Total Goal

Friday, March 30, 2007

On my own again.

Well off I go again to go G-shopping on my own. Which I got to tell you is not as enjoyable as when I can go with Earl. Why can't it wait you say?
Well I got two cats b**tching at me cause there is no food for them. I'm out of yogart. Out of baby cereal-he's gone through 3 boxes in 2 weeks!!!!
Not to mention I'm getting really low on diapers and wipes. These items may have to wait since they are best bought at walmart. The g-store will be enough for me today I think. Last time I went I was shocked at how busy it was. But instead of working adults with some kids, there was mom's and hords of young kids, old people who walk way to slow, and teenagers buying (or stealing) makeup.
As you can see I'm a little tired today. That's mostly because Evan woke up screaming his little head off at 3:30 am last night. Yet again I don't know what was wrong. His two top teeth are starting to come through, I can just see the white a little. I'm assuming that's what the problem was. I gave him a small bottle and he fussed a little longer, but by 4:00am he was fast asleep again.
Well that's it for me. Thank goodness it's Friday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot Dog.

Well today for lunch I tried the turkey dogs.
It was sooo yummy a definite 3 stars!
I prefer my hot dogs boiled so the NS one was just like that. Moist, warm, and filling! I was very impressed.
I only wish they wrapped them separately instead of in 3s. Now I can't saver them and have one a week. Now I have to eat them within 5 days, that kind of sucks.
I also tried the vegi beef soup. I was again pleasantly surprised. I had been avoiding the soup ever since the slimy chicken noodle experience, so it was great to find something to help me get over it.
Well that's it for me today. Luv Ya!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Terrible News

I got a surprise call from Mrs D from jobies tonight. I was shocked and worried that something terrible had happened since it was unlike her to call me.
I was right, but it was regarding the last person in the world I thought of. Kim Grunheit was an older jobie, and some one I felt rather close too. She gave me my rose ceremony since my father was ABG and my mom was of course absent. I felt a special bond with her for some reason so it pains me to think about what she is going through right now. Not only because of our history but because of the unthinkable situation.
At the funeral I attended for Karen Kepart I got a short but wonderful chance to catch up with Kim. In the 20 minutes we talked she told me she had a 17 month old son. His name is Conner, and like me Kim forgot to bring the ever important picture. We both had a good chuckle about how we where horrible mothers for not having a million pictures of our pride and joy taking up space in our wallets.
Anyway, Mrs D told me that there had been an a terrible accident a couple of weeks ago while she was attending BC's grand session. Kim, her husband Jason, and Conner where all eating dinner. Conner was sitting in his booster seat and since he was done eating before his parents he was getting impatient. From what Mrs D tells me he was pushing on the table causing his chair to lean backward, and he fell, chair and all, causing a major head injury.
He was in the Stollery, now is in the Glenrose. He has had surgery to relieve the pressure on his little brain. He has now gone back to the development of a 4 month old and is blind. That, I'm afraid, is all I know.
To make maters worse Kim and her husband where accused of child abuse!!!!
As a new parent this scares the living day lights out of me. Not only the life changing fall, but the accusation!
I'm glad that they keep a close eye on the abuse situation, but where do they draw the line!
This is why I'm so scared of every little bruise Evan gets right before a Dr appointment. This isn't a joke, but a true and real fear.
I'm no longer close to Kim, but her situation has really hit home for me. I can't even imagine what she's feeling. My heart goes out to her, and all other moms tonight.
Sylvia Brown says that souls return to live out lives when times are relatively bad. It make sense considering we choose to come back to learn lessons for the betterment of our souls. With all the babies being born lately, and not just in our friendship group, but here in AB, it makes me truly wonder what we're in for.
Well, I guess we will see. Here's hoping that the baby boom we are seeing is just a product of our boosted economy. Sweet dreams everyone. We'll just have to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Tubb of Tuesday

Well another 3.4 off! I'm pretty happy.
I reached my exercise goal of 5 hours and have decided to continue it again for this week.

Tims count 3-okay and some sips of the ones Earl comes home with.

Last night I tried taking the dogs for a walk, poor little Kess was shivering as she walked so I dropped of the dogs and picked up my ipod. It was great! I walked to my music, got my heart rate up, and I didn't have to worry about the dogs running through dirty puddles or the stroller getting stuck in the slush! I think I'm going to go out on my own more often. I'll still walk the dogs some, but its not like they're huge dogs that require a ton of exercise, so I'm going to go on my own at least 2 x a week. That is my goal.

