Total Goal

Friday, August 31, 2007

A busy couple of days.

Okay I know I'm not writing as much as I used to, but I feel like my days are shorter then before! Evan is such a handful!

Okay to catch you up on the going ons.

Wed-Long night with Evan Tues night. Earl was over at our friends house and Evan slipped on a stuffy and smacked his head on the kitchen cabinet. Needless to say a cut and a huge goose egg. Then I worked a hectic shift all by myself for 3 out of 4 hours. This would be fine except everyone and there dog wanted block! Heavy, energy robbing block to load. Most ppl are great about me being a girl, but some are just mean! I was exhausted. When I came home that night I found out Evan cut himself in the tub! On my shaver! Bad me for leaving it there, bad Earl for not noticing to remove it. There was lots of blood but Roo is A okay. He was more pissed about the huge adult sized band aid being on his thumb then the cut its self. Earl had to run and get liquid band-aid for Evan after I came home. He's fine from both incidents, but it was 2 long nights in a row.

Thurs-I took Brandin Andrea's 7 year old for the morning so she could go to court regarding custody. There was no way Brandin was going to sit in a waiting room till it was their turn on the docit so I did her the favor. Not to mention it was no place for him in case things got messy. I was happy to do it but between him and Evan it was an exhausting morning of chasing Evan at the park and eating pretend sand ice cream at Brandin's restaurant. Another nap was definitely in order. I got about an hour by the time Andrea came to pick up Brandin. Then, you guessed it another long night of loading block at work. Dam you ppl doesn't anyone by plants anymore!!!! Guess that season is over but still this block lifting stuff sucks! It better pay off on the scale this week or I'll be pissed!

Fri-okay then today! I went swimming with the girls -and their boys- at 930 this morning at Servus Place here in St A. This is our huge new leisure center. Its sooo cool there. There's to much to write about so you should check it out. I will say its great for babies and kids. Plus there is two huge hot tubs for the adults. Evan had a blast and so did I. I found out there is an indoor running track, a gym and child care!!!! Only 4 bucks an hour! Maybe this winter I'll take advantage of both, since work will physically slow down I may need to take some time away from Evan and use the gym. After swimming I came home and put Evan down for a much needed nap Then hoped in the shower. Washing one's hair after swimming doesn't happen with a 16 month old-trust me.

I love my new hair cut but it requires blow drying and straiting to look presentable. This takes an hour!!! I'm not used to that. So I've done that now, it's 1pm and I got 1 hour to have a nap before another night of block loading at work. I hope it's not too busy!

Well that's my catch up for the week. TTYL ladies.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tub Off Tues on Wed...I'm confused!

Okay so I did weigh in yesterday and was mortified at the number on the scale. I didn't get it! I had a few drinks and a couple of pieces of really cheesy pizza but could that really add up to a 2 pound gain? Not to mention I had a hugely physical week at work, my jeans feel loser, and even my mom in law commented! I had to put a belt on my size 14 jeans and they are sagging in the butt region now! WTF!!! I don't get it. Hopefully it was water or something and the scale will show some real numbers next week.

TTYL ladies.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My weekend

Well it was a great weekend!

On Saturday we helped Jordanna and Dustin move into their new place. It is a beautiful town house that she had painted in bright and airy colours. It suits her so much! They have a new gorgious lether sectional and a new TV stand. Both not bought at Ikea, wow are we all becoming adults now! I know Earl and I are not planning to buy anything more from Ikea-for ourselves anyway-the kids are a diffrent story. I'm looking forward to going to see her agian soon after their settled to see how she's made her house a home.

After helping them move we came home to get ready for the big event. My 10 year high school reunion. We went a little later then most we found out and showed up after all the speeches etc. I would have liked to make it there sooner but the ppl I still keep in touch with where heading there later so we decided to do the same. There where quite a few ppl there, most of them I recognized of course but couldn't put a name to. Very early we where approached by Brad, (he was kind of a geek so we didn't run in the same circle. I would be around mid class, never noticed so there for never picked on, in high school at least.) He said he was Annette Findley's boss!!!! crazy!!! Annette is his secretary!!! Weird. I started the night strong with 2 vodka perlizers which where going down to good and to fast. So moved on to coolers. I was feeling fine until we had a shooter. Cindy's choice a Double J. That's when I started feeling really good. lol. I hadn't drank much since our wedding over 2 years ago. I was first preggers for a lot of what you would call drinking events-Leanne's wedding, a trip to Edson etc. I'm not much of a drinker anyway so I never had an event to do so till Saturday. I wasn't at the spinney throw up stage which I hate so I know my limit. We got home around 12 mid. I can honestly say it was a good experience and I'm glad I made an appearance. I did get complimented about how I look a few times, I got everything from you look so much younger then every one else, your glowing are you pregnant?, or I barley recognized you! you look great! It was nice to hear those things. Another thing that happened was that Earl was recognized! He did go to the school or was enrolled there anyway. Going to school was not Earl's cup of tea. lol. Everyone was saying he should have been wearing a red name tag for a grad, not a blue one for a guest. He wouldn't let me change it. I wanted to give him a red one, which "Earl Potter went to PK and was abducted by Aliens in 1995/6". It's true! We found his name in my grade 11 year book and that's what it says do to his lack of picture and mysterious disappearance mid year!

