We then decided to go for another drive.

We where heading to St Albert Trail on Hebart Rd when suddenly a large bang made us both jump. There was a smashed egg on our windshield! Stupid little punk kids where throwing eggs from behind the boulevard bushes. Earl turned the van around and called the cops. We where truly lucky there was no one in the lane next to use since Earl's first instinct of course was to swerve into the other lane! We drove around a bit waiting for the cop to show up to see if we could figure out where the little shits where hidding, as we drove Evan finally went to sleep. We talked to the cop when he arrived and told him the story. Apparently they where doing it from the other side of the street just the night before, but everyone called the cops hours later instead of right away. Unfortunately the little shits where already gone, I'm guessing use turning around may have scared them off. So next time, we'll call the cops and not turn around, maybe they will still be there when the cops arrive next time. I'm guessing there will be a next time if they've been doing it 2 nights in a row. After the egg stuff was dealt with we grabbed a quick car wash. (Evan slept through it) we also got a java from Timmies and headed home.

We got home and I removed a now passed out cold Evan from the van. I put him down in his crib and not even 5 minutes later he was up and crying hysterically again! This was now 1:30 am! Earl went and got him, I took him and decided to rock him in my chair. It was then that Earl noticed his night light. Burnt out! Oh no! So that's what has been going on the last couple of nights. On Wed night he was doing the same thing, but the van ride worked and he was down for the night by 12 midnight. Well what the heck where we going to do at 2am! We couldn't just run to the store and buy another bulb or night light. We would just have to deal! I dealed until 4:30 am, he finally went to sleep, I breathed a sigh of relief as I crawled into bed. Night light or not I passed out cold.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday and some other stuff.

Well I stepped on the scale expecting the worst and I was pleasantly surprised with my 1.7 pound loss!!!!

Yippy!!!! I"m so close to oneunderland!!! I'm truly looking forward to reaching that milestone.

Why was I surprised you ask? Well Saturday I worked and of course it was super hot. I got off work after a long hot day and decided I wasn't going to cook. Even the thought of popping my NS in the micro seemed like to much work. I was hurten big time! I just wanted to sit, relax, and get some peace and quite. So when I got home Earl announced that pizza was on the way. I thought to myself f**k it!!!! I had two pieces.

As I said last post, Sunday we went for brunch for Earl's Dad's birthday. I was mistaken it wasn't at the Chateau Louis or Chateau Edmonton it was at Laron! I guess the hotel under Laron used to be the Chateau Edmonton, now the Crown Plaza so I wasn't to far off. Anyway we arrived with Evan and Josh in tow, it was soooo hot up there, both the kids where all over the place, but the food was to good to pass up anything including the dessert. Oh well, I ate way to much, then went to work. Maybe that was my saving grace. I worked till 6 then came home tired and hot once again. Thank goodness I got yesterday off! I needed to stay in the air conditioned goodness of my house for a day and sleep!

Not only was I working in the heat (which sucks all energy out of you) Evan has been waking up screaming the last few nights. I've come to the conclusion it's definitely the teeth. I was brushing his teeth last night with the rubber finger tooth brush for infants and I felt two huge bumps on the top! Yup his molars on the top are definitely coming through. Poor guy that's gotta suck! They are super red and inflamed. This also explains the stuffy nose and bum rash. Hopefully they will erupt soon so we can both get some unbroken sleep.

Yesterday my NS order finally showed up on my door step. But to my disappointment my bears where MIA. So I've already called NS to have them delivered. My poor 10 pound bear will have to wait and so will I.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!

It's going to be a long weekend, but at least Earl will be home!

I'm working both Sat, and Sun, they needed me and what can I say I'm a sucker! On Sunday at 10:30 (before I start work) we're going for brunch at the Chateau Edmonton for Earl's dad's 70th birthday so I'm looking forward to that. Well except for the my sticking to NS for at least one whole week will be blown out of the water. Oh well that's life.

Talk to you Monday or Tues! Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Another .4 down. I'm okay with that. I can't wait till my order gets here, should be here by Monday. I've been making due but my supply is getting really low. Which gives me less choices then I find I get the "oh f**k it" thought and eat what ever I want which includes gold fish crackers or toast, both of which are bad. I'm also looking forward to having two new bears. Maybe looking at them will help keep me on track.

That's it for me today. No more word on the law suit as of yet. Have a good one ladies!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stupid People!

This morning I went to empty the mail box of all the stupid St A papers when I found a notice taped to our door. It said some one was here to serve court papers when we weren't home! And that we had to call this number blah, blah, blah. I ran it out to Earl before he could drive away to go to work and showed him. He said he would call and find out what it was about. I was of course worried. What could it be! I was racking my brain for hours!!!

Later today when I was just walking into work Earl called my cell and told me what it was all about. Before we bought our house we where renting to own an older house in St Albert. We took the paper work from them before we signed and moved in and brought them to our lawyer, who looked them over and re-did them with things that we felt where important. Things like, fixing the hot water tank, getting the fireplace inspected and certified, checking and certifying the furnace etc. We also included an out clause that relieved us of responsibility if we ever wanted out. So now they are trying to sue us!!!!! Did they forget that we weren't stupid!!! That we took the paper work to a lawyer!!! Did they not look at our out clause!!!!! We owe them nothin, nill, notta!!!! Stupid People!!!

