Total Goal

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Its been a busy day!

Well I'm really late getting my post in today, and for good reason.

My day actually started last night, when Earl asked me if I had removed the cheque book from his truck. I asked "why would I do that? I never go into your truck." I actually avoid riding in it because it's a piece and I'm scared it will leave us stranded on the side of the road. Anyways, we figured someone had stolen the cheque book. Yikes!!! So we went to the bank today and closed our account then opened a new one.

We then went to Walmart, baby free, since my sis in law is now unemployed so she came over to watch Evan while he napped. I did pick up the WW digi scale and got it all programed. I stepped on it and I was not happy. It says I weigh more then my other one. So I thought screw it and ate out at subway. So I'm back to tomorrow being one day for our challenge. Dang it! Oh well, that's life. I may have to start my ticker over on Monday with the weight on my new scale or it could have been because it was in the after noon and i wasn't naked. lol

On a good note I just got back from G shopping at Superstore. Earl had more fun then me running around with my slider finding all the great stuff I can eat for low points. Not to Mention checking labels on some bad stuff to see just how bad it really is. He made some interesting discoveries:

  • Jello Oreo Pudding Cups = 2 points! I'm replacing my ice cream cravings from now on.

  • My Corn Dunks (pres choice version of Corn Pops) are the same points value at Special K! = 2 points per 1 cup serving

  • Pres Choice Mango Apple fruit cup (more like adult baby food) = 1 point

I also bought for the first time yogurt. I've never been a huge yogurt fan. I don't like the chunky things-gross. But I thought I would give Silhouette a try since the big containers where all gone except for 2 cherry flavored. I got the verity pack thinking I would give them all a try and get the big ones next time when I have found my fav flavor. They are only 1 point per cup, the cups are pretty small looking, but for a dairy serving at only 1 point, I'll take it. I just had one and I was actually quite impressed. I tried a peach one. There was chunkies but they where bigger, I had to chew, and that seemed to be okay for my gage reflex.

Another first is the garlic flavored olive oil. I opened it when we got home and gave it a little sniff. It smelled good. I love garlic, and it smelled really strong. I wanted to stay semi on track so I'm finishing my water and I decided to try to just shoot my 2 teaspoons. It was okay. I wouldn't want to do it often, but in a pickle I know its an option. I'm going to try to sprinkle it on my veggies at dinner tomorrow. I'll tell ya how it went. Oh it pres choice brand-about $6 to buy. 1 point per teaspoon.

Well I think that's about it for me today.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Survivor Fiji

I have another addiction to tell about. Its my favorite show survivor!
I went into the early stages of labor on Wednesday evening. Went to the hospital Thursday morning. After I got my epidural and I was no longer in pain, I remember thinking, "I hope he makes his appearance in time for me to watch survivor!" He didn't. I missed it. I was over come with joy when he was born at 11:00pm on Thursday, but as I watched the clock tick past 9pm I was disappointed that I couldn't leave my bed and go into the waiting room to watch.
Oh and Earl forgot to tape it! Jerk! lol
Anyways the new season is starting on Feb 8th at 9:00pm! I can't wait. This season looks like a good one. There's a new twist. Instead of both tribes starving and weak, one will be living in a full blown camp with food, bed and alike. The other will be living with nothing, or like all the other tribes on every other season. It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference in challenges. You would think it would have to, but some times the human spirit is amazing!
So as of today I'm starting my count down. 8 more days till survivor Fiji.

