Total Goal

Monday, December 8, 2008

Well that job didn't last long. I found out I have no stomch for retail unless I'm selling something I love. So Canadian Tire is out. Not that it was a bad job, just horrible for me.

Other then that new peice of new for some of you I have new floors in my basement! No more carpet! Yippy! It looks really great. Lots of wood I do have to addmit, but it looks homey like a wooden cabin. Which I think suits the house.

Well just a quick post. I'm X-Mas decorating today. I'm stuck in the house do to - 1. weather. yuck! (why haven't I moved to Cal with my sis yet?) - 2. Earl stoll the van today until he can get the winter tires on his truck. He's been slippen and sliden.

That's it. Luv Ya!