So needless to say we are now counter suing. Earl's Mom is a legal secretary, she and her boss where the ones who draw up the original contract we signed. She and her boss are the ones taking care of it. Not only are those Stupid guys going to waste time and money, now they are going to have to pay us!!! Oh and they are using a student fresh out of law school to sue us!!! Should I have to say stupid people once more!!! I shack my head and say STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well it's Friday afternoon and I've felt so busy the last few days. But I can't seem to remember why! I went out for b-fast with the girls, went to walmart and I worked of course in this crazy heat! I think I'm starting to sweat my weight off! It's soooo hot at work!!! But...those free slupees they keep bringing us are probably not helping my fight to shed the pounds. Oh well they taste way to good when its so hot, I'm not going to deprive myself and suffer.

My new mini van started acting up last week and so we had it towed to Dodge on Kia's bill to get it fixed. The main computer is now brand new and we also got a command start installed on it. I love it of course.

I think Evan is finally getting his mollers, he was a super grouch last night and it took us some time to get him to go to sleep. He was still wide awake when I got home from work, not to mention a drive to Morinville and back didn't help. I had to rock him in his room for a bit and we finally got him down for the night. He's been chewing like a dog and drooling like crazy so here's hoping he's finally sprouting more teeth. I'm starting to get a little worried, he should have more then 4 by now you would think. When ever I voice this concern I get told the longer it takes for them to come in the better quality of teeth they'll be. I don't know if that's true but I'm trying not to worry to much. He's happy, well adjusted, and leaning at the right pace so I'll just be thankful for that.

Well that's about all. Have a great Friday ladies!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well I did pretty good this week. I got back on track and even used my treadmill!!! I lost everything I gained last week plus .2 for a total of 1.8. So I'm back on track. I can't wait till my order gets here, then my little red 10 p bear will have a couple of friends! I'm hoping they will help to keep me on the band wagon, since I seem to be falling off quite a bit.

Oh well, this diet stuff is super hard in the summer, BBQ's, events and hot days make me just want to eat out!!

That's it for me today. Have a good Tues ladies.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Evan got his first hair cut!

We went last night for Evan's first hair cut. He was actually pretty good. No tears or screaming just a little impatient mostly because he wanted to go run around rather then afraid of the hair cut.

It was fun! We went to a Salon owned by a family I know from my youth group. She was happy to do it and we even got a first hair cut memory folder with a little baggy for his little locks of hair. We also got a free bottle of tearless shampoo, the expensive salon stuff. We haven't tried it yet mostly because we just opened our 2nd bottle of baby shampoo since he was born. Man those bottles last forever!!! I think I'll save this one for our trip to Cal to see my sis in Dec, since its smaller.

Well that's my thrilling news for today. Have a great TGIF!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yesterday was both crazy and fun.

As I said I got my contacts, what I didn't explain was the tittle. It seems after Evan was born my prescription has changed dramatically! I no longer have two different lenses. The last time I got contacts I had to have a different prescription for each eye, but now its the same! I don't know how or why, but its true!

As I also said we went to Ikea. One of my fav places to go, I can't wait till Evan is old enough to go into the play room, then Earl and I can shop, have coffee in the restaurant, and just relax knowing Evan is playing and socializing with other kids.

We bought the cloths caddies to replace the ones we had that brock. (they're only 5 bucks I figured a year out of them was pretty good considering how much laundry I do!) We also found some great stuff their for Evan. When we where buying the van Earl would do all the talking and all I did was chase Evan around and distract him. You know those bead toys almost every where has, the ones with all the wire loops to push the beads from one end to the other? anyway Evan loved them!! So we found a small one at Ikea, along with a truck with a magnet to load and unload a flat bead car. All made out of wood! We played with them for quite a while this morning so it was $20 well spent. We also found some small kids plates, bowls, cups and cutlery their, which is something we needed desperately. I'm looking forward to the day I can give Evan oatmeal and cereal for b-fast instead of the finger food I've been forced to give him. There was also a sale on King Sized sheets and duvet covers, so I picked some up (kings are super hard to find cheap!) Lastly I got some new curtens for our bedroom. The previous owner left all her window hangings behind and truthfully the ones in the bedroom where driving me nuts! They had flowers on them! Don't get me wrong of course I love flowers, just not on curtens, couches or cushens. lol.

We then went to Leanne's place for a quick visit, which was great as usual. Evan ran around their yard and got all tuckered out. He went right to sleep last night.

On the baby note I've been asked by about 10 ppl (mostly at work) if I'm thinking of having another one soon. It's kindof starting to get anoying. I just say nope not for another year or so, and they say the kids will be to far apart! I want to say its none of your business! That's my beef for today. Now I'm done.

That's it for me today, have a good one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My eyes are better after Evan!!!!

I've been getting these huge headachs lately. I'm pretty sure its from not being able to wear sun glasses when I'm driving. I went to get fitted for contacts this morning so I could do just that.

I've had contacts before but they sucked! My eyes where so dry! So this time I wanted to try the oasis brand of contacts as seen on TV. I went in and got fitted. OMG these ones feel so much better not to mention I can now brack out my sun glasses once again!!!

It will be so much better for work too, no more stopping half way through my shift to clean my glasses so I can see again. The Rona green house isn't exactly the cleanest place of employment. Which isn't their falt of course, its a green house!!
I'm looking forward to my first shift with them in, which isn't today since I called in. Ave our nanny isn't going to be able to get here today, her father in law is in the hospital. Diebetic and Namonia don't mix. So Earl and I are going to Ikea, then over to see Leanne!

I also have a note about work. Now that I'm getting to know my job and it's slowing down a little I love it!!! I never realized how stressful my old job was until now. I also never realized the sense of joy I could get from doing something so simple! The bar isn't very high there, with the quality of staff a place like Rona has been forced to hire I'm a steller employee I guess. But that aside I leave my job content with what I have acomplished, I love the ppl I work with and work for. The drama isn't there, the stress isn't there, I can leave and leave my work life behind until my next shift.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good one!