Total Goal

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The great soother debate

This morning I noticed we only had one soother left and that one soother was getting really worn! OMG! The other one has gone missing! We had 2 left after the last soother check and I thought "okay well after these ones are worn out that's it for the soosies". Now that it hit me this morning I panicked. What if Earl has to put up with a crazy grumpy Evan tonight. What if he doesn't want to go down for a nap or to sleep with out one. I've heard about tricks like cutting the nipple off a bit at a time so they can no longer suck on them and then they simply lose interest. But one does need a functioning soother in order to do this. I've been working toward a soosie free home for a month now, but nap and bed time still seems to be a struggle. So I called Earl and left a message saying I was heading to Walmart to grab another 2 just in case back ups. He didn't call me back so I'm assuming he agreed with the not wanting to go Cold Turkey.

I had noticed before that the brand of soother that is Evan's preference was getting almost impossible to find. I noticed again that there where none when I arrived at Walmart. I decided to buy a pack of 2 that where as close to the old ones as I could get. The only ones available where munchkin brand "bling bling" ones so they have rhinestones and sparkly things on them. Evan likes the strait nipples not the weird curved/flattened ones. The strait type is proving to be harder to find all the time. So for all you new moms and dads out there, if you choose to do the soother get them hooked on the ones that are cheap to buy and easy find, if you can that is. Earl made the mistake of buying Disney strait yellow nipple ones, now non existent only a year later. Stick to Nuk brand - they seem to be every where! Again its the baby that will do the picking eventually-so good luck!

So we got home from Walmart and I boiled up the new blig, blig soothers. I handed them to Evan and he looked a them funny. I showed him what they where and he sucked a little and throw both of them on the floor. He played for a bit every once in a while picking one up and putting it in his mouth. Then minutes later he would pull it out and drop it one the floor again when he went to do something else, like climbing the couch. Maybe spending the extra $5 for another set that weren't his favs will pay off in the end. The old ones he wanted in his mouth all the time, until I had to start taking it way. These ones seem alittle bigger and heavier, maybe they are more annoying when he's at play? I guess we will see. Here's hoping.

My take on the soother debate is that I can take a soother away. You can't take a thumb away. A friend of mine had a younger sister that was still sucking her index and middle fingers well into her tweens (10-15 years old) I remember the two fingers she sucked looking odd and malformed. When ever I think of how I know Evan is less likely to have an issue like that the more I'm set on the soothers.

Evan seems to be napping peacefully with his new bling, bling soother. I did try to put him down with out it but he cryed for 30 minutes so I gave up. Maybe tomorrow when I'm home all day and all evening I'll try again.

Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday and some other stuff.

I thought you all may find this funny, I know I do. This is how my little guy gets up on the couch. Smart little guy isn't he. He lifts the cushion with his hands. Braces it with his head. Climbs up between the lift cushion and the other one beside it. Then presto! He's on the couch. He will not stop doing this! I've given up telling him no since he's gotta figure out things anyway. I just keep a close eye on him and sit on the floor to make sure I'll catch him if he falls. He gets up there to steel the TV remote, phone, or bug the pets! Funny kid!

Okay so I've lost another 2.4 pounds. I'm a happy camper this week. I don't believe I'll make my July 2 dead line, to be honest I never did. But it gives me something to strive for and I'm the type of person who needs a big goal. If I reach it a week late, I don't really care. My new job keeps me hopping while I'm there so I'm going to give that most of the credit. I've found my new groove with work and Evan and all that jazz so I'm getting all my servings in etc. It took a couple of weeks but everything is A okay now.