We also have a lot of work planned for outside this year. A new fence and new flower beds. So that should give me some exercise too. Here's hoping we don't get dumped on with more snow like Calgary.

Well that's it for me today.

Main goal for this week is to avoid the tims! Okay maybe one step at a time, I'll try for only 1-2 this week.

Bye-talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Hey there ladies!

Okay so I was at Leanne's house this weekend, and she asked me if I was baking Evan's b-day cake.
As you can see by my last cake attempt the answer is HELL NO!!!

I'll buy it from the store thanks. I don't need more pictures like the one to the right. I think it was more the icing then the acutel cake. The icing was way to runny and the top part of the cake shifted and split apart. That's why it looks like the leaning tower of cake!

I want a dinosaur theme for Evan's b-day and I don't think the above looks anything like a dinosaur. So there it is, I can bake pretty good cookies and squares, but cakes are out of my league. So is sowing come to think of it. I guess Evan will always have store bought costumes for Halloween and b-day cakes from the IGA bakery, but then again so did I and I think I'm a relatively well rounded individual. So I'm okay with not being the super mom when it comes to these two items.

Well that's all for me today. Tomorrow is Tubb of Tuesday and I've been working really heard this week. the crappy thing is, aunt flow has come to visit, so I'm not too sure I'll be getting the numbers (meaning 2 like 10-11-12-13) I wanted. But oh well, that's life. See you tomorrow!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Family sorrows

Okay so I talked to both my sister and my dad this morning. My dad is an alcholic. A depressed alcholic. He is planning on moving back to Winnipeg. This I think is a huge mistake. I think he's got it in his head that he had happier times there,my mom, his family etc and if he goes back things will be just hunky dory again. I guess Ab hasn't been good to him what with my mom's death, his divorce from Judy, and now a failed and some what horrid relationship with Gwen. But I can't help but feel sad about him moving. After all that would leave just little old me with no other family of my own here in Edmonton. Aside from my new family-Evan and Earl that is. I know my father isn't happy here, but I don't know if moving to Winnipeg is going to make things any better. What does he have there that's more important then me and his new grandson! At X-mas I thought everything was going great. I knew he wasn't happy living with Gwen, I even sat down with him and talked about his moving, his situation, his choices. I cried and asked him not to go! He agreed with me when I said his place is here with us! He told me flat out that he wasn't going any where. I thought okay everything is going to be fine, we will help him. Then he starting drinking again, or rather I heard it first hand when he called one night. I was shocked, angry, disappointed in him. That phone call changed everything again. It brought back the horror, the memories of coming home and finding him passed out on his chair with his dingdong hanging out from his half open bath robe, this wasn't just once, it was many times, almost every night. He will not quite unless he wants to quit, and it looks like most of what comes out of his mouth are lies. But what can I expect I guess after all he's old and drinks like a fish. I just don't know what he thinks he's going to find there in Winnipeg. He told my sis that its about the money, his apartment is going up to over $1000 a month this year. So move to a cheaper place! You don't have to live in a high rise on the 18th floor, with a huge balcony looking over the river! Stop drinking your money away to stupid, f**king asshole! But in the end I'm not his mommy, he's going to move if he wants, I've stated my feelings, so what more can I really do to convince him to stay.
I miss my sis terribly, we talk on the phone a lot, about 3 times a week, but it's just not the same. I wish she was here, I want to hold my nephew, watch him grow, not just hear him or see pictures! I don't want to feel alone anymore. I don't want my dad to move, despite his stupid drinking problem that hurts so much I can't stand it. But at least he's here, where I can keep an eye on him. He can come to Evan's birthdays, Easter Dinners and Christmas get togethers. It just sucks so much that I'm going to be raising my babies with no family on my side to attend the special occasions or even the not so special ones! No cousins to play with even in the same bloody country!!!! Sucks!!!!
I miss my mom more then ever now that I have a child, I thought this was supposed to get easier not harder!!! This missing them thing, I knew it would never go away, but isn't it supposed to get easier!!!
I'm scared of feeling truly alone during holiday's and birthdays. I'm angry about everything my life has put me through, I know it's made me the person I am and I truly like me, but I can still be mad about it. That's life I guess, every time things look like they are on the right track, life sticks a stick in your bike wheel and you go flying ass over tea kettle all over again. I guess I'll deal and life will go on. I really don't know what else to say, but thanks for listening.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's stroller time!