Tims -so bad/but oh so good

I have an addiction! I admit it! Am I willing to change it? Not really.
COFFEE and not just Timmys either. All coffee.
Coffee by it's self is worth zero on WW. Its the cream and sugar that kills. Even when I make it at home I have to have those flavored creamers that way I don't use sugar, hazelnut is my fav. Its true you can get them in low fat. But its still one whole point for a little table spoon. I need at least two table spoons to like my coffee, and double that to truly enjoy my coffee.
Then there is Timmies. A yummy triple, triple double cupped is a whole 6 points!!!!! But I can't stop myself. Stupid nicotine laced filters of theirs. Evil smiling people in there visor hats, nasty uniforms and sticker infested name tags. What is a girl to do. I'm hooked!! So everyday I do my best to save 6 points for my daily Tims. Most of the time it doesn't work and I have to use my flex points-like yesterday -5 (had one point left in the evening) It sucks! I'll have to find a way, maybe if I eat salad for lunch everyday?
Well as you can see I feel broke today. Yup we are penniless. Stupid long pay periods. Oh well I guess there's only 2 in a year.
But at least tomorrow I will get out of the house. Its just to go G-shopping at Superstore, and baby shopping at Walmart. While at Walmart I'm hoping to get a new scale. It will be the highlight of my week. Pathetic I know. I also can't wait to get some more food in this house. Its really hard to keep on track with WW when you got only high point items to eat. I'm sooo hungry I have a feeling I might be back at 1 out of 10. But I'll let you know.
And for those of you who will feel the need to commit on the having no money but buying timmies thing. DUH! I know, I know. But I enjoy my timmies, and if eating canned soup for lunch for 2 days gives me a timmies a day, so be it! Its truly the thing I look forward to having as I relax in the evening. Give me my joy and leave the rest alone!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday (Looking Back on the Week)

Well its weigh in Monday and I've lost 2 pounds. I was hoping for a much bigger number. But I guess its better then nothing.
I think I have to go get a digital scale, the one I have at home here is crap! The numbers are very hard to read, you know with the little ticks as numbers. Unless you happen to weigh on the 5, eg. 205 its so hard to read.
Come to think of it, the one I have came from the Army and Navy. There's nothing wrong with that, but for my purposes I think I need a better one.
I hope I can put up a bigger number next Monday at least a 4.
Over view this week:
Flex Points left over = 5
Total exercise points = 28
Days on track (personal goal of no flex points used and at least 6 exercise points)= 1 day
Days on Program for 10 day challenge = 7 without going over points or missing one item eg. water

Friday, January 26, 2007

Frustrating Friday! Its a love / hate thing.

TGIF or maybe not.

Earl is home for 2 whole days! I actually get to spend some time with both my boys. If Earl isn't working more. It sucks when that happens. He's been so busy. Oh and i only got 1 more wake up early and i get my sleep in day, which is Sunday.

On the other hand, my whole schedule gets all messed up. My flex points run out, and I'm tempted not to cook. Which is a bad thing when your on weight watchers. Friday used to be the pizza day, it would be so much easier just to pick up the phone. By the end of the week, I'm tired of the monotony of it all.

  • get up
  • change evan
  • feed evan
  • go outside for a smoke
  • have bkft
  • change evan again-morn poop by then
  • make bottles
  • watch evan/play with evan
  • feed evan cereal
  • watch evan/play with evan
  • change evan
  • go for another smoke outside
  • watch/play with evan some more
  • feed evan a bottle
  • put him down for a nap
  • try to find something to do, or take a nap to make the time pass faster.
  • evan wakes up
  • change evan
  • feed evan another bottle
  • play/watch him some more
  • feed evan dinner of baby food
  • make and eat dinner
  • play/watch evan more
  • change evan
  • bath evan
  • put evan to bed
  • spend the rest evening for myself and earl

Oh don't get me wrong, playing and spending time with my son is great its all the other things i do everyday. Day in and day out, repeat, repeat, repeat with no end in sight. Friday comes and I'm rearing to go out some where, something, "just get me out of here." But he's tired after his week of work, and sometimes he just wants to chill. Then i get mad and frustrated because I'm feeling restless.

I know there are others in the world that would kill to have this life. To have a beautiful baby boy or girl. I'm not complaining about the fact that i have a child. I guess I'm not really complaining at all except that its confusing sometimes. Who is this mommy person, how do i fit this new persona into my life, friendships, carrier etc.