Work is going great. My feet didn't hurt for the first time last night. Danna told me it would happen and it did! Thanks for telling me to just stick it out lady! (any news on your big buy yet?) Other then that I'm going to start kicking the little stupid boys. They sit around and pick their noses while I bust my butt!!!! I want to shoot them. There is one little rude mother f**ker and one big duffis! When ever I look at him I wonder how it is he has enough brain power not to drool!!!! Oh well I know I'm liked and my hard work doesn't go un noticed. Last night I took down the name and # for a lady for Bill (my zone manager) to call back about a large brick order. No sooner then I sent her on her way Bill walks into the green house. I had just finished writing all the info on a piece of paper. I said "Just the guy I was looking for!" He looked at me with terror in his eyes, looked at the piece of paper I was handing to him and said "Your not quiting are you?" I smiled and said "Why am I that good?" I didn't let him answer (I've only been there 3 weeks, I figure I'll give it 3 months and let him save face.), I just went on and told him about the lady and what she needed. He said "Great, I'll call Susen in the morning and let her know to take care of it." I figured the look on his face and the look in his eyes when he asked was enough to confirm I'm needed around there. I'm fine with that...for now.

Its just so unfortunate that places like Rona are more concerned about quantity rather then quality. But then again with the labor shortage they don't have much of a choice. I just hope that they recognize and reward the employees with not only brain power, but the ones who work hard. If not I'm just going to start picking my nose too!

Well I should let you all know that the junker in my driveway has been sold! Yup that's right sold. That's got to be a record! Here, fixed and gone in a week! Yahoo. Not to mention that we got the car for a computer, worth about $200 then sold the car for $600. Ha, ha, sucker! That $600 is going towards the fence being replaced this weekend. So that guy out there who traded the car for a computer, thanx for the new fence!

Well that's it for me today. Have a great Tuesday ladies!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Happy Birthday to me!

Not that there is anything exciting on the agenda, but that's okay with me. It's a lounging day with a visit from Jordanna and Dustin this evening. I'm looking forward to seeing them, I used to see her once a week, it seems like I haven't' seen her in forever now that I'm working. I'm super stoked for them right now, they're putting an offer in on a small place! They where so afraid that they might have had to move to Sask in order to own property, so I'm soooo relieved that they might buy a place here instead. I would die if they moved so far away. Me and some others too I'm sure. Jordanna is a great friend to a lot of ppl. She and Dustin would be missed.

My NS order is supposed to be coming in today, along with my first 10 pound bear! I didn't lose the 20 pounds before I had to order so next time hopefully I'll have both my 20 and 30 pound bear inside.

I went for a long walk last night with my mp3 player. It was really enjoyable. It seems all I'm doing lately is work and baby stuff so it was great to get out on my own, even if it was exercise. lol. I love walking around in the evening in the spring, every thing smells to divine. I don't know what they are called yet but the trees with the white clumps of flowers smell so great. I think when we take down the dead birch trees and get our backyard all worked out I might plant one in the corner. I would love to have that wonderful smell in my own yard. It takes me back to better days when my mom was around and life was good. I find the scent relaxing and comforting. Yup I think I'll be planting a tree next year. I know, I know your surprised. We are usually taking down trees not planting them. I guess we are turning over a new leaf, well, after we take down the 3 dead birch trees. lol.

Earl says that I have to write a correction. The junker in my driveway is no longer a huge junker. It now runs. Hopefully that means it wont be sitting in my driveway for much longer, since it is a junker. lol.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Can't wait till the end of the month!

Since we have a baby, house, bills, dogs, cats and such, we live on a relatively tight budget. But that's a okay with me, I'm never truly without anything I want. So at the end of the month we have budgeted $200 for me to go out and go flower crazy!!!! I have alot of pots to fill.

5 large old wine barrels (cut in half of course, don't ask me why there is 5 and not six, since 1 barrel clearly makes 2, so where is the half of the 3rd one---did that make sense to u?--oh never mind. lol). 2 smaller barrel like pots. 2 built in planters in our deck and about 3 very small pots, one with a sleeping cat which is my personal fav.