Other then the reunion, I have some Evan news. He's been a super grump the last few days. He had what I thought was a little cold. But I was wrong. He's been teething again. Only this time his fang teeth have popped out of his gums! I made him smile when changing him yesterday and noticed them. So after they grow in Evan will have a total of 6 teeth. Yahoo! Its also been easier to communicate with him the last few days. Now when you ask him a question he either says nothing for no, or yaha for yes! Are you finished eating? Yaha. Or he shoves another piece of food in his mouth. Is your bum dirty? Yaha. Or he runs away! lol. Oh well what ever works. He's getting so big! Its crazy that I can ask him to do something. Like get his blankie (now we have to bring it everywhere) so you can go for your nap. He actually goes and picks it up, brings it to me so we can go upstairs! Crazy! He's turning into such a little man! Its great to see. He is truly the apple of my eye.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good Mon ladies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Well despite my many cheats and BBQ's this week I still lost .1. lol. So my little car is at least on its way.

The funny thing is I feel thinner! My size 14 jeans seem bigger in the waist. So maybe I lost some inches. Work was super physical this week with a another huge tropical plant order. Maybe I gained some major muscle? Well what ever the cause, I'm still happy, despite what the scale says. I had some great nights with my friends and co workers eating some good BBQ food, and I still had a loss. A tiny one I'll give you that, but what ever, I feel great!

Have a good Tues Ladies!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A new mini goal

I've been thinking for the last few days on what my next mini goal should be. Then it hit me. I want to be in regular girl sizes by the time I go down to Cal to see my older sis! So why not make that my goal. I figure 20 should do it. So my goal is as seen above to loss 20 more pounds by Dec 12, which is the day before I usually weigh in, but also the day before we plan to leave.

I figure 3 months should be about right at the rate I'm going. So that's that, another goal set.

In other news, Earl has been working on replacing our doors. The ones that where on the house where just interior doors so you can imagine how much heat we where losing through them. There was screen doors too but what help could that truly give!

So we've picked up two 6 panel doors and frames. Just the cheap ones, but better then what we had. We had to decide what colour we where going to paint them. I was throwing around the idea of going with burgundy-but told Earl to just go with choc brown so we wouldn't have to paint all the trim/ shutters on our house. He convinced me other wise and we took the leap toward change. I'm soooo happy he convinced me, now I love it! We painted the man door as well as the big car door on the garage to start and experiment with the colour, it looks so good! Different, but in a great way! Since we've moved in we've only made minor changes, a new fence, a deck rail/ filling in the hot tub hole, took out some trees etc. But we've never really took the leap to make a big "US" change. I can't wait to see what the front will look like with our new colour choice! I'm super excited for Earl to finish. We haven't been able to do much since it's been so rainy and icky out all weekend. He's coming home early today, so hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for him to get some work done! I'll post before and after picks as soon as he's done.

We also have a slightly annoying kitty development since Medallion is no longer with us. Our black kitty Gandolf is lonely. So lonely he feels the need to sneak into Evan's room in the morning to sleep on the rocking chair. This wouldn't be a problem but he doesn't close the door behind him! So when Evan stirs in the the night and opens his eyes, he sees the door open and thinks Daddy or I is coming in. So we have got to find a way to correct this problem. I certainly don't want to we woken up by an awake Evan at 6am any more. We may have to brake down and get Gandolf a new companion.

Speaking of that we took a drive on the Morinville highway last night since Evan wasn't going to sleep. Since we where in the neighborhood we decided to see what Jordanna and Dustin's new place was like. We found it right away and drove into the parking lot to turn around. Earl almost ran over a cat! We looked over to their unit and where surprised to see about 5 little kittens going through a bag of garbage on the front step! Earl said that must have been the mom! We of course called Jordanna right away to warn her about her kitty infestation. It looked like maybe the nest was under her step. So maybe Gandolf will get a friend out of that stray litter! We will of course have to bring all the kittens straight to the vet before bringing them home. Since Jordanna can't take them in maybe we will, and we can find them all homes including mommy kitty of course. It would be our good Samaritan act for the year. I guess we will see.

