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Monday, August 20, 2007

A new mini goal

I've been thinking for the last few days on what my next mini goal should be. Then it hit me. I want to be in regular girl sizes by the time I go down to Cal to see my older sis! So why not make that my goal. I figure 20 should do it. So my goal is as seen above to loss 20 more pounds by Dec 12, which is the day before I usually weigh in, but also the day before we plan to leave.

I figure 3 months should be about right at the rate I'm going. So that's that, another goal set.

In other news, Earl has been working on replacing our doors. The ones that where on the house where just interior doors so you can imagine how much heat we where losing through them. There was screen doors too but what help could that truly give!

So we've picked up two 6 panel doors and frames. Just the cheap ones, but better then what we had. We had to decide what colour we where going to paint them. I was throwing around the idea of going with burgundy-but told Earl to just go with choc brown so we wouldn't have to paint all the trim/ shutters on our house. He convinced me other wise and we took the leap toward change. I'm soooo happy he convinced me, now I love it! We painted the man door as well as the big car door on the garage to start and experiment with the colour, it looks so good! Different, but in a great way! Since we've moved in we've only made minor changes, a new fence, a deck rail/ filling in the hot tub hole, took out some trees etc. But we've never really took the leap to make a big "US" change. I can't wait to see what the front will look like with our new colour choice! I'm super excited for Earl to finish. We haven't been able to do much since it's been so rainy and icky out all weekend. He's coming home early today, so hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for him to get some work done! I'll post before and after picks as soon as he's done.

We also have a slightly annoying kitty development since Medallion is no longer with us. Our black kitty Gandolf is lonely. So lonely he feels the need to sneak into Evan's room in the morning to sleep on the rocking chair. This wouldn't be a problem but he doesn't close the door behind him! So when Evan stirs in the the night and opens his eyes, he sees the door open and thinks Daddy or I is coming in. So we have got to find a way to correct this problem. I certainly don't want to we woken up by an awake Evan at 6am any more. We may have to brake down and get Gandolf a new companion.

Speaking of that we took a drive on the Morinville highway last night since Evan wasn't going to sleep. Since we where in the neighborhood we decided to see what Jordanna and Dustin's new place was like. We found it right away and drove into the parking lot to turn around. Earl almost ran over a cat! We looked over to their unit and where surprised to see about 5 little kittens going through a bag of garbage on the front step! Earl said that must have been the mom! We of course called Jordanna right away to warn her about her kitty infestation. It looked like maybe the nest was under her step. So maybe Gandolf will get a friend out of that stray litter! We will of course have to bring all the kittens straight to the vet before bringing them home. Since Jordanna can't take them in maybe we will, and we can find them all homes including mommy kitty of course. It would be our good Samaritan act for the year. I guess we will see.

Well it was a long post today so I'll let you go. Have a good one ladies!

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Annieann77 said...

So how many kittens will you be taking in?

Good luck at achieving your new goal ... it totally sounds do-able! You can do it! ;)

I hear you are unable to attend Thurs!? :( maybe next time!? I'll have to tell you all about it? he he