Yup that's alot of space to fill with beauty and colour. Since I now work in the green house I've already gained some knowledge. Not to mention got a close up look at all the flowers available. There are some I've never tryed or even heard of. Did you know there is such thing as a potato vine? Yup, and guess what it doesn't have potatoes on it! It is primarily used in baskets, it drapes down with little white or pick flowers. It's super pretty, so that's one I'm definitely going to try, among some others. But I will have to mix these new choices with my old favs, pansies of course, I saw some really cool bright orange ones! Then there is Marigolds, always a great classic that happens to help keep the bugs away from the other flowers around it. I've also got my eye on some really bright Geraniums, I think they will be in the plan, I've seen them a million times, but I myself have never tryed them.

I'm soooo excited. I can't wait. I'm so much more excited about next weekend then this weekend. It's a little odd since tomorrow I'm turning 29 years old. But I don't really like the hoopla of birthdays (especially on mine.) so really it's just another day. I did tell Earl that he has to cook me dinner. He laughed and I have him "the look". We will see if "the look" works.

Well that's it for me today. Did I mention I'm excited!

Oh ya, there was a mix up yesterday, it was Vicky not Jordanna that came over, and yes Cindy is still preggers, and getting very tired of being tired. lol.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I got nothin.

Well honestly I got nothin much to say today.

Work was cold and busy last night. Looks like it will be pretty much the same tonight.
No more news on the Truck.
My husband traded some computer parts for a peice of crap car. GRRRRRR! Another junker in my driveway. Oh well I guess that's what I get for marrying a mechanics son!
Jordanna and Cindy are coming over for a visit today. Hopefully with a new born baby from Cindy or great news from Jordanna? Guess we will see.

Other then that I'm done.
Have a good one Ladies!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well ladies 3.2 down! Yaahooo! So I beat the fat kid and now for my own personal challenge.

"I, Iris Flower aka Denise, challenge myself, to reach oneunderland, by my 2nd marriage anniversary on July 2!" (Earl...when you read this you've been reminded!)

That's it for me today!
Have a good one ladies!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Poor Red Truck

Yesterday was quit an exciting day! I woke up to Earl asking if I had heard anything when I was up with Evan at 3am-4:30am on Wednesday night. I said "Nope I didn't hear a thing and I even went outside for a smoke while I was waiting to make sure Evan went back to sleep". "Well" he said "My truck was hit on the front end!" He picked up the phone and went outside. As you can guess I got up. Evan was still sleeping so I put on my jogging pants and a sweeter and headed outside to see the damage. As you can tell this is not a fiber glass new truck, it's an 84 made strong with steel and such. Who ever hit it head on must have been driving on the wrong side of the road and going rather fast! Earl called the cops and our insurance company. The investigator came out to take a look, looked for paint scrapings etc. He sent Earl to the cop shop to make up a report and get a sticker.

I was tired from being up with Evan the night before so when he went down for his nap I went for mine. I didn't get much sleep since Earl kept coming in to give me updates on the situation. He happened to have driven around the block and found a car on the other side of the crescent all smashed up on the front drivers side. Not only was this the damage we where expecting on the car that hit the truck but there was no sticker, there for it hadn't been reported. Earl called it in and gave the cops the licence plate number. To further prove our case against the ppl living in the rental house on the other side of the crescent our next door neighbor found a tiny piece of black molding on the road that could only belong to a chev car in a certain year. Yup you guessed it, it matches the car Earl saw. He called the cop again and he came and got it, put it in an evidence bag and everything.

That's all we know so far. The only thing the cop said to Earl when he picked up the molding piece was the story they are telling doesn't jive, so far he hasn't got a clear cut answer from them about how their car was damaged.

Hopefully it was them, and hopefully they have insurance! Our truck isn't new, but it is our toy! We where going to deck it out and make it look hot. Its a rare truck, worth about $2500, so we do want to fix it. Too bad the damage goes deeper then it looks. Looks like it got down the inner fender and the rad support. Hopefully the insurance company (coming out on Tues to look at the truck) will fix it for us.

