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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Travel Tues on Weds

Netherlands aka Holland

picture order: 1. delft china/ 2-3. Keukenhof Garden/
4. one of many windmills/ 5. architecture of Amsterdam
6. Amsterdam

Contrary to popular belief Netherlands and Holland are in fact the same place. When I first heard that we where going to study Holland while in collage I thought of windmills, wooden shoes and pot smoking. lol. Yes there is pot smoking, wooden shoes and windmills, but there is truly so much more to see. This is a country on the cutting edge of most things, new wave idea's if you will, but they also haven't lost a single shred of their history. They show it off in fact in the countless museums and art galleries in every large city or tiny town. I again am going to write a short over view of the country. If my small insight is something you would be interested in pls go on the search for yourself because there is so much more to talk about.
Geography: The Netherlands are located on the coast of the north sea in North West Europe. 1/2 of the country's area is below sea level, making the dutch dikes a must for much of the land reclamation which still continues today.
Everyone has heard of this city. It's known to our generation as being one of the most "free" cities in the world, if you catch my drift. But there is so much more to do there then walk around smoking grass and drinking. There is famous museums, shops, art galleries and of course flower markets. Most of Holland is covered with the worlds most interesting architecture, the picture above is a bank! Its located here in Amsterdam. So if you can imagine a city where buildings like this bank are mixed with the historical architecture as pictured next to it, you've got Amsterdam. Here is a short list of some sights.
Anne Frank House: made famous by Anne Frank and her journal this house is the actual place that 3 families escaped the Nazis.
VanGogh Museum: This is where the world's largest collection of VanGogh artwork is displayed. Over 200 paintings and 600 drawings are showed here.
Red Light District: Okay back to the drinking and pot smoking now lol. Not that thats all that goes on here. If your nervous about going here don't be, just take the same precautions as always, don't wave your money about. But it is to safe to have ice in the many drinks you are bound to consume. The Cassa Rosso is quite a sight, there is usually a lot of tourists there, (mostly couples) it consists of theatre seating, a stage with a rotating bed, a gorilla suite and bananas (I'm sure its an interesting show! lmao)
The Hague:
More of the same as Amsterdam minus the red light district But there is some things worth seeing:
Madurodam: a miniature city built 1.25 to scale. It provides the typical dutch city development through the centuries. If you like history and how it develops you might find this interesting.
Mauritshuris Museum: Features a collection of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Steen, and Frans Hals paintings and drawings.
No not Harlum. Haarlem in Holland lol. Again lots of cool buildings, coffee shops etc. But there is two reasons to go to Haarlem:
Dutch Reclamation Museum: Exhibits stuff like how windmills work, steam driven pumps, and how Holland has reclaimed so much land from the sea with their dike system.
Keukenhof Garden: This is the 2nd reason to visit Haarlem just south of there is the most beautiful garden in the world!!!! This is the main reason I would die to go to Holland. Its an 80 acre gardeners paradise. The pics of it are so beautiful I could cry!!! Beds of Tulips, Crocuses, Daffodils and so much more. The strategically laid paths weave their way through flower displays, themed gardens and shady tree-lined lanes. Fifty five % of the world spring blooming bulbs are developed at the Keukenholf. You may have one growing in your garden! Of course the best time to go is in the spring around Apr-June. One day, in the spring I'll be there!!!!
Does that name sound a little familiar. Well here's why-delft china. You've seen it. Blue and white with dutch like stuff-windmills, little girls that look kind of like Heidi. Well Delft china is still hand painted in you guested it Delft. The town is quaint despite its famous craft as pictured above.
What you will need: Simply a Passport. From Holland you can easily travel to other European countries. You won't even have to exchange currencies thanks to the Euro.
Heath Risks: Besides a hang over and sore feet nothing to worry about.
Well that's it for Travel Tues on Weds. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Eats?

