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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yah Me!

I've been doing pretty good on the treadmill! I feel like a treadmill star! I've did a whole hour at 2.5 mph-on the weight loss program. This program starts at 0 elevation for 2 minutes, goes all the way up to ten for 2 minutes and then repeats for a total of 10 min. So I did that same thing 6 times! I also did it again this afternoon. Yah Me! I love this program, the lower elevation works my calves-the 10 elevation works my body from my knees to my boobs. lol. Despite liking the program I find the treadmill a great work out, but to tell you the truth its getting rather boring. I can't wait till the weekend, hopefully its nice out so Evan and I can get outside! My goal was to get on the treadmill for 3 hours and walk outside for 2 hours.(or for how long his hinus permits) I'm thinking that this goal will be obtained this week. I just don't know If I can keep it up every week for the rest of my life-I guess I'll just have to focus on this week-then worry about next week when next week comes.
Well that's it for me today. Bye!


Annieann77 said...

YAH for you on the treadmill, for an hour !! that's awesome! ;) You may not believe me but it does get easier, the more you loose the less weight you are carring around making it easier for you to do excersize. I'm not saying that it gets funner or that you will be more motivated to do it but it does seem easier!? LOL

Oh and PS - You totally made me get all teary eyed at work here when I read your comment on my blog! I think that will be the hardest thing ever for me to do and I super apprieciate your offer! Thanks for being there! :)

Luv ya!

Cory said...

Congrats! That's awesome!