Well folks that's about it for me today. I'll keep you posted on the going ons with our poor red truck. Bye!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well my baby has learned a new skill. Putting things in things! Up until now he could only take things out of things. He's learning. Why does this excite me so much you ask! This means I am one step closer to being able to play the clean up game! On any given night my living room looks like a war zone. Toys, Books, Blocks and such all over the place! It will be nice when Evan can help even put 2-3 toys away! I can't wait.

He can now put the rings back on its holder (you know the toy with the middle part and the rings- different sizes and colours.) Yup he's getting that down now. He's also learning what shapes fit into what hole on the two shape toys we have. Its great to see him develop, I can show him how to do something a few times and then one day he does it! Then I get to smile and feel my heart burst with the thought that I taught him that! Its one of the most wonderful feelings in the world!

On the Rona front last night was another busy one. I guess I can pretty much expect it to stay crazy until the Fall. I work tonight then have 2 days off, then I work Saturday. I'm not looking forward to Saturday at all. Last Saturday was so busy I almost cried! This weekend is going to be worse it being May long and all. This weekend is the official "Your good for the annual planting now for sure, should be no more frost till the leaves change colour.) Anyway at work last night I found something worse then a paper cut, yup that's what I thought nothing sucks more then a paper cut (well a broken leg probably does but of all the minor cuts one could get a paper cut sucks!) Well, a plastic flower try cut sucks even more, trust me! and its right on the pad at the tip of my middle finger. It sucks! Since it was a flower try and dirty and all I even had to put the stingy stuff on. Now I have a big bandaid on my finger which is rather annoying. But that's life. Hopefully my bandaid will make it through my shift tonight, I'll have to bring an extra or two to work with me I guess.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good Wednesday Hump Day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Good Morning Ladies

Well I lost 0, notta, nothin this week. Which makes me rather happy considering my NS diet has basically gone out the window. I'm still finding it hard to stick with the program on the days I'm working. (meaning I'm not eating enough) plus my TOM is coming again, so gaining nothing and losing nothing is fine with me.

Well on the Survivor front Yau didn't win. (Boooo) But at least Earl won instead. I'm happy with that. The finale was the highlight of my mothers day. We really didn't do that much. Had breakfast at my MIL's house. (banana pancakes-not exactly NS friendly-but at least there's some fruit in there lol) The rest of the day was pretty much spent relaxing.

Saturday at work was crazy!!!! I was left on my own with the magic phone. I could call Bill my zone manager, but he's got 2 other area's to worry about so I did my best to not call. He called me when I got home to say thanks for my bravery, and that the medal will be there for me some time next week. The message made me chuckle a bit, and I felt appreciated.

Other then that I got nothing more to say.
Have a good Tuesday Ladies.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Survivor Season Finale...Yau you better win!

The survivor season finale in on Sunday night and I can't wait!!! As you can see from the pic, Yau is my fav person. I really want him to win!!! I liked him from the moment I saw him. Not because he's cute of course, lol, but because he's super interesting. I thought he would be gone early! Most of the time the token old person is and the young men and women take over! It's great to see some one get through with the smarts! He's sooo smart, always thinking, always seeing through the crap! Not to mention he's surprised every one by his stamina despite the frail and string bean type body. On last nights episode he gave away the car to Dreams. Dreams is a guy that grew up on the streets and really wanted the truck, it would change his life! Okay, Okay so Yau did make a deal. The 350 Ford truck for immunity if Dreams happens to win it when the game gets down to 4 players. He did something rather nice and made sure he made it to the final 3-sort of, that is if his alliance holds past last nights vote. Too cool! Then he sent himself to exile island!!! Okay so it was to get the final clue to the last hidden immunity idol, but at least he didn't send his greatest alli, or the older women who would not have survived anyway.

I've added this gentlemen to my list of ppl I would love to sit down and have a conversation with, I think he would have so many interesting things to say.

