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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tims -so bad/but oh so good

I have an addiction! I admit it! Am I willing to change it? Not really.
COFFEE and not just Timmys either. All coffee.
Coffee by it's self is worth zero on WW. Its the cream and sugar that kills. Even when I make it at home I have to have those flavored creamers that way I don't use sugar, hazelnut is my fav. Its true you can get them in low fat. But its still one whole point for a little table spoon. I need at least two table spoons to like my coffee, and double that to truly enjoy my coffee.
Then there is Timmies. A yummy triple, triple double cupped is a whole 6 points!!!!! But I can't stop myself. Stupid nicotine laced filters of theirs. Evil smiling people in there visor hats, nasty uniforms and sticker infested name tags. What is a girl to do. I'm hooked!! So everyday I do my best to save 6 points for my daily Tims. Most of the time it doesn't work and I have to use my flex points-like yesterday -5 (had one point left in the evening) It sucks! I'll have to find a way, maybe if I eat salad for lunch everyday?
Well as you can see I feel broke today. Yup we are penniless. Stupid long pay periods. Oh well I guess there's only 2 in a year.
But at least tomorrow I will get out of the house. Its just to go G-shopping at Superstore, and baby shopping at Walmart. While at Walmart I'm hoping to get a new scale. It will be the highlight of my week. Pathetic I know. I also can't wait to get some more food in this house. Its really hard to keep on track with WW when you got only high point items to eat. I'm sooo hungry I have a feeling I might be back at 1 out of 10. But I'll let you know.
And for those of you who will feel the need to commit on the having no money but buying timmies thing. DUH! I know, I know. But I enjoy my timmies, and if eating canned soup for lunch for 2 days gives me a timmies a day, so be it! Its truly the thing I look forward to having as I relax in the evening. Give me my joy and leave the rest alone!


Annieann77 said...

I love love love Hazelnut creamer in my morning coffee! But I switched to the Low fat one just so I didn't have to give it up, and I limit myself to one a day! :(

We always go G-shopping on the first Tuesday of the month just to save the 10%, not that it makes that much of a difference but every little bit helps! ;)

Jordanna said...

mmmmm Tim Horton's Liquid ass expander is my favorite...

My desire to be lazy outweighs my desire to drink Tim Horton's Tripple Tripples so luckily I only drink it when Dustin is home cause he goes and gets it!