By Friday all those thoughts come into my head. My schedule gets messed up, i really need a brake, but what to do about my WW points. Pizza is out of the question. So i cook dinner yet again, and another evening repeats as above. Then it's Saturday and hopefully I'll get out of the house and feel better again. Till Monday when it starts all over again.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nintendo Wii -more then just gaming

Okay so I listened to my husband Earl call store after store with the same stupid question "So you have any Nintendo Wii's in stock?" and he always got the same answer "NO!"
OMG i was going to punch him! I mean what was the big deal! Why did everyone want one of these stupid things anyway. Okay so the ads looked kind of cool, the fact that your not just sitting on the couch pressing buttons seemed like a much better idea. Especially now that I'm a mommy and i don't want my kids growing up to be gaming addicts.
I broke down!
One fine Wednesday night i was playing with Evan on the floor when i heard a highly ecstatic "I got one!!!!" coming from our computer room up stairs. He came bounding down the stairs with that boyish twinkle in his eye, what could i do, tell him no? I don't think so, that might have meant divorce papers. So we bundled up Evan, and hopped in the car. The cost for the console was about $300 including taxes. It includes one controller as seen above and one game called Wii Sports. You can play with up to 8 controllers-we now have 4 and one numchuck-(extra controller attaches to main controller for some games like boxing)
What does all this have to do with my fight with the bulge you ask. Well, let me tell ya, as soon as we got home of course earl broke out the wii and started playing. As per usual i just wanted to watch, even as a child i wasn't much of a gamer. As i watched him and our border in the basement darcy play bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing i wanted to try. I was amazed at how fun it was! Your off the couch actually swinging the remote like a club in golf, throwing like the ball in bowling, and punching with all your might in boxing. The thing that surprised me the most about it came every morning when my body felt sore and achy.
So there it is, exercise!!!! I have boxed on the wii every night for 30 min, for the last 3 days. I have , trying to get my Mii (a little character representing you that you yourself design and build FUN!!!) to go to pro. I get to see her kick butt against other mii's or even Earls mii, talk about therapy! lol. If you want to see what the system is check out this web site
Here is my new exercise plan:
1. Continue the 30 boxing on the wii, this = 6 WW exercise points per night. 6 points times 7 nights a week =42 exercise points YaaaHooo!
2. Next week try mixing Wii play and treadmill, since i feel the wii definitely works my top half, but my bottom half not so much.
3. See if there is any effect to over all weight loss.
Well thats it, talk to u tomarrow!
Oh and ladies, i'm at 4 days on program and doing good!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To Start Off

Okay so here is some back round:

My baby boy was conceived on my wedding night last June. I was a size 16-18 (well my wedding dress was a 18 but all us fat girls know they are made smaller. Right?) During my pregnancy i got two rotten teeth, my hair felt like hay, and my nails where so brittle they broke and bleed. Other then that and one major birthday cake craving it was primarily uneventful. The thing that bothered me most was the weight gain! I was a big girl to begin with, and no i didn't diet or really watch every little thing i ate, but i didn't pig out on pickles and ice cream every day either. But in the end instead of having the 40 pound kid, i had a 6.9 pound baby! What!!! What about the other 33.1 pounds!!!!!

My situation listed in a nut shell:

1. new baby-no sleep etc, etc. getting better now that he's almost 10 months old, but still has a bad night at least once a week.

2. couldn't breast feed, which burns major calories, milk didn't come in, blah blah blah (if they ever tell you that all women can breast feed no mater what, they are not telling the truth!!!!! He is bottle feed and doing just great thank you very much!!! don't feel guilty and enjoy your baby!!!!)

3.since mat-leave is only 40% of your total income, we can not afford any expensive weight loss programs -When whats her face on tv says "Have u called jenny yet?" i say "Well then hand over the cash lady! and lend me your personal trainer too!"

4. i joined weight watchers before the wedding (so i could be a sexy, skinny goddess in my dress- of course didn't really happen) i got most of the skills, knowledge etc, it got closer to the wedding-expensive-i had to quit.

5.Got the weight watchers info, books and slider for calculating points from my good friend. So I'm doing it here at home. I'm counting my points, weighing in on Monday mornings, and walking on my treadmill.

My feelings about situation:

I don't want to look pregnant anymore!!!!! I want to be a cute pregnant lady next time, not a house that needs a back up beeper!!!! Most of all i want to be able to keep up with my son, run and play with him! I just want to look good and feel good!