Well I watched the news last night and its supposed to get up to 10 over the weekend! WooHoo! I can get outside and walk with my baby. I'm hoping maybe the wind will calm down this afternoon so I can go out after dinner, but I guess we'll see.
Had a nice evening off at Jordanna's. Had some yummy vegi's she made to go with our NS dinners, watched some Top Model and Survivor, then came home to find my husband holding a very upset Evan. Again, didn't know what was wrong, but he stopped crying the instant I snatched him from his dad. He loves me! He just wanted his mommy I guess. I finished giving him the bottle his daddy started and he feel fast asleep in my arms. Its funny how that happens quite often with babies. I don't know whats wrong, bad dream, teeth, growing, gas, the "is mommy coming home again? I will never know I guess. So needless to say sleep not so much last night, so a nap today it is.
Well that's it for me, thrilling isn't it. lol. ttyl.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yah Me!

I've been doing pretty good on the treadmill! I feel like a treadmill star! I've did a whole hour at 2.5 mph-on the weight loss program. This program starts at 0 elevation for 2 minutes, goes all the way up to ten for 2 minutes and then repeats for a total of 10 min. So I did that same thing 6 times! I also did it again this afternoon. Yah Me! I love this program, the lower elevation works my calves-the 10 elevation works my body from my knees to my boobs. lol. Despite liking the program I find the treadmill a great work out, but to tell you the truth its getting rather boring. I can't wait till the weekend, hopefully its nice out so Evan and I can get outside! My goal was to get on the treadmill for 3 hours and walk outside for 2 hours.(or for how long his hinus permits) I'm thinking that this goal will be obtained this week. I just don't know If I can keep it up every week for the rest of my life-I guess I'll just have to focus on this week-then worry about next week when next week comes.
Well that's it for me today. Bye!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tubb off Tuesday...hehehe

Well ladies I didn't do as good as I wanted to, 4 pounds off. But now that I've gotten a hang of the program I'm hoping next week will be better. I know 4 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, but I was hoping my first week would yield a bigger number.

I didn't have time to get on the treadmill this week but Earl is going to be busy a a lot so I'll have no excuse or distraction this week. I find that I just want to get outside and walk which is much more entertaining, but it's been to cold the last few days. It's supposed to warm up this weekend so here's hoping. As you can see from Evan's picture I'm not the only one staring longingly out the window. He's so funny! Here's hopen Mother Nature decides its Spring!

My goal is to walk on the treadmill 3 times this week, and get outside with Evan and my stroller when ever he will allow for a total of 5 hours. I'm also going to try and avoid the Timmies. (just one on my day off with Danna on Wed.) I think I'm going to add a Timmies weekly count on my blog, it may help me avoid the liquid ass expander (Jordanna's words) if I have to admit and see the number in front of me.

So that's about it-oh, Leanne thank you, I did have the potatoes on my dinner shelf-I guess I just figured potatoes are a dinner food, I've moved it now, I may have to switch my dinner vegi to lunch and my salad to dinner. I can't imagine having the potatoes when they aren't on a yummy bed of broc.

Well that's it for me today. Talk to you tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Found some yucky food!

