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Friday, August 17, 2007

Mail that made me get teary again.

In the mail today we received 2 things that I have to say surprised me. I didn't expect it since we didn't pay for any extra things when we made the hard decision to send our first fir baby to kitty heaven.

One was an envelope with a clipping of Medallions fir, prints of his big lion paws, and a card with all the staff's sympathetic wishes.
The other was another card from our regular vet also with signatures and messages from the 11 staff members.

It brought a little tear to my eye remembering all his the wonderful quirks. The way he acted like the big tough cat when we had guests, but the second they left he was rubbing against us looking for some love. I loved seeing the two cats snuggle like the ying and yang, black and tan. lol. Then there is always the memories of ogopogo! lol. If you know me well enough you should be laughing your butt off right now not to mention its alittle x rated to be blogging about.

All those memories came flooding back again and I had to smile through the tears. He will be missed. But at least I have the memories.

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Annieann77 said...

((HUGS)) It is a hard time to get through but you are a strong person and I know you will get through it. We also got a card from the vet that made me teary eyed and mike took a clipping of fur from Kitty before we took her in, I still get teary eyed thinking about it but someday I plan on making a scrapbook for her. Hope you're doing ok!? Luv u