Well it was a long post today so I'll let you go. Have a good one ladies!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mail that made me get teary again.

In the mail today we received 2 things that I have to say surprised me. I didn't expect it since we didn't pay for any extra things when we made the hard decision to send our first fir baby to kitty heaven.

One was an envelope with a clipping of Medallions fir, prints of his big lion paws, and a card with all the staff's sympathetic wishes.
The other was another card from our regular vet also with signatures and messages from the 11 staff members.

It brought a little tear to my eye remembering all his the wonderful quirks. The way he acted like the big tough cat when we had guests, but the second they left he was rubbing against us looking for some love. I loved seeing the two cats snuggle like the ying and yang, black and tan. lol. Then there is always the memories of ogopogo! lol. If you know me well enough you should be laughing your butt off right now not to mention its alittle x rated to be blogging about.

All those memories came flooding back again and I had to smile through the tears. He will be missed. But at least I have the memories.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday....YaaHoo!!!!

Well I worked really hard this week and it payed off. ( I had some smarties and a bite of banana bread at Danna's -bad me) I am now in Oneunderland!!!! Not much under the 200 mark but under non the less.

I am now at 199.7! lol.

I got some jeans from Leanne. Thanks girl. She gave me one pair of 16s and 2 pairs of 14. Guess what! I fit into the 14s!!!

Ten more pounds or so and I can say good bye to plus sizes! No more paying $35.00 for a V-neck t-shirt when the reg sizes have a price tag of only $20.00. This also means by Dec when I go to Cal I'll be able to shop in the same stores as my older/skinny sis! This has never happened before! I'm soooo excited!!!!!

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Medalion is gone

I was at work this evening when I received a page from Earl.

He said Evan is at Grama's house, Medallion is with me, I'm coming to pick you up.

Medallion was hit by a car tonight. His back was broken. He had no choice but to euthanize him.

I'm super sad. He was our very first fur baby. He was one of Earl's first gifts to me, he was our first purchase together. We are both super saddened by our loss, but there is always a blue sky. We no longer have to remove a cat from the sink before we wash our hands. lol. That was one of his biggest quirks, and something I will never forget.

We love you big guy. I'll see in heaven.

Tub Off Tuesday

Well another 2.1 pounds down.


Friday, August 3, 2007

What a night!

So here's a riddle for you. What does a picture of an egg and a picture of a light bulb have in common? They both played a part in one of the longest nights with Evan since he was 3 months old.

I got home from a long frustrating night at work. (I have the feeling general public is getting stupider as the summer progresses.) Any way, Earl and Evan where just getting back from a drive when I too pulled into the driveway. We tried to put Even to bed but as soon as Earl walked into the nursery with him he started crying hysterically! So we figured he just wasn't ready, or in pain so we let him play for an hour or so, at 11:45 we where getting the "I'm tired signs" so we tried again. Same thing happened. But we pushed it a little this time, he continued to scream after his music stoped playing, so we knew something was wrong. He was screaming so much his voice was beginning to crack! We then decided to go for another drive.

We where heading to St Albert Trail on Hebart Rd when suddenly a large bang made us both jump. There was a smashed egg on our windshield! Stupid little punk kids where throwing eggs from behind the boulevard bushes. Earl turned the van around and called the cops. We where truly lucky there was no one in the lane next to use since Earl's first instinct of course was to swerve into the other lane! We drove around a bit waiting for the cop to show up to see if we could figure out where the little shits where hidding, as we drove Evan finally went to sleep. We talked to the cop when he arrived and told him the story. Apparently they where doing it from the other side of the street just the night before, but everyone called the cops hours later instead of right away. Unfortunately the little shits where already gone, I'm guessing use turning around may have scared them off. So next time, we'll call the cops and not turn around, maybe they will still be there when the cops arrive next time. I'm guessing there will be a next time if they've been doing it 2 nights in a row. After the egg stuff was dealt with we grabbed a quick car wash. (Evan slept through it) we also got a java from Timmies and headed home.

We got home and I removed a now passed out cold Evan from the van. I put him down in his crib and not even 5 minutes later he was up and crying hysterically again! This was now 1:30 am! Earl went and got him, I took him and decided to rock him in my chair. It was then that Earl noticed his night light. Burnt out! Oh no! So that's what has been going on the last couple of nights. On Wed night he was doing the same thing, but the van ride worked and he was down for the night by 12 midnight. Well what the heck where we going to do at 2am! We couldn't just run to the store and buy another bulb or night light. We would just have to deal! I dealed until 4:30 am, he finally went to sleep, I breathed a sigh of relief as I crawled into bed. Night light or not I passed out cold.