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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To Start Off

Okay so here is some back round:

My baby boy was conceived on my wedding night last June. I was a size 16-18 (well my wedding dress was a 18 but all us fat girls know they are made smaller. Right?) During my pregnancy i got two rotten teeth, my hair felt like hay, and my nails where so brittle they broke and bleed. Other then that and one major birthday cake craving it was primarily uneventful. The thing that bothered me most was the weight gain! I was a big girl to begin with, and no i didn't diet or really watch every little thing i ate, but i didn't pig out on pickles and ice cream every day either. But in the end instead of having the 40 pound kid, i had a 6.9 pound baby! What!!! What about the other 33.1 pounds!!!!!

My situation listed in a nut shell:

1. new baby-no sleep etc, etc. getting better now that he's almost 10 months old, but still has a bad night at least once a week.

2. couldn't breast feed, which burns major calories, milk didn't come in, blah blah blah (if they ever tell you that all women can breast feed no mater what, they are not telling the truth!!!!! He is bottle feed and doing just great thank you very much!!! don't feel guilty and enjoy your baby!!!!)

3.since mat-leave is only 40% of your total income, we can not afford any expensive weight loss programs -When whats her face on tv says "Have u called jenny yet?" i say "Well then hand over the cash lady! and lend me your personal trainer too!"

4. i joined weight watchers before the wedding (so i could be a sexy, skinny goddess in my dress- of course didn't really happen) i got most of the skills, knowledge etc, it got closer to the wedding-expensive-i had to quit.

5.Got the weight watchers info, books and slider for calculating points from my good friend. So I'm doing it here at home. I'm counting my points, weighing in on Monday mornings, and walking on my treadmill.

My feelings about situation:

I don't want to look pregnant anymore!!!!! I want to be a cute pregnant lady next time, not a house that needs a back up beeper!!!! Most of all i want to be able to keep up with my son, run and play with him! I just want to look good and feel good!


Jordanna said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Denise!! Now you can be part of our little weight loss community!!

You're gonna do great!!

Annieann77 said...

Great job on starting a blog! I love it !! ;)

Good luck with your weight loss - I can't wait to hear more funny stories!