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Monday, August 27, 2007

My weekend

Well it was a great weekend!

On Saturday we helped Jordanna and Dustin move into their new place. It is a beautiful town house that she had painted in bright and airy colours. It suits her so much! They have a new gorgious lether sectional and a new TV stand. Both not bought at Ikea, wow are we all becoming adults now! I know Earl and I are not planning to buy anything more from Ikea-for ourselves anyway-the kids are a diffrent story. I'm looking forward to going to see her agian soon after their settled to see how she's made her house a home.

After helping them move we came home to get ready for the big event. My 10 year high school reunion. We went a little later then most we found out and showed up after all the speeches etc. I would have liked to make it there sooner but the ppl I still keep in touch with where heading there later so we decided to do the same. There where quite a few ppl there, most of them I recognized of course but couldn't put a name to. Very early we where approached by Brad, (he was kind of a geek so we didn't run in the same circle. I would be around mid class, never noticed so there for never picked on, in high school at least.) He said he was Annette Findley's boss!!!! crazy!!! Annette is his secretary!!! Weird. I started the night strong with 2 vodka perlizers which where going down to good and to fast. So moved on to coolers. I was feeling fine until we had a shooter. Cindy's choice a Double J. That's when I started feeling really good. lol. I hadn't drank much since our wedding over 2 years ago. I was first preggers for a lot of what you would call drinking events-Leanne's wedding, a trip to Edson etc. I'm not much of a drinker anyway so I never had an event to do so till Saturday. I wasn't at the spinney throw up stage which I hate so I know my limit. We got home around 12 mid. I can honestly say it was a good experience and I'm glad I made an appearance. I did get complimented about how I look a few times, I got everything from you look so much younger then every one else, your glowing are you pregnant?, or I barley recognized you! you look great! It was nice to hear those things. Another thing that happened was that Earl was recognized! He did go to the school or was enrolled there anyway. Going to school was not Earl's cup of tea. lol. Everyone was saying he should have been wearing a red name tag for a grad, not a blue one for a guest. He wouldn't let me change it. I wanted to give him a red one, which "Earl Potter went to PK and was abducted by Aliens in 1995/6". It's true! We found his name in my grade 11 year book and that's what it says do to his lack of picture and mysterious disappearance mid year!

Other then the reunion, I have some Evan news. He's been a super grump the last few days. He had what I thought was a little cold. But I was wrong. He's been teething again. Only this time his fang teeth have popped out of his gums! I made him smile when changing him yesterday and noticed them. So after they grow in Evan will have a total of 6 teeth. Yahoo! Its also been easier to communicate with him the last few days. Now when you ask him a question he either says nothing for no, or yaha for yes! Are you finished eating? Yaha. Or he shoves another piece of food in his mouth. Is your bum dirty? Yaha. Or he runs away! lol. Oh well what ever works. He's getting so big! Its crazy that I can ask him to do something. Like get his blankie (now we have to bring it everywhere) so you can go for your nap. He actually goes and picks it up, brings it to me so we can go upstairs! Crazy! He's turning into such a little man! Its great to see. He is truly the apple of my eye.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good Mon ladies.

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Annieann77 said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I can't wait to see Jordanna's new house!! Hopefully she will have a BBQ/ house warming before winter?

The reunion sounded like fun too, it's good to hear you "let loose"! ;)