I can't wait till Sunday? Will Dreams keep his promise and hand over immunity if he wins it? Will Yau be voted out before final 4 so Dreams is relieved of his obligation? Will the others turn on him again now that he doesn't have an idol to play? (had to play it last night, and it saved him thank God, if he goes I don't know who I want to win, probably Earl-and no it has nothing to do with my husband lol, he's Yau's friend.) If Yau is on the chopping block will Earl use his own idol, the last one they found together to save him? Oh the questions, oh the suspense! Have I mentioned that I can't wait? lol. Too bad I have to get through my first 8 hour shift tomorrow (which will be super busy!) and all of Sunday afternoon before my many questions will be answered.

Oh well that's life I guess.
That's it for me today.
Have a good one Ladies.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Job day 2...

Last night kicked my ass!!! The place was a mess, it was a big mess last night too but I wasn't sure where things went, or where to put the gagillion carts of flowers etc. I guess the flower delivery guys didn't do their jobs so Rona had to call the company and raze a little hell. They where going to send some on out today to clean up the mess and get the all the flowers into a display. I was told by the supervisor going home yesterday to get things cleaned up. Start at the front and work your way back. We did a walk through and she named off thing after thing to do. She said there is going to be 3 boys on tonight so you and Marilin put them to work with the heavy stuff. I thought okay two girls and 3 boys can do this. The supervisor said get as much as you can get done. Okay I thought. We should be able to get it all done! That would be great for you ladies tomorrow. Everything cleaned up, Thursday flower order coming in, great! Yah Right.......I wish. The place was crazy with customers. I was moving flowers, sweeping etc between customers, by myself!!!! Marilin was busy with customers, well crazy with customers and from what I could see the two boys out of three where busy hanging out and flirting with the cashier girl!!! I was pissed!!!! Marilin said I'm going to send them over to you, you tell them what to do. OMG its my second day!!! I better get a raze for being a team lead type person on my second day!!! The guys where a little snotty, but they did what I told them to do anyway. Granted I didn't really ask them, I told them. They where little punk kids, about 17-19 years old I would guess. Anyway I got the whole front end of the outdoor side really clean and the guys cleaned up (sort of) the back side of the outdoor area. It doesn't look great, but its a vast improvement. I give my self a pat on the back and about 3 bottles of Advil I'm very sore and stiff today. I don't think I've worked this physical of a job since Domo! Which was over 9 years ago!-(for u US ladies Domo is a full serve gas station.)

On the home front Earl has been great! I've come home to a tidy house, no toys all over the floor, a tidy kitchen etc. He's even bathing Evan, and reading him his bed time story. Last night Evan smoked his head on the tile floor so Earl kept him up until 10 to keep an eye on him. He woke up once and cried out, but he was back to sleep within seconds. All seems to be well today he's as active as ever!

On the diet front I'm finding it really hard to eat all the food! I can't eat on the floor when I'm working so grabbing a snack is rather hard. I've been having my dinners for lunch and the lunch salad before I go to work at around 4:00pm. Then at work (if I have time) I've been having a lunch bar. But that still leaves my afternoon snack and my dessert snack for when I get home. I'm hungry but not that hungry. I'll have to try some other ways to get all the food in. If any one has some idea's I'm open for suggestions. Other then stuffing my face all at once that is.

Well that's all for me today.
Have a good one ladies.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

1st day at the job

My first night at my new job was pretty good. The only complaints I have are:

1. My new shoes hurt my feet, I'm hoping they will brake in.
2. I really didn't get any training, it was way to busy and they are of course under staffed.

I walked into the green house with my name tag, I was bombarded with 5 customers all with questions. I could answer 3 out of 5. As I walked one of the remaining two outside to point her to the fountains I flagged down some one on a fork lift. She smiled and apologized, she had forgotten I was coming in. Oh well, I made it through the first hour with out even knowing what I was doing, or how to get help if I needed it. It's a good thing I have a little base knowledge or I would have been dead in the water!

