Total Goal

Monday, September 24, 2007

quick catch-up.

Everything is great!

Fish are still alive and growing.
Darcy is almost moved out.
Started painting the guest room (Darcy's old room) for Uncle Ian's visit.
Evan now has 8 teeth and is in size 6 diapers!!!!
Work is good, still busy, still lifting huge amounts of block and moving jungles of plants.
Trim on the house still isn't finished. Deck railing also still isn't finished.
Pets are shivering! Its getting sooo cold out there! I'll have to buy them little sweaters. Can anyone teach me how to knit! I want to learn!
Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow, it might actually show a lower number this week.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just catching you all up.

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Survivor!!!!!!!!!!
Okay so all my fav shows are starting a new season. The problem is I have no time to watch them! Its a good thing that Earl has set up a media center that acts like TVO in the states. I can set it to record a whole series and watching later. It sucks that I can't watch them when they are airing, but at least I can FF past the commercials.

WED-Biggest Loser and America's Next Top Model
THURS-The all important Survivor!!!! This season a record breaking China! First in time in history!!! I can't wait! I would be watching it right now...but Earl and I went fish shopping! That's right fish shopping, and not the kind u eat either.

Yesterday was Earls birthday, he wanted a fish tank, I said go ahead as long as you take care of them. I figured this hobby couldn't be as bad as collecting cars. Hey, at least I can enjoy this one too. I thought to myself it must be a cheaper then cars. Wow was I wrong, its snow balling now into 2 tanks, a 30 Gallon in my living room and a 10 in the computer room. Oh and plans to put a huge tank in the basement. (More on that later.) Not that I mind, it's relaxing to hear the water trickling, and watch the fish swimming around, we make voices for them and talk for them, its fun! So despite the dollar signs I'm enjoying the experience as much as Earl. Not to mention this is the first thing in the last 6 years that we've done together, a hobby we can both get into. All in all its been fun. Our other pets are doing much better now that they are shaved. Yup that's right all 3! Even the cat! He looks super funny. Our camera's batteries are dead so I haven't been able to take pics to post. Hopefully I'll remember to get some more soon before it all grows back. But I tell you his whole attitude has changed. He's our loving chatty Gandolf once again. He's quickly replacing Medalion as kitty king of the house. Its great to see him back to his suckie self again.

My other big news is Darcy is finally moving out!!!! OMG!!! Tomorrow!!! Him and Anthony (one of Earl's and Darcy's other friends) got a house just around the corner! About 5 houses down from Cindy's. It looks super nice, and it also has a super nice price tag of 1900.00 a month!!!! I hope they know what they're getting into! Yard work, cleaning, extra bills. Oh well not my problem I guess. I can't wait to move all of Evan's toys down stairs. Oh the space he'll have!!! I'm sooooo looking forward to using our fire place, having the extra fridge and freezer, being able to run around in my birthday suit, lol...just joking. Or maybe I'm sure Earl would just love that!

Well I hope I've left you with a wonderful mental picture for the day. Happy Friday! LMAO!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

well I'm down to 198.8 that's a loss of .8 in 2 weeks!!!! I still don't get it! I jeans are bigger, I've noticed a difference in my body, but the scale hasn't been showing it. Oh well I know the scale isn't the only thing that counts, but its the only solid way to know whats going on with my body. So either all the hard lifting at work is doing funky stuff to me or my scale is broken. The scale seems to be working fine, so work it is.

Have a good one ladies.