Okay I know its suposed to be Travel Tuesday but I got something else on my mind to write about, so I'll try to do Travel Tuesday on Wednesday instead.
My big concern of the day is about Evan and food. Huh, basicly what this blog is all about, but its Evan's eating that has me confused.
Okay, so he's been on baby food since 6 months, we've moved on to the stage 3 food at 8 months like they say. Now I'm trying to do the finger food thing. You know Cheerios, bananas and other soft things. But I'm so worried he's going to chock, that I've shied away from most foods. I've read my books, I've looked things up on the net, who or what do I believe. As a first time mom I'm finding this stuff so hard! When do I take him off a bottle and push the sippy cup, how much milk or formula does he have to consume in a day to stay healthy? None of the books mention giving him meat as a finger food so how will my little guy get the protein he needs? Do I continue with the baby food till he's a year then give him finger foods or a combo of both? Will he be eating to much? Will I have a tubby toddler? Do I replace a formula feeding with a meal and cut back on how much he has? WTH!!!!! No source tells me a clear cut plan! Amounts! Schedules I can change to suit my needs!!! Even the health web site contradicts itself! I just need a clear cut answer to my questions! This sucks!
There my rant is done, but my problem remains unsolved. Oh well I guess I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do what my brain is telling me to do. Swallow my fear, give him the finger food and sit there to watch him. Not that I don't watch him, it's just so hard to not be involved in the eating process like before, its down right stressful! He has a habit of stuffing to much food in his mouth at once to the point he gags himself (little piggy).. Do I give him one piece of something at a time? I guess if that's what it takes, at least I'll be more involved. I think I'm just going to have to follow my gut and his lead. If anyone knows the answer to my questions pls, pls, pls leave a comment.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday (thanks ladies)

Well so far no more piglet!!!!

Thank you for all the support ladies.

Well it's Monday and I lost another pound. I'm feeling rather unmotivated lately. I think it's because I know I'm going on NS very soon and I want to get the good eats in now. I had McDonalds on Fri night mostly because I didn't want to cook yet again. This being Susy Home Maker is getting old, I can tell I only have just over a month of mat leave left. Anyway back to the McDonalds, it wasn't very good, it was gross actually. I didn't eat Mc D's very often anyway, but I got my self all worked up on how great it was going to be. It wasn't satisfying at all!!! I should have insisted we get pizza.

Weekly Overview:

flex points left: 5

ex points: 16

Well that's about all for me today. Thanks again for your support. Have a good one!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Rude comments

Piglet I don't know who you are but who the hell do you think you are!!!! I still count my points, I happen to walk on my treadmill 4 nights a week for 30-40 min while I watch TV! The size of my ass and what I do with it are none of your business. I write in my blog about the things that make me happy, if you don't like what I write then don't read it! My post on Tyra was about the weight loss, did you not read it! She inspired me! You also don't need to comment on my relationship with my husband. Everyone has faults and I love mine for everything that he is. He treats me great and gives me everything I need. I'm a women if you haven't noticed and I don't need balls, I have a brain instead. But like most relationships we both have to give and take. I don't feel you have any right to judge me based on this blog, or it's contents. So I'm not so obsessed with my weight that I feel the need to write about it everyday of my life. I don't watch on every little ounce that comes off my body. I'm happy despite my weight. I'm losing weight for me and me alone, but I don't cry on Monday nights just because the scale told me I didn't lose much. I'm sorry if this post insults you, but your turning my blog (which was a happy thing for me to do) into something horrible. So with all that said, I hope you will stop with the rude comments.

For those of you who are wondering what this is all about please feel free to read the comments left by piglet. The rude ones are under yesterdays post and on Mondays post.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tyra Banks

I just have a little something to say about Tyra Banks.
I watch her talk show almost everyday. At first it was because there was nothing else worth watching on, now I actually enjoy it!
Most of her topics are great! As I watch I can tell that the show is aimed to a younger set of viewers. The topics are revolved around younger issues. Being promiscuous, eating disorders, that sort of thing. But one day she came out! She took on the world! The media! Its all over the place. Tyra is now fat, put on 40 pounds, blah, blah, blah. She even hosted the whole show in the bathing suit that was photographed in the tabloids! I commend her. She admits that she's gained weight, she admits to loving to eat, and she says I'm happier then I've ever been! Did you know she was shunned at the beginning of her modeling career for being to fat? To curvy? Just plain being to much Tyra? Crazy!
She's a strong spokes person for the banning of bulimic/anorexic models. But also for offering them support, counseling etc.
I watched her 10th anniversary of her first swim suite cover page last week. It was great! She tried on the exact same Bathing Suit as was in the pic. It was too funny. She was actually on film pinching her own back rolls! Hehe, she looked like she was having a great time! She was being totally honest, heart felt and she still looks great!
Don't get me wrong. I know I'm still way bigger then her, but it makes me feel better to know that she is comfortable in her own skin. For some reason she makes me want to fight for a skinner me, and feel better about all the me there still is to burn away. She is empowering! I have added her to my personal list of people to look up to.
Oh, I also have a cat update. It looks like it was just a pissy cat day or something. Because there hasn't been any more incidents and he's back to his old snobby kitty self.
Have a great day all!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My cat is sick again