She showed me how to call some one if I had questions and how to look up prices on the computer. Other then that I was left on my own to serve customers. I got pricing questions, soil questions, brick questions (these I handed off to the other ladies-I have no clue!). It was easy to keep busy, with all the customers, and clean up I was hopping all evening. I got to tell ya I don't think exercise on my diet will be a problem. I sat down for a total of 5 minutes on my brake (to have a smoke) other then that I was on the go. My feet are a little sore and my legs are stiff from all walking and such. But the shift flew by which is great!

Well that was basically my first day. I'm hoping since the weather is crappy today I might have a chance to get some training! Here's hoping!

Have a great day ladies.

Oh Evan went down for Earl relatively good, and he did sleep through the night. Thank Goodness! I'm still feeling a little tired today, but at least I got a good 7 hours sleep in.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tubb off Tuesday

Another 2 pounds down. YaaHoo!

I only got .6 to go to beat that fat kid!

Timmies count= 3 plus an ice cap. BAD GIRL I know, I know-but it was hot and I just really wanted one.

Evan and I had a really rough night last night. He didn't want to go to sleep! We put him down at 8:30 he didn't go to sleep, cried and fussed till we went for a drive at 10:00, came home and put him in his crib, he fell asleep instantly. At 1:00am he woke up, had some bottle. At 4:00am he was up again. I changed him into a cooler outfit, gave him more bottle, and opened his bedroom window a crack. He was hot maybe? Anyway I got to bed around 4:30 am. He was up again at 8:00am. So I'm really tired! I will definitely have a nap today. Since it's my first evening on the job I don't want to be a tired zombie!

That's it for me today. Have a nice Tuesday Ladies!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Well despite the fact that it rained a lot last week the weekend shaped up to be pretty nice. Evan, Earl and I where able to get outside and run. Evan is really getting the hang of riding his new red bike.

I'm really looking forward to getting some more of the yard work done. We are replacing one of the fences, finishing the deck-staining, and hopefully putting in our new front flower beds. We got a lot on our plate this summer and every summer till the outside of the house is done. Then the inside starts. Does it ever end? lol. Oh well I guess that's part of being a home owner, there's always a project you want to do. I'm so looking forward to building a garden from scratch! I love to garden and my new Rona discount will help, not to mention the knowledge I'm hoping to gain starting tomorrow night. My first day actually doing the job I was hired to do. I'm both excited and nervous.

Other then that I had a cry for joy moment on Saturday. We where out getting Josh's b-day present. Josh is Earl's older son from a past relationship. (pic above-don't they look so much a like!!!) He turned 8 years old on Friday. Earl was going over to his house for presents and a birthday cake on Sunday. Anyway Josh called and asked if his brother was going to be coming!!! Josh wanted his brother at his birthday party! Those where his words!! I was almost crying!!! It's so great to know that Evan has already been excepted by his half brother! I'm hoping their relationship will grow over the years. Evan may not have cousins who live here, or even grandparents on my side, but at least he has Earl's family who love him, spoil him and would do anything for him. Now he even has a big bro that loves him. This makes me feel so relieved and very, very happy!

That's it for me today. Have a great Monday-or as good as a Monday can get anyway.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I forgot to tell everyone the great news! My engagement ring fits me again!!! I can now wear the bling bling! I haven't been able to wear it for almost a year and a half! So needless to say it feels great!