I know, I know, why am I thrilled to find NS food I don't like? Because things where just going to well for comfort.
I feel much better knowing that there are things I don't like. Weird I know, but true.
Ones I have found: (*)
Black bean with rice-OMG nasty, mud in a cup, pooh in a bowel, need I say more?
Orange Cranberry Pastry-Weird taste to start, then sand in the mouth as one chews, texture and taste all wrong. The sicker thing is Earl was eating a donut from timmies while I chocked down my own b-fast. Sucked! This is one of the items I thought I would really like.
Chicken Noodle Soup-Chicken, Vegis, Noodles, in Snot?!?! Bland to taste yet felt burning in my mouth half way through. But the worst was the texture a little to close to mucus for this girl.
If anyone would like to trade for the above items, I got one more of each. I'll take anything!
Threes I have found: (***)
Cheese Pizza: of course it was great! I added my own fresh mushrooms (I'm sure to Jordanna's dismay) and some oregano. I have to say I don't think it would have been pizza with just the cheese. The best part about it is I bought Earl some mini pizza for himself, so we could have the same thing for dinner. It was very nice, and he made it for me! I think I'll try some spinach as a topping next time.
Cheese Potato with broc: OMG so yummy!!! I made myself some broc for my dinner vegi, made the potatoes, I poured it over the broc. It was like have broc with cheese sauce, a whole bowel, as a meal! It was great. Light but filling. Which was good because my tummy was still a little queasy after the Black Beans and Rice experience.
Cinnamon G-Bar:Sweet, cinnamony, I can't believe its supposed to be b-fast.
Gram Choc Bar: same as above-feels sinfully like it should be a dessert.
On the non food related side my weekend was pretty good. I went over to Jordanna's with Evan on Sunday afternoon and she too experienced the full insanity of baby Evan gone wild. Sunday night Earl and I finally went swimming. Something I've been trying to implement for a few weeks now. We went to O'Leary pool since I had heard from a friend that they have a really great baby pool there. It was of course closed (because that is our luck!) but we went in anyway. We went into the bigger pool and swam around with him. He splished and splashed, smiled, laughed and kicked. Earl played with him while I got a few pool laps in. I went to the end and back 3 times. That is 6 laps in total. It's something I would love to do more often since I'm really feeling it's effects today.
Well tomorrow is weigh in day. I haven't suck to the program full tilt. But I have to give myself snaps for not having ice cream when Earl suggested we go after swimming. Ice cream is my fav food of all time! He got an Ice Cap instead, and I came home and had my caramel corn. Yah Me!! Anyway, I guess we will see how much those Timmies coffees cost me in the weight loss department.
Talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2007

G-shopping on my own!

Since I was so busy with fun Danna stuff this week, we didn't get G-shopping. So I'm on my own today at Superstore. I'm planning on looking for some good stuff not only for me but for Evan too. After talking to my sister, she suggested getting lunch meat, mac and cheese, and hot dogs. I'm a little undecided about that, I'll have to see if there is some "all beef" ones or something. But then again, I have my turkey dogs, so Earl and Evan can have theirs and I'll have mine.
I was also thinking of taking a drive across the city to hand in my resignation letter for the hotel. It's so hard to believe it's been a year! I was supposed to go back there on the 25 of this month. I have decided the drive and how much I make are not worth putting Evan in child care. So I'm going to apply at Reitmens part time in the evenings. Not only would that solve the child care issue, but then we get discounts ladies!!!!!!!! And in size plus to skinny! lol
So I'm looking forward to it.
Well that's all for today! See you Monday.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

they don't make them like this...

I was channel surfing this morning, but not really paying any attention, when a song caught my attention. It was the beginning credits of a movie I had forgot existed. Yup that right Annie! I loved this movie when I was little, I wore out at least 5 copies! Thank Goodness I caught it at the very beginning.
As I watched my mind filled with memories of watching this with my mom cross stitching in her chair when I was sick. I remember grabbing anything I could get my hands on to use as a microphone and sing along.
As a child it had flashy images, a story line that was easy to understand, and oh the music! Now as an adult I can appreciate the story line about the depression, the story is so much more then a red haired orphan who finds a home. I can also marvel at the talent! Annie who taps her way into Daddy Warbuck's heart. All the orphans who have the most beautiful singing voices.
As I watched I realized they don't make them like this anymore. The happy stories, the musicals, the dancing! The innocent story line, the bad villains to todays standards aren't really that bad at all. They where petty criminals, thieves, and con artists-instead of murders, aliens and natural disasters. The worst sware word you hear is "do you want a knuckle sandwich?" or "leapin lizards!" In order to get the Annie experience you have to go see a live show. To see true triple threat talent, the singers, actors and dancers. I truly miss those days of movies about talking animals, kids adventures and cats from outer space.
As I danced around with my baby in my arms to "We've got Annie" playing now rather loudly from my TV, I realized I want to find these movies to pass on to him. They can not be replaced The memories of curling up on the couch with a blanket and my family on a cold winter night are some of the fondest I have. I remember the happy days when my dad took me to the movie theater 3 times to see Cinderella, because GusGus and Lucifer the cat made him laugh! (BTW-I really didn't want to go by the third time and I remember telling him that.-lol) I will find them all. Rudolf the claymation cartoon, with the elf who wants to be a dentist and the island of unwanted toys. The cat from outer space movie, Shaggy the dog (the original-not the modern rip off), and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, just to name a few.
And of course Annie-one of my top 3 favorites.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