I'm sad.
My cat Medallion is sick again. This is the second time he has had a bladder infection. Its so horrible to watch. He has to go pee but he can't. The bad thing is that he tries to go every where and yesterday he succeeded on the couch. It was truly nasty! I'm hoping that we won't have to put him down, but if this keeps happening we may not have a choice. He was my first gift from Earl, an engagement present sort of. It will be so sad to lose our first baby, but our new human baby can't live in a cat pee house! So here's hoping it can be fixed permanently. He didn't have crystals last time, but maybe this time, oh I don't know. Here's hoping anyway.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Travel Tuesday Peru!

Peru: Pack your Six Senses.

1. Machu Picchu
2. Paraca National Park
3. Nazca Lines
4. Moray

Well folks its Travel Tuesday
I've decided to tell you about Peru Today. Mostly because it's one of the many places that I want to see someday. Peru is a beautiful country with a rather bad rap. They seem to fall into the Colombia category of drug dealers. The truth is far from that. Sure they have had their fair share of troubles, including a dictatorship type government now replaced with a more loving leader with the aim of stopping the poverty and unemployment that still plagues the country.
Geography: Peru is one of the leading tourist countries of South America. It is divided into 3 main weather zones: a narrow coastal belt of desert, a mountain belt with the highest Mountain Huciscaran at 6768 m high!, and the low land tropical Amazon basin. This country shares its border with 5 other countries including Chile to the south, Bolivia to the south east, Brazil to the north east, Colombia to the north and finally Ecuador to the north east.
Temperature: Depending on where you are in the country the temperature ranges from a comfortable 20 C to 27 C. When inland in the mountains and at high elevations you may find the nights rather chilly. Its better to only travel to the higher elevations and come down for sleeping to avoid altitude sickness.
Stuff To See: Peru is a rather huge country so I've decided to tell you about the two most popular and interesting parts. Peru is a country of natural wonder and history. Like most South and Central countries the landscape is sprinkled with ruins of several cultures including the Incas. The two states below are in the southern part of the country. The northern part of Peru is slightly less traveled, so unless you are a seasoned traveler or being accompanied by a reputable company do not go there.
State of Ica: A coastal agricultural zone. Among the sand dunes you will see fields of cotton, asparagus, and citrus tree orchards. Believe it or not you will also see vineyards this is Peru's wine state. The Paracas National Park is one of the more known of Peru's many protected natural areas. It is has beautiful beaches, rock formations as pictured above, and is home to many protected animals including fur seals, otters, penguins, dolphins and 200 bird species including flamingos. But the most famous sight to see in Ica are the Nazca lines. A vast network of lines and drawings. This is truly a sight to behold. Many people believe the pictures where put there by aliens! They cover an area of 350 square km! There is the whale, man, hand, tree and the long tailed humming bird as seen in the pic above. You can climb a 39 foot look out and partially observe the hand and tree lines, but to truly appreciate the magnitude of the Nazca lines you must see it from the air. Most tourist companies supply a small plane for their travelers. There is of course so much more to see. The cities and architecture. Some of the cities in this state have been lived in since Inca times!
State of Cusco: This state is more inland then Ica. It is located in some of the highest mountains in the world. It is in this state that Altitude Sickness may become a worry. But don't worry the locals have a cure. They will give you some leaves to suck on as you head up to the higher heights to see Machu Picchu! This is one of the largest ruin sites in the world. And due to its location which is high up in the mountains it was only discovered in the last 50 years!!! Unlike some of the other well known ruins in Mexico which where discovered long before that. Machu Picchu is nestled on the top of a mountain. It was believed to be one of the centers of worship due to its natural and breath taking surroundings. There is also a astronomic observatory and some food storage buildings. It was also the private retreat of the Inca ruler and his family. There are other ruins to see in Cusco such as The Fortress of Sycsayhuan which is made of granite blocks and is a military ruin. The other interesting one is Moray as pictured above, this is believed to be a agricultural research center the Incas used to test crops at different altitudes.
Health Risks: Like most countries with poverty there are some health risks in Peru. Most of which are avoidable and preventable. Also if you are planning on staying in the main tourist areas the odds of you catching one of the following are greatly diminished.
Altitude sickness- as explained above-sleep in lower altitudes, eat the leaves they give you.
Hepatitis-A and B have vaccines, for the other use basic food and water precautions. Don't drink tap water and stay away from fishy looking sea food (no pun intended)
Malaria-wear light coloured and fully covering clothing-eg. pants and long sleeves. Particularly when you are hiking in the parks etc. Where deet laced mosquito repellent.
Rabies-easy don't pet any animals -dogs, cats, monkeys, that look uncared for or wild.
Yellow fever-must get vaccine!!!!
HIV/AIDS-don't have sex! unless it's with some one you know eg hubby.
Needs: Passport only- no visa needed.
Well that's it for Peru. I hope you enjoyed!

