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Monday, March 26, 2007


Hey there ladies!

Okay so I was at Leanne's house this weekend, and she asked me if I was baking Evan's b-day cake.
As you can see by my last cake attempt the answer is HELL NO!!!

I'll buy it from the store thanks. I don't need more pictures like the one to the right. I think it was more the icing then the acutel cake. The icing was way to runny and the top part of the cake shifted and split apart. That's why it looks like the leaning tower of cake!

I want a dinosaur theme for Evan's b-day and I don't think the above looks anything like a dinosaur. So there it is, I can bake pretty good cookies and squares, but cakes are out of my league. So is sowing come to think of it. I guess Evan will always have store bought costumes for Halloween and b-day cakes from the IGA bakery, but then again so did I and I think I'm a relatively well rounded individual. So I'm okay with not being the super mom when it comes to these two items.

Well that's all for me today. Tomorrow is Tubb of Tuesday and I've been working really heard this week. the crappy thing is, aunt flow has come to visit, so I'm not too sure I'll be getting the numbers (meaning 2 like 10-11-12-13) I wanted. But oh well, that's life. See you tomorrow!

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Annieann77 said...

K- I totally understand now why you don't want to make the cake ;) That's funny!

I'm so excited for his b-day party! I think it will be tons of fun!! :)

I thought you looked really good on Sunday - I could totally tell you've lost weight! Even if you don't get "double digits" it still looks like you are doing good! Keep it up - you look great! ;)