nothin much to say today

Well Evan and I had breakfast together for the 1st time this morning. I was so hungry when I got up I couldn't wait for him to finish. So he ate his toast and I had a strawberry toaster pastry. It was pretty good, it was sweet, and actually filled me up. Needless to say I was surprised at that. So I give it a 3 out of 3.
Lunch yesterday was the cheese tortellini. It was okay 2 out of 3 I think. I didn't really like the tomato chunks, but I think its something I could get used to. For dinner was the cheese and spinach ravioli which gets 3 out of 3! It was so good! It was exactly what I expected it it taste like. All I've got to say is thank God I can have pasta again, I'm a carb junkie, and truthfully I missed it terribly while I was trying to do WW. I found all the dinner stuff I needed to eat way to much food for one sitting, so I saved my salad vegi/fruit for later. I ate a cup of carets with my dessert. I had the peanut butter, choc bar-2 out 3 again-I was expecting something sweeter, I found it more nutty then sweet. Which left me a little dissatisfied after.
Well that's it for me today. It was another long night with Evan, so a nap is definitely on the agenda. It also keeps me from looking in the fridge every 10 minutes more because I've got nothing to do then hungry.
Have a great day ladies!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Okay so I was laying in bed last night, and it hit me. I don't have over 100 pounds to lose. I have 97 pounds to lose. So my comments yesterday are void.
This morning I had my very first NS meal. Since I am a cereal lover I decided to try the cinnamon square cereal first. I know, I know, I was going with something safe, but I wanted my first experience to be positive. So I opted out of the eggs and went for something that I kind of knew would be good. I found adding the 4 ounces of milk was a little to much milk for me, so I've decided to add an ounce to my morning coffee next time cereal is on the menu. I got some flavored coffee hoping that it would replace the need for flavored creamer. So today I tried it with some skim and diet sugar stuff, it was okay, I could live with it. I give the cereal a 2 out of 3, only because it wasn't great, but it was livable. I also had half a grape fruit. (which i find enjoyable-who knew!) I also boiled up 4 eggs to add to my meals as protein. Its a good thing I love hard boiled eggs and can eat them cold or warm. This is making that meal addition super easy. So I had one with my b-fast and put the other 3 in the fridge for future use. I'm looking forward to lunch. I can't wait to try something else!
I am very excited for today to end and Wed and Thurs nights to hurry up and get here. I am getting 2 nights off from baby this week. One on my regular Wed for Next Top Model at Jordanna's house (we have a programing problem-Survivor is on a special night-tomorrow instead of Thurs-same time as Top Model-what where they thinking?!?!) So Earl will be walking through the door and I'll be walking out to go to Danna's early and for a NS dinner, and some good TV. On Thurs night I'm taking Danna out for her B-day! I'm truly looking forward to it.
Tonight I plan on walking on my treadmill while Gilmore Girls is on, but we will see. I can't wait till the snow is melted and its warm out, then I can fill this boring time slot with some exercise and walk with Evan. Here is hoping that spring has sprung!
That's it for me today. See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's here!!!

Well it's here. My NS I mean.
I unpacked and went through the food as soon as it came. Its a good thing it was right before Evan's lunch time and nap, or else it would have driven me crazy sitting in the box till I could get to it.
I had fun checking to make sure everything was there, organizing it in my designated NS cupboard. Then I sat down with my coffee and started to read. Wow, there was a lot to get through. I haven't done more then flip through the exercise booklet. But the welcome sheet I have read and stuck on my fridge. The meal planner book I looked at the most. So If I have more then 100 pounds to lose (which I do) I add an extra carb to my b-fast and dinner plus an extra fruit to my lunch?? Huh? a carb, whats a good carb? I'm a little lost I'm afraid, but I learn by doing so I'm sure I'll get it when I get into it. lol. If that made any sense at all. I think I'm going to go out for a nice dinner tonight, and start tomorrow. So I guess my weigh in day is Tuesday. Which is good for me, I'm accountable for my choices on the weekend and that puts me right between Leanne and Jordanna.
All the packaging looks so yummy, I hope whats inside will taste as good as the picture looks. I have decided to rate my food on a scale of 1-3 stars (***) 1 yuck!!!! 2 okay-I could live with it. 3-OMG I'm going to order 10 of these next time!
On the not NS related side, I talked to my sister this morning about my baby feeding issues. Since she was a nanny I'm was hoping she would have some insight on my problems. Thank God I asked. She was full of suggestions!!! Mac and Cheese, frozen peas, and I can feed him little bits of lunch meat! Who knew! So that's what I'm going to do. I would like to stay away from the Gerber Grads foods as much as possible-way to expensive!!!
So that's it for today. Tune in tomorrow for my first NS day.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Almost walking on his own!!!

