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Friday, March 30, 2007

On my own again.

Well off I go again to go G-shopping on my own. Which I got to tell you is not as enjoyable as when I can go with Earl. Why can't it wait you say?
Well I got two cats b**tching at me cause there is no food for them. I'm out of yogart. Out of baby cereal-he's gone through 3 boxes in 2 weeks!!!!
Not to mention I'm getting really low on diapers and wipes. These items may have to wait since they are best bought at walmart. The g-store will be enough for me today I think. Last time I went I was shocked at how busy it was. But instead of working adults with some kids, there was mom's and hords of young kids, old people who walk way to slow, and teenagers buying (or stealing) makeup.
As you can see I'm a little tired today. That's mostly because Evan woke up screaming his little head off at 3:30 am last night. Yet again I don't know what was wrong. His two top teeth are starting to come through, I can just see the white a little. I'm assuming that's what the problem was. I gave him a small bottle and he fussed a little longer, but by 4:00am he was fast asleep again.
Well that's it for me. Thank goodness it's Friday!

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