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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Woes

Well folks it was another long night. Not to mention an equally long morning. He's finally down for his nap and I am looking forward to doing the same.
Again I really don't know what was wrong last night. The massive bruise on his little forehead my have something to do with it. He wiped out hard yesterday and I didn't see it coming. He was crawling around and pulling up on things as per usual. He fell and hit his head hard on the stereo speaker. Not the corner of it, just on the side of it. The corners and sides are rounded so I hadn't felt the need to remove them. Anyways he didn't cry to much, just fussed for a few seconds. I did the tickle test and he laughed instantly so I knew everything was probably okay. The thing is this isn't the first bruise, in fact its like the 20th since he started to be self mobile. I feel so guilty every time he hurts himself! I know he has to learn blah, blah, blah, but I can't help it. For a while every time I took him in to see the doc he has some kind of bruise on his head or face. I'm so scared if it happens at his one year check up I'm going to get hauled out by the cops for child abuse or something. Is letting him fall and get a bruise all the time considered neglect? I know I'm probably over reacting but that's truly how I feel some times. But what am I supposed to do! Put him in a protective padded bubble? Remove all the furniture from my living room? It's not like a just sit on my butt and let him run wild! I keep an eye on him but sometimes I'm just not quick enough. Should I be on my hands and knees following him around with a pillow? lol
On the other hand I thought I would up date you on my finger food situation. So far all is good. I'm feeding him his baby food still but not as much. (I'm trying to use up what I have in the pantry.) Then I'm giving him the recommended baby finger foods. So far the bananas, toast cut into strips are the biggest hits. Who knew a baby could eat a whole slice of toast!!! Tonight I might try carrots and maybe some cooked pasta. So far no chocking and I find I can feed him and make dinner and keep an eye on him all at the same time, which is making my life a little bit easier.
Well I'm one tired girl so have a great day all, I'm going for a nap!


Annieann77 said...

Poor little Evan! :( The bumps and lumps we get going through life can be hard but before you know it he will be running around like crazy and you won't even have a chance of catching him! ;) Just think ... this is just the begining! :)

Glad to hear the eatting thing is going beter! :)

Jordanna said...

Sometimes I think maybe I don't want to be a mum after reading your posts, but then I think about those times when Evan snuggles in and gives me a good cuddle and I know that the good outweighes the bad!!

Yahoo on the finger foods...guess you just had to be brave and have confidence in nature!

If ever you get hauled away for child abuse I'll stand up and tell them it isn't's darcey...he gets kicked out, you don't go to jail...two stone...and that's how it's done!