Monday (Looking Back on the Week)

Well 2 more pounds down, to many more to go.

But I have even better news. At the end of the month I am joining NS! Earl was on the maybe/ we will see thing. I said "that's fine, if you want to work on paying of the debt load first, that means both of us. You can't get what you want, if I can't." He went up stairs to the computer room. 25 min later, he came down and said "you can join NS because I just bought a flat panel computer monitor." I said "GREAT!" An eye for and eye, its only fair. So end of the month, two more weeks of this point counting crap!!!!

Well, yesterday was a good TV day. I watched the Westminster Dog Show, as I do every year. I love to watch all the dogs, and it's educational too. Next on my TV agenda was Amazing Race. WTF! Rob and Amber this, Rob and Amber that. I watched those two fall in love on Survivor a couple of years ago. Rob annoyed me then, and he annoys me now! Oh don't get me wrong, I think he's smart. But after watching them make out on Survivor, I didn't want to watch it again. They already have a Mil, why in Gods name do they need another Mil. On a good point I am eager to see if they will ever fight! Here's hoping they aren't the perfect reality TV couple. I'd like to see some drama. Next was the Apprentice LA. Which was good as per usual. Now my TV watching comes to an end till Tues at 8-Gilmore Girls.

Well I think that's about it. Tune in tomorrow for travel Tuesday.

Weekly Over view:

  • Flex points left=10
  • Ex points = 16

Friday, February 16, 2007

Good morning everyone!

I'm feeling much better today, sleep wise anyway.

Evan slept from 1am till 8 this morning. It was great to get some sleep. Hopefully his teething is feeling better for now...until the next time. He has 2 bottom teeth, only 10 more to go, poor little guy.

Last evening I had such a good time. Earl came home and said go! So I gave Jordanna a call and we went out for dinner! It was sooo great! I could eat my dinner and chat it up with out worrying about toys dropping on the floor. I had the chicken, bacon sandwich with a side salad. Okay so it was a Cesar salad, but what ever. We talked for what seemed like minutes, but it was really almost 2 hours! Then we went to Home Depot and got some light fixtures for Jordanna's surprise project! I never would have thought I would be in Home Depot with Jordanna. We used to go to Rona but that was more so she could check out Dustin who worked there at the time. lol. We also had to pick up some Nuts and Bolts for her new head board. "Nuts" lol. Good times.

We of course then got down to some survivor watching. During the commercials we moved a book shelf and got things pretty much to completion. I'm so happy you feel better now girl! Dustin's going to be surprised and happy too, I just know it.

Survivor Talk

Well the human spirit is sure taking a beating on the poor camp. They haven't had water in 4 days! They where licking leaves because they had dew on them!! That would suck!!! As far as my questions on yesterdays post, they remain unanswered. The switching of the camps isn't answered because the team on the bad camp lost the challenge. It my be used as a twist later I'm sure. Either this season or maybe the next. They where doing really well, they where even beating the other team. Then they stopped working together and one girl started to freak! Needless to say she was the one voted out that night. She blew it and now she's out. She was kind of a snot anyway.

That's about it for me today. TGIF. Sunday Amazing Race All Stars Starts @ 8:00pm.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Evan is teething again! He woke me up at 12 mid, and at 3am. The 12 mid was for his feeding that he still wants about 4 times a week. He goes back to sleep pretty easily after his tank is full again. But the 3am wake up, my God! He had me up till 5am! He was being a snuggle bug, every time I thought he was out enough to put back in his crib, his eyes would pop wide open as soon as I moved, and he would cry. Oh well its just one of the many joys of motherhood. lol. At least he wants me. I think I will be more hurt when he some day doesn't want my comfort. So for now I'll have to enjoy it in all my tiredness. Its actually quite peaceful at night sometimes. The house is quite, he's quietly snuggled up in my arms, the dogs are at my feet. Its nice sometimes. Other times it sucks. Like if you had that peaceful night the night before and now your just bloody tired. lol. So I'm going to finish my post quickly and go for a nap!!!!
On another note, its survivor night!!!! I'm going to go to Jordanna's for a few hours away from my boys. Looking forward to seeing the first challenge with the two tribes living in their respective camps. Will the group that have all the good stuff win because they are better rested, feed and clean? Or will the human spirit ring stronger then the physical needs. I guess we will see. Another question I have is are they competing to stay in the good camp? If the other team loses do they have to move to the crappy island? I'm hoping that question will be answered tonight.
Have a great evening everyone!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will you be my Valentine?


Isn't it funny how a holiday known for love and relationships was celebrated more when we had no idea what relationships where.

We would make our valentine heart pockets and tape them to the front of our desks or to the wall under the black board. We spent hours filling out those little cards, sprinkled with punny messages and cartoon characters. We would fill our classmates pockets with them, and then open them today, on valentines day. Now as adults when V-day should be a night for a romantic dinner, it is virtually ignored. At least for Earl and I. Oh, don't get me wrong, we say the Happy Valentines Day stuff, but there is no gushing, or flowers or God forbid candy. (too many points anyway) I certainly don't need yet another red teddy bear with hearts on it. Oh well, I guess we (Earl and I) will just leave this holiday to the children, teenagers, and lovers still in the warm and fuzzy stage of their relationship.

But despite what Earl and I do for our V-day, I hope yours is lovely. I know I'll enjoy the Grocery shopping planned for my V day out. lol.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Travel Tuesday!


4 main areas

Greece is county rich in culture and pride. It has a long history, of scholars, war, beauty and arts. It has also seen it's far share of natural disasters. The history, like most European countries is way to long to get into, but please knowthat it has had a huge influence on the culture and people. They take pride in their strengths as a country that has survived many wars, disease and natural disasters. The Greek people in the last two centuries are just now getting into the tourism game with an open heart and mind. The younger Greeks are of course getting used to the hustle and bustle of the tourist season, but many of the older set look upon it with their heads shacking. So while there try to remember that the country still has a strong faith in the Greek Orthodox Church, so unless your on the beach put a T-shirt over the bikini top!

Geography: The main land is a large peninsula in the Mediterranean sea , surrounded by many smaller islands stretching east to Turkey.
Four Major Parts: There are four major parts of Greece to consider when traveling. There is of course much more to see, but to save my typing fingers I thought I would just outline the basics.
Athens: The capital city! Boasts the finest collection of Greek antiquities int he National Archaeological Museum, the Tower of the Winds which is an intriguing octagonal shaped ruin. Of course there is also the Herodes Atticus Theatre as photographed above (1st pic) it is still used for classical music concert during a festival there once a year.
Mykonos: A large island it is the picture perfect setting. This is the area most known and photographed. Its bright white architecture and clear blue waters is what draws tourists by the thousands. There are many beaches and windmills. This is the place to sit and relax! (2nd pic)
Rhodes: Another island, this one closer to the Turkish border. The main sight on this island is another ruin. Its huge!!! It was used as the summer home to Mussolini! (3rd pic)
Santorini: The home of the black beaches. (4th pic) This small island just of the coast of the main land is the sight of a ancient volcanic eruption. Imagine a whole island that looks like it was dipped in oil and water! All the rainbow swirls and odd shaped rocks make Santorini an interesting and beautiful place to see. Not to mention the wine, this is the area of Greece that produces some of the worlds most famous wines.
What You will need: Simple, a valid passport. No travel visa needed. But if your planning on traveling to any of the neighbors you may need to check on it. The countries around Greece are always changing the rules.
Well that's about it for Greece! This destination is one close to my heart. Meaning I really want to go there!!!! One of the main reasons is ruins, I find all ruins fascinating! But I also want to ride around on a scooter in a foreign country, that's right I said scooters, they are for rent everywhere in Greece!

Monday (Looking Back on the Week)

Well today was weigh in day. 1 pound off, so many more to go!

I agree with both Leanne and Jordanna, something is in the wind! Earl got a nice raze and a great bonus this month. Which will allow us to redo some of the finances. This means that by month end I may be able to join NS!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to it! The worst that could happen is I have to wait till I go back to work in April. My income should more then cover the costs. So some time soon I'm hoping to get on a program with some support, and that has seemed to work for others. Now whether it will work for me is a different story. I guess we will see.

I think my main problem is boredom. When I have nothing to do I snack, and snacking on raw carrots just doesn't feel satisfying. Not that I want to down a whole bag of chips or anything. But sweet stuff, that's my down fall. Ice cream, Carmel rice cakes, cheese and crackers. This may get better in the summer, and when Evan is older. I can go outside with him, walk him in his stroller, take him to the park. Right now I feel so house bound.

The water park yesterday was pretty fun! I even climbed some stairs and went down 3 water slides. I was a little self conscious, but I got through it. Evan had a grand old time! He was so tired after that he passed out on my shoulder while we waited for our table to have some lunch. The experience at the water park, made me feel young again. I know, I know I'm only 28! But, I was feeling rather old and fudy dudy. Anyway, I felt invigorated! I smiled and laughed and remembered all the good times at the World Water Park. Some of the new stuff was rather cool, there was a lot more kid stuff, a new tots pool with a dauphin theme, also a new spray park. The slides where the same, and the new tub right sucked according to trusted sources, mainly my husband. Other then that and a new lick of paint on the walls, it looked pretty much the same. All in all it was great! I will be taking Evan swimming more often now, he really enjoyed it, it tuckered him out, and mom got some fun too.

Last weeks over view:

  • Flex points left= 5
  • Exercise points=21 (not counting the water park)

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I got one comment about my Fiji information yesterday and I thought I would answer the questions.
Question: Does Fiji have any dangers-bugs that sort of thing?
Answer: Of course there is bugs! And fish, and crabs to pinch you, coral to cut your feet etc. This was not information I knew off heart from collage so I felt the need to look it up. The only thing I could find was a couple of blogs about personal trips. The only thing I could really find was about the coral and fish etc. I looked up any immunizations one would need to get before leaving to Fiji. I found only that your regular childhood vaccinations should be up to date. No Malaria, no Yellow Fever etc, etc.
Question: Can you drink the water?
Answer: Heck Ya! Fiji has one of the most healthy water supplies in the world! Its supposed to have natural minerals in it that are uber good for you. The country even bottles it and sells it here in North America. Eg: Fiji Water sold in the USA. On survivor they are told to boil it but like most water taken from the ground there are creepy crawlers. The tap water in the hotels is of course treated. So unless your planning on being out camping on one of the remote islands drinking the water out of the tap is fine.
The only other thing I could find is several complaints about the amount of western tourists, western meaning Aussies and New Zealanders. Large families of them. These people of course where in the main cities, where tourism runs rampant. Although the hotels are still small, but most boast a 4-5 star rating. I suggest if your going to go anywhere in this unpredictable world to seek out the services of a travel agent. Not only is it safer but they will guarantee your trip, if it's not what you where expecting you have some one to blame. Not to mention a professional to handle your complaint and take it up with the company on your behalf.
From the comment I received I was given the idea to have Travel Tuesdays. I'll pick a destination, I'll try to make it a weird one, and I'll give you some info! So next Tues look for some fun info on an interesting place.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Survivor Fiji

Well I'm happy to say I think its going to be a good Survivor season.

The first show was brutal, I can't believe that they all had to build the nice camp, then had to brake into two tribes, then compete to see which tribe would stay there! That would suck! Most of them really didn't seem that upset about it. I'm looking forward to next week!

As you may or may not know I have an education in travel and tourism. So I enjoy things like geography, cultures, and interesting facts. Since Survivor doesn't get into the culture as much as they used to on their shows, I thought I would give you a very short over view about Fiji.

Culture: A mix of Melanesians (east of Australia and South of China) and Polynesians (Includes cultures like Samoa/Hawaii). When the Europeans and Missionaries came in they brought with them Indian slaves- after the laws where changed most of them stayed.

Geography: Over 333 islands. Known as the Cannibal Isles which was avoided by early mariners. As a result most of Fiji about 65% remains undeveloped due to very late eastern intrusion. Fiji is the main hub in the South Pacific for air craft. When going to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Bali, you may stop there.

Tourism: Lots to do! All the regular resort stuff swimming, snorkeling, surfing. I will say that this destination offers the most in the scuba diving area. Fiji boasts an abundance of reefs and lagoons. They have one of the worlds largest protected coral reserves. Just look at the pic above - cool huh. There is of course much more to this wonderful and virtually unexplored country. Unlike some destinations such as Hawaii or Mexico, Fiji's tourism is more spread out. You will not find rows of sky high resorts and overwhelming amounts of people carrying cameras. The resorts are small and romantic, the local culture is friendly and welcoming, not to mention the view is unblocked by western influence.

I hope you have found this even slightly interesting. If you do I'd be happy to pick some other places to over view for you.

Have a great day!!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I did it!

I bought my bathing suit.
Its okay I guess.
Black with blue flowers and some white junk on the top. Its a one piece that looks like a two piece. It was only $85 including tax. Like that was any cheaper. I can't wait until I'm skinny and I can buy most of my cloths in the non fat girl stores which is cheaper. I looked at my self in the mirror in the change room and I gotta say I felt like crap. To think when I meet my husband I was a size 15!!!!!! Now so many more sizes up then that. SUCKS! But I'm working on it I guess. The hardest thing about wearing my new suit is my legs, cottage cheese and all. I think it might be better to go surfing, at least in a wet suit my legs would be covered. I think I'm going to be spending most of my time hiding in the water. Not very many stairs for this girl I'm afraid. But that's okay since Evan is not at the water slide stage anyway. I'll let Earl do most of the running around. Well that's all I gotta say for today.
Talk to you tomorrow when I give you my thoughts on Survivor.

Not much today

Not much to say today but:
Its survivor day!!!!
I'm also going to go and buy that bathing suite this afternoon.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A new bathing suit-YIKES!

Leanne asked Earl if we would like to go swimming with her at the WEM water park on Sunday. He came down the stairs and asked me if I wanted to go swimming really early. I said why so we have to go early, then it clicked, Leanne is going to WEM on Sunday. I said of course I want to go, but I need to find a bathing suit. No big deal right? right.....

So off we went to Kingsway Mall. We where going there anyway (its a long story) so me and Evan tagged along. We had dinner at Smitty's which is another point I'll bring up later. Then we went to the fat kid clothing store. I was flabbergasted! $100 for a swim suit! WTF! Just because we are fat, just so that we can feel as good as humanly possible in a bathing suit they feel the need to charge $100!!!! That's crap! But I know I will have to pay it, mostly so that I don't have to go to a skinny swim wear store and look lovingly at the tinny winy yellow polka dot bikini. Then another thought hits me, I have to wear a bathing suit! In public! Not just in someones private hot tub. Well that sucks too.

But I really want to go. I know they have done some renos there and I really want to see them. So I'm hoping the fact that I'm with 10 month old will help to explain the fat factor. I'm also not going to let being fluffy stop me from doing the things that I want. It's not like I'm that huge right. I'm small enough to ride on the water slides, I know I will not get stuck and they will have to call 911. The inner tub ride might be a different story. lol. So I"m going to find a bathing suit, and go on Sunday. I'm going to sit by now sexy and skinny Leanne (you rock girl) and be proud of who I am. I'm going to enjoy watching Evan play in the waves and take lots of pictures. I'm going to pay the $100 and feel good about myself and how I didn't have to feel I had to fit into the skinny yellow bikini.

