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Friday, February 9, 2007

Survivor Fiji

Well I'm happy to say I think its going to be a good Survivor season.

The first show was brutal, I can't believe that they all had to build the nice camp, then had to brake into two tribes, then compete to see which tribe would stay there! That would suck! Most of them really didn't seem that upset about it. I'm looking forward to next week!

As you may or may not know I have an education in travel and tourism. So I enjoy things like geography, cultures, and interesting facts. Since Survivor doesn't get into the culture as much as they used to on their shows, I thought I would give you a very short over view about Fiji.

Culture: A mix of Melanesians (east of Australia and South of China) and Polynesians (Includes cultures like Samoa/Hawaii). When the Europeans and Missionaries came in they brought with them Indian slaves- after the laws where changed most of them stayed.

Geography: Over 333 islands. Known as the Cannibal Isles which was avoided by early mariners. As a result most of Fiji about 65% remains undeveloped due to very late eastern intrusion. Fiji is the main hub in the South Pacific for air craft. When going to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Bali, you may stop there.

Tourism: Lots to do! All the regular resort stuff swimming, snorkeling, surfing. I will say that this destination offers the most in the scuba diving area. Fiji boasts an abundance of reefs and lagoons. They have one of the worlds largest protected coral reserves. Just look at the pic above - cool huh. There is of course much more to this wonderful and virtually unexplored country. Unlike some destinations such as Hawaii or Mexico, Fiji's tourism is more spread out. You will not find rows of sky high resorts and overwhelming amounts of people carrying cameras. The resorts are small and romantic, the local culture is friendly and welcoming, not to mention the view is unblocked by western influence.

I hope you have found this even slightly interesting. If you do I'd be happy to pick some other places to over view for you.

Have a great day!!!!


Annieann77 said...

Well - I did not watch Survivor but I did like your review of Fiji! You should have a travel day like Travel Tues or Thurs and pick a place that we no nothing about! I would also be curious to know some of the dangers or things to be aware of in Fiji - like what kind of bugs do they have any poisonous ones? or risks like getting drinking the water ... is it really that bad?

I do like watching Amazing Race! I can't wait for the next season of that show!

IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

I too am looking foward to amazing race! I could kick some butt in that show if the challanges where based on geography! Our destinations teacher in collage made us watch it! He based assighnments and had bonus test questions on our tests based on the show! Made it jumbo fun in class! Premires Feb 18 @ 8:00 on Fox (chanle 8 I think?)