Okay so what am I going to do when Evan reads, writes, graduates, gets married! I'm so proud of him!! He walked 6 whole steps on his own! Not with the pass the baby game when there was some one to walk to, he just turned around and walked half way to his toy train! He was holding on to the couch, he looked around, he saw his train, he wanted his train, he figured out the fastest way to get what he wants is not to waist time and go down on his knees. So off he went, 6 steps, then down he went. But did he fuss? Nope. He just crawled the rest of the way. I guess the diapers are good for more then just catching a mess huh.
So that was my big news of the day.
Yesterday I did take a short walk with my new stroller. I would have been longer but every way I went I came upon impassible natural obstacles. You know rivers of melting snow, ice, puddles the size of Lake Eire. I got more of a work out pushing the stroller through the slush on the street then actually walking. So I had to come on home, it was just not enjoyable when you have to walk on the side of the road because every second person (on a main road) didn't shovel their sidewalk for the whole winter. As you can imagine walking on the road is not only unsafe but messy. I was so scared that a car would come speeding past and splash me either intentionally or otherwise. I can't wait for this white stuff to be gone!
I hate spring-it's messy, gross, dirty, and my allergies go crazy! But in order to get to the other seasons that are enjoyable one must deal with it.
Anyway that is my pointless rambling for the day. Have a good one! TGIF!!!!! Not that it matters since Earl is off today. Long weekend for him! Long weekend for me!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

M&M me and Evan

This is my life in M&M's. Just add a living room that isn't so put together, 1 more cat, 2 small dogs. Oh and Earl too. lol.

My new stroller!

Well I think the melt is on out there. I really, really, really hope it stays warm. I'm so sick of being house bound. I can't wait to get out there and enjoy the great out doors again. I might go out for a walk today if the wind calms down. I have the freedom now because of my new stroller. My old one couldn't handle the spring terrain, but my new one can. I definitely suggest this stroller set up over the regular one. Especially if your baby is going to be born in the fall-spring. Which only leaves the summer so just skip the old style and go for the new improved. I did find this stroller set up with the click in infant seat on the Babies r Us web site, so that solves that dilemma. It's so funny that for the first 2 years of your child's life all the stuff is really more for you then your baby. lol Even the toys! You have more fun playing with them then your baby does. I guess that's the pay off for the labor pain, loss of hair and flying hormones.
Oh I tried some grapefruit for the first time in my adult life. I put a little splenda on the top since I clearly remember it being very sour. It wasn't to bad. It was truly a lot of work for what little food you got out of it, but that's a good thing right? Anyway I enjoyed it enough to do it again. Evan didn't like it that much, he gave me a crazy yucky face when I have him a taste of the juice. We can't eat anything with out him stating that we better share now a days, so we give him a taste. Silly kid!
No NS order yet. I can't take this anticipation!!
Well that's all for me today. I'm hoping to go for a walk, but it may have to wait till after Evan's nap. It will be warmer then. Have a great day all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

As requested...Travel Tues..okay Wed


Jordanna and her parents decided to take an Eastern Caribbean cruse with Princess Cruise Lines. Princess is known for it's class, service and of course it's ships. Princess boasts some of the largest and most luxurious ships in the business. Their main clientele are mid to high class couples and families.
Picture order: 1. Fort Lauderdale Florida 2. American cup yachts in St Maarten 3. View from tram way-St Thomus US Virgin islands 4. Dunns waterfall Ocho Rio Jamaica. 5. Blue Iguana-Cayman Islands.
6. Chankanaab Natural Park-Cozumel Mexico
Fort Lauderdale/ Florida-this is the first stop and the place where one boards the cruise ship. Fort Lauderdale was first put on the map because of the cruise industry but there is some great stuff to do there if you have some extra time.
Anne Kolb Nature Center: 1500 are wetland and mangrove forest habitat. There are also Tidewater tours and boat tours there.
Billie Swamp Safari: located on Big Cypress Reservation this swamp buggy Eco tour or air boat tours. Come on you've seen this on TV. There is also an alligator and snake show.
Butterfly World: 1000's of live butterflies in 10 acres of waterfalls, orchids, roses and tropical gardens. Also home to fish and hummingbirds.
St Maarten/ Netherlands Antilles - this is a very interesting island. Half Dutch and half French! Dutch, French and English sailors gave this island their traditions. There is also a west African influence infused in the culture. The official language is dutch but English is spoken everywhere.
Philipsburg: the dutch side capital-sale the America's Cup Yachts, St Maarten Museum shows the local history.
St Maarten Zoological and Botanical Garden-Caribbean and South American Species such as the golden lion tamarian, brush dogs, speckled owls are worth seeing.
There is of course also fishing, horse back riding, hiking, diving and snorkeling.
St Thomus/ US Virgin Islands-Charlotte Amalie the capital combines natural beauty with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Great food, exciting nightlife and duty free shopping!!!
Coal World and Marine Park-on Coki Point on the northern shore. This park includes a underwater observatory tower, tropical nature trail, 80, 000 gallon coral reef tank, open air shark pool and a children's touch pool. Which is separate from the shark tank. lol
Paradise Point Tramway-takes visitors up to the 700 foot peak over the capital, offering a breath taking view of the island.
Mountain Top/ St Peter's Great house-Shows the recent history of the island. The estate and botanical gardens contains local art and 200 kinds of west Indian trees. Also enjoy the banana daiquiri offered here since the 1960's. mmmmm yummy!
Princes Kays-this is a 40 acre tropical paradise with miles of pristine white beaches. I can't tell you much about this privately owned island since it's owned by the cruise line for the use of it's cruise guests only. I can tell you it's situated in the Bahamas.
Ocho Rio/ Jamaica -this is a part of Jamaica that has been created for use by tourists. This is not the place to get a true feel for the culture but it is beautiful. Known for it's waterfalls Ocho Rio is full of shopping in its 6 plazas. They offer everything from duty free deals to local handy craft. If you really want some local are try the craft market down town. The most famous waterfall near by is Dunn's waterfall as pictured above, and yes you can swim in it!
Safari Tours-jeeps take you to White River for a breath taking river tub ride, or a hike if you are more interested in staying dry.
Prospect Plantation Tour-this is a tour of the oldest established and still working plantation. See sugar cane, bananas, avocado and pimento. There is also a new herb garden to see. Oh and your going to see lots of peacocks running around. Take this tour by horse back for a different experienced.
Grand Caymen/ Caymen Islands-South of Jamaica is the Caymen Islands. Actually their is only 2, one small and one large- the large one being Grand Caymen. This area is a diving mecca and the home to the rare blue iguana.
Pedro's castle-a landmark and said to be haunted. The island's first steps to democracy where made here.
Turtle Farm and Boatswain Beach-now rebuilt after Hurricane Michelle in 01 the farm and research center is a must see. There is both a fresh and salt water swimming lagoon, predator tank (which isn't for swimming lol), nature trails, and a fresh water touch pond. Lots of baby turtle to pet. lol
Rum Point - named ofter barrels of rum washed onto shore after a ship wreck. Eat great food and sip on yummy cocktails with your toes in the warm white sand. That's right, you eat on the beach-watch out for windy days or your food might get a little gritty.
Cozumel/ Mexico-this island is south and east of Cancun. The Mayans named it Cozumel which means land of swallows the indigenous bird that lives in abundance on the island. This island is a sport mecca! Golf, scuba, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and sailing are just some of the stuff to do there.
Chankanaab Natural Park- a must see, it's close to the cruise terminals so I'm sure it would be super easy to find. This park has unique beaches, a sea lion show, swimming with dolphins, a botanical and archaeological park, a breath taking jungle pond, saltwater lagoon, shopping and 2 beach front restaurants.
Well that wraps it up for a Jordanna's cruise outline. For those of you thinking of taking a cruise I high recommend it. For some the lack of time one each place sucks but for those of you that are unsure of any one place to visit this might be for you. You do get a quick taste of each destination so if you want to see more simply go back some day.
Like all places now (even the US, a passport is a must) as far as health issues, there are none, of course don't drink the local water in Mexico. But as far as on ship, go for it, enjoy the food, pool, disco, casino etc. Oh and if your going on a cruise remember to bring at least one fancy dress for the banquet dinner. I know it sucks to get all gussied up sometimes, but your going to want to experience it at least once.
Have a great day all!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The dog ate it...

Okay I had my travel Tuesday all done! I had all my points down on paper and all I had to do is type it up....Teacher Jordanna honest the dog ate it!!!!!
Actually Earl had the day off yesterday so I didn't even get my regular post done. So I guess your cruise outline will have to wait till later this week. I will do it for you, it's just going to be late.
So anyways, yesterday Earl and I did some running around. We went G-shopping and I gotta admit I was a bad girl. I bought myself some treats that I knew I shouldn't' have when my NS arrives. I didn't go crazy, just got some low fat pudding. (butterscotch-mmmmm-I've been craving it for a while now-no I'm not preggy I just have a sweet tooth.) I also got some of those rice cake chip things. Luvs them!!! So that's about it. On the health food side I decided to try some grape fruit. I haven't had any since my mom was around so I thought I would give it a try. Might be a change from the same old banana or apple.
We also bought some baby stuff. For the first time we bought Homo Milk. Since Evan could have been changed to it when he was 9 months. We decided to keep him on formula for the whole 12 month time frame. But our doc said to take it slow with milk, so now he gets formula in the morn-and before bed. Milk in a sippy cup the rest of the day. Cool! I only have 2 bottles a day to clean now! That's down from 4, which used to be 8 when he was a new born. We also got a little more baby food, just to make sure he's getting enough of the good stuff he needs till he turns the big 1 year. Also to make sure he have a back up plan in case what I make he doesn't want to eat. But all his desserts are now in finger food form. Canned peaches, pears, apple sauce etc. I'm so scared he wount be getting the balanced nutrition he needs. I don't even know how to feed myself a balanced diet (hence why I'm a fluffy girl) how will I ever let go of the baby food security blanket! I know I'm going to have to eventually. Earl says it's a lot of trying new foods. It's a good thing he's done this before!
I have also decided not to weigh in till the morning I start NS. I want to know where I'm starting, but I want some free days. Don't worry I'm not going to pig out on cookies. lol I'm going to keep to the healthy stuff most of the time, but also allow myself a treat. Butterscotch pudding. mmmmmm.
Well that's about it for me today. I'll get back to you on travel tues. I'm sure I could get it done for promises.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.....

It was fun to choose all my meals and snacks. I've been doing my clicking thing, I've even been checking out the web site. You know just looking around. I'm really looking forward to getting started, but I know it will take some time for my order to get here. Oh well that's life I guess.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Woes

Well folks it was another long night. Not to mention an equally long morning. He's finally down for his nap and I am looking forward to doing the same.
Again I really don't know what was wrong last night. The massive bruise on his little forehead my have something to do with it. He wiped out hard yesterday and I didn't see it coming. He was crawling around and pulling up on things as per usual. He fell and hit his head hard on the stereo speaker. Not the corner of it, just on the side of it. The corners and sides are rounded so I hadn't felt the need to remove them. Anyways he didn't cry to much, just fussed for a few seconds. I did the tickle test and he laughed instantly so I knew everything was probably okay. The thing is this isn't the first bruise, in fact its like the 20th since he started to be self mobile. I feel so guilty every time he hurts himself! I know he has to learn blah, blah, blah, but I can't help it. For a while every time I took him in to see the doc he has some kind of bruise on his head or face. I'm so scared if it happens at his one year check up I'm going to get hauled out by the cops for child abuse or something. Is letting him fall and get a bruise all the time considered neglect? I know I'm probably over reacting but that's truly how I feel some times. But what am I supposed to do! Put him in a protective padded bubble? Remove all the furniture from my living room? It's not like a just sit on my butt and let him run wild! I keep an eye on him but sometimes I'm just not quick enough. Should I be on my hands and knees following him around with a pillow? lol
On the other hand I thought I would up date you on my finger food situation. So far all is good. I'm feeding him his baby food still but not as much. (I'm trying to use up what I have in the pantry.) Then I'm giving him the recommended baby finger foods. So far the bananas, toast cut into strips are the biggest hits. Who knew a baby could eat a whole slice of toast!!! Tonight I might try carrots and maybe some cooked pasta. So far no chocking and I find I can feed him and make dinner and keep an eye on him all at the same time, which is making my life a little bit easier.
Well I'm one tired girl so have a great day all, I'm going for a nap!