Oh ya Smitty's. We went to eat there so I thought okay, I'll look up the points for what ever I eat on the web site when I get home. It's a huge chain, so I figured the information I needed would be there. So I had the veggi Quesadillas off their "healthy menu" and went on with my night. Upon returning home and putting Evan to bed, I went on the net to find the info. I was shocked to find it not there! I've written an email to the pres of Smitty's launching my complaint. I wounder if they will actually answer me. So anyways, all you WW members Smitty's is out! A cornerstone of family restaurants is out! So needless to say I'm back at day one.

Survivor count down 1 day- 2 if you count tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good afternoon everyone!

I really don't have much to say today. I'm feeling rather content at the moment. I am looking forward to the spring myself Leanne. I miss my flowers and my garden! I'm looking forward to getting what we want to get done in the yard done this year. New fence and some flower beds in the front! Can't wait!

Other then that. Two more days till survivor! Three if you count that we have to wait till 9pm to watch it.

Monday, February 5, 2007

A little sad today

Well, on this day 16 years ago I was a 13 year old girl attending her mothers funeral.

Its a tough weekend for me. But I found myself not having to think to much about it, since I was able to keep myself relatively busy. Earl just happened to be home on Friday so I wasn't sitting around doing nothing all day which helped. Then on Saturday I attending a baby shower, which was a great and joyful distraction. Sunday we had Josh over. (Earl's son from a past relationship) But today, other then a dentist appointment I'm finding it harder to think of something else. Not that I'm dwelling, or feeling sorry for myself. I'm just taking the time to remember her. And also to be thankful for what I have. Supportive friends, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful baby boy. I do believe everything happens for a reason. She was meant to go, I got some strength out of it, and things have turned out pretty good. I just wonder sometimes if she's proud of the women/mom I have become. I'm sure she is, I just wish sometimes I could hear it.

Enough of the sad stuff! Snap out of it Denise! Think about Thursday! 3 more days till Survivor!

It's also weigh in day. I'm not happy to report that I do have to start my ticker over again at 242! Sucks! Stupid new digi scale! Hopfully I can forgive it for being so rude! But I guess that's life and our relationship will hopfully improve next week when it tells me I've lost weight.

I'm back on my 1st day for our 10 day challenge.
Last weeks over view is not that great.

Flex Points remaining=0 (mostly because on Friday - Sunday, I didn't count everything, and last night I really just wanted some comfort food-PIZZA and some CHOC!)
Exercise Points=23
All in all kind of a cruddy weekend. But today is a new week and I'm going to try my best to stay on track.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sooo tired!

Its going to be a very short post today.
Evan kept me up for hours last night.
He went down at 8pm and didn't wake up for his midnight feeding. Usually that means he's done for the night. Not last night! He was up at 3am! He hasn't done this since he was about 6 months old. But at least then he would have his bottle and pass out again. Max 20 and I was back in bed. Not last night, he didn't want to go back to sleep. He must be growing, or teething or something. Not too sure what was wrong. I just know that I am sooo tired.

I do however have a quick note.
For those of you looking for some muscle toning I found a great DVD. I found it at Walmart of course, its called ultimate 20 minute workouts-Target Total Body. I believe there is a Target Abs and Target Butt one too, but I figured i need work just about every where. It does require an exercise mat which I found for about $14. The DVD cost was$10. Its in a green case. I tried it after I but Evan down last night. I definitely felt it, but I don't feel overly sore today which is nice. I found the moves easy, the instructor Amy Brown was soft spoken but upbeat. Its a Pilates inspired work out DVD, with two 20 min work outs and two 10 min stretch segments. I did both the 20 work outs last night. I was sweating quit a bit so I counted it as Moderate exercise and gained 3 exercise points. I've tried a lot of work out tapes/DVD's over the years and I found this one to be great. The fact that its only 20 min is great, but let me tell ya when your holding some of the moves it feels like forever, then its over and you move on. I hope you invest the $24 bucks and give it a try.

Okay I'm going to go have a nap now, Luv Ya!