Well as you all know I had my first night at work - well the orientation anyway. Here are the highlights:

1. Was the first one there because I hate, hate, hate, being rushed and late. So I was the 28 year old keener. Embarrassing! Was happy to see I wasn't the oldest of the group in fact there was a guy there for electrical that looked about 60!
2. Watched a rather long and boring video on Rona history and their 3 step service program. These steps are used in almost every retail company, they just use different words to describe the same action-they must have a thesaurus on the book shelves when they come up with these things.
3. Watched a riveting video on lifting safety and another on Wimis (dangerous chemicals) I sware to God if I heard/saw another person washing their hands with soap and water! It repeated about 10 times! OMG we get it!!!! When you get chemicals such as a pesticide on your hands wash them right away with soap and water. Okay I got it!
4. Watched a rather gory video on safety knife safety, ppl got injured, cut them self bleed etc. Gross but made the point.
5. Filled out some paper work, banking info,forms for if you have any medical problems that would involve you doing the funky chicken in one of the isles and how do they handle it etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.
6. Tour of the store.
7. More paper work and a quick read of major points in the novel of a orientation manual. Where to smoke, dress code, etc.
8. Another video on work place safety, rather disturbing actually about a father who dies, and wife and baby crying. Hit home for me anyway.

That was basically it.
Interesting I know.

We finished around 8:15 instead of 9pm so I was home early to find MR Evan still wide awake and giving daddy a hard time going to sleep. I walked in the door to find Earl saying "go get your son." When I did he was laying in his crib crying his little eyes out. I picked him up and he hung onto me as hard as his little arms could squeeze. (which for a little guy is quite strong, he gives such great hugs already!) It felt so good to be able to hold him before bed. But then he flat out refused to sleep! At 9:30 an hour and a half past his bed time I said "Dad, get your shoes on, we're going for a drive." We went to the mornville over pass and back (about a 10 minute drive) and he was out like a light. He woke up a little when we took him into the house, but he didn't fuss when we put him down in his crib. Few! I watched my recorded America's top model (thank God Britney Whinny head is gone!) then I went to sleep.

That was my day, and that's all I got to say. Have a good one ladies!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Earl's home again...lunch dinner issues.

Well Earl is home again today. His work has been promising him a better computer chair for months now, it's now in the building but they haven't delivered it! WTH! He's told them he needs it. After the last two days his back has started hurting him again, mostly in part by the crappy chair he has!!! So he had to take some pain killers last night and is still knocked out cold in bed as I write this.

I'm finding it hard to figure out what I'm going to do with my NS now that I'm working. It's not the kind of job one can stand or sit and eat when ever I want. So I think I'm going to switch my dinner and lunch, since lunch is easier to eat on the go. (I love the graham fudge bar the best anyway lol) So today I had chili and my dinner veggies for lunch. I'll have my snack at the usual around 2, and my salad around 4 and take my lunch bar with me. Then when I get home I can have my dessert and fruit. That's the plan so far...I'll have to see how it goes. What I do know is I'm very full from having dinner at lunch today.

That's it for me! Have a great day Ladies!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tubb of Tuesday

Well another 1.6 pounds! Pretty happy!

Timmies count= I lost count with Earl home all week it was soooo tough to stay away. The creamy, yummy, caffeine loured me in every time.

Tomorrow night I start my new job. I'm both excited and nerves. Not so much about the job part but about being away from Evan. Not to mention the extra work. I'll have to prepare dinner before I go. I want to make sure Evan and Earl are getting good balanced food. We have such a routine worked out in the evenings for Roo. Eat play a little, bath with dad (with mom's help), story and bottle given by me. I guess I'm going to miss that last one the most. I can only hope Earl will stay with the same story part, I truly think it's important to introduce stories early so they can learn the joy of reading. I'm just going to have to trust that Earl will keep to the schedule. I think I'm going to miss him terribly for the first few times. I won't even get to give him his hug and kiss good night. Evan I Kind of sucks now that I think about it. Oh well, it won't be every night, just 2-3 evenings a week. I just hope that he won't get weird with the constant changes in his bed time routine. Or worse, not want me on the nights I'm available, that would brake my heart!

Well that's all for me today. Have a good one Ladies!

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.

Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.

And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation - from fancy to laid back.

Your best friend: The Turkey Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich