Total Goal

Friday, May 1, 2009

Big News

Please see Time4Number2 blog from now on.

Yup that's right! I'm once again preggers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothin Much

Nothin much happenen here.

Diet Front: Nothing much, I've stopped weighing in but I am trying to eat right.

Sam: He disappeared on Monday night and just reappeared yesterday around 1pm. He smelt like someone garage so I'm guessing the stupid kitty got trapped.

Evan: has reached the terrible 3s. lol. I'm really trying to work on Potty Training. His speech is right where it should be now, but they're going to asses him again in Sept just before he starts pre school.

Well that's it for me.

Have a good one ladies.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice

Okay so sadly I've gotten into celebrity apprentice this season. I was channel surfing one night and Tom Green selling a cup cake for $5000 bucks caught my attention. Then I was hooked.

Any way tonight I watched Saturdays airing and found myself rather sad at the end.

Included in this years cast is Dennis Rodmen ( left pic). Yup you know him, the NBA star with the funky coloured hair, the antics, you may have noticed in the papers a few years ago. I know very little about him till now, he was just that crazy B-ball player with the green hair. Sure I heard he was a great B-ball player too, I think? Hey this is Canada, he's not a hockey player. Sorry Dennis, I don't mean to offend you

Anyway, he's on the show this year along with Jesse James (right pic). You may know him from shows like Monster Garage. Jesse was type cast in his shows as a wild, crazy and off the wall kind of guy. Lets just say you wouldn't want him to drive your mini van, or give him the chance to take it to his shop, it may come back to you as a giant coffee maker.

Anyway it has come out on the show that Dennis has a drinking problem. You could tell at the end of the show in the board room that this was very upsetting to Jesse who fought the same battle with alcohol at an yearly age. Jesse looked like he was going to cry. Everyone looked upset, it felt like a room full of Celebrities melded into that intervention show. Well without the crying, blubbering and reading of pre-written letters.

I was moved by Jesse's reaction. Since the only time I saw him was driving the crazy contraptions made in his show, I was surprised at the human there. I know, I know, he is human, but I had never seen it till now. I think we forget that some times.

Not to mention Dennis who is now past his prim as an athlete and has been forgotten, cast aside. I hope you can find and view the clip, it was so sad. He kept talking about what he has done, in the past. How good we was, not is. What he could do, not can

So I would just like to thank Trump for reminding us no mater what, we are all humans. No matter how much star power, or how much money. That even the celebs we read about past or present, have brains, have feelings, have capability's aside from the things as the regular public get to see.

Jesse I hope your big heart and level head lead you to victory.

Dennis best of luck on your battle your secrets out, but I'm sure you've got lots of people on your team.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like a rocket!

Evan's words have shot up like a rocket!

He is now saying yes not yah and along with that so many other new sounds!

He's now got s,d,k,c,f,r,t and all in the last few days! It's crazy! He's repeating almost everything we say. When he wants the radio on he says "me dance". It's so great that he can tell us what he wants. There's still times when he says something and we don't quite understand, but about 75% of the time we actually understand. Now we just have to work on other ppl being able to understand him. lol.

I'm still going to take him to the appointment on the 2nd of April just in case, but I'm pretty sure he's going to be just fine.

I can breath a sigh of relief now. Few!

Well my hard wood floors go in tomorrow! Yippee! No more nasty carpet!

So for those of you who have walked through my dinning room and noticed the weird bump in the carpet here's the explanation.

When we pulled up the nasty carpet we found press board under it. This was on top of the sub floor and was no good to put hard wood on, so we had to pull it up. It was a lot of work but when we got to the weird bump spot we where sure glad we already had the choice made for us. Earl pulled up the carpet and the smell was over powering. The mysterious bump wasn't a stray piece of underlay as we thought, but a bulging nasty swollen spot of press board. It was black! It smelt disgusting! It was soooo gross! Knowing that we had been living with that disgusting stuff on the floor for 3 years was just to much! The women who owned this house was a nurse for crying out load! No wonder my dogs always wanted to pee in that room! They always thought there was another dog some where in the house! So there you have it folks, buyer beware.

Anyway now that it's gone the smell is gone too. Despite the saw dust and grime associated with renos my house feels so much cleaner.

Another sigh of relief. Few.

Have a good one ladies.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well I weighed in today thinking nothing much would happen. I was right. Not much happened, not much changed. I'm back down to 215.2. I guess aunt flo just went home and took the extra pound with her. Thanks for the visit aunt flo and good riddance.

To be truthful I haven't been trying very hard. I've been watching a little, but there's been some doughnut eating etc. I've just felt so busy!

Between work and cleaning and reno's I feel rather rushed and up a little stressed. I think Earl and I are going to start trying for another baby soon. I've been walking into the baby sections and I'm feeling the longing. I'm scared but I think I'm ready to face the fear and take the leap. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Have a good one ladies.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I was having a good day till...

Well I got up this morning knowing that Andrea was coming for a visit. I thought hey this might be a good day.

The Andrea part was good she came over and left yearly enough to take Evan to the play park. So we got dress, got on boots, hat etc and headed out to the van. I noticed the door was not shut all the way which I thought was odd but I checked and there was no damage. As I put Evan into his seat I noticed the contents of the glove compartment was on the passengers seat. My heart started to quicken. I opened the front door to find a metal piece of something and looked at my ignition switch, it was torn apart! Wires exposed but I guess it could be worse. The key part itself is damaged but the column itself seems okay. I guess thief's now a days don't need to expose the whole thing? Or maybe our thief really had no idea how to steel it and just thought they would give it a go.

The change that was in the cup holders was all there, and there didn't seem to be anything else missing. But our van is a disaster! It does house a 2 year old and 2 timmies junkies after all. I'm going to be mortified when the cop comes to check it out. He's going to think we are the messiest ppl alive. I guess the wear clean underwear thing really is true! Thanks Mom.
Well that's my big news.

The weight loss thing really didn't happen this week. I can tell that aunt flow is coming to visit because my appetite has been atrocious and salad really hasn't fit the bill. I gained a little. So I'm back up to 216 when I was at 215.2.

Well that's it for me today, or properly this week unless something happens with the van. I guess we'll see. What I do know is I'm out a vehicle until its fixed. It's probably a little hard to drive it when you can't start it with the key. This is going to suck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mom's group and WIW

Well I attended the first mom group event that I could get to. It was a simple play date at the organizers house. It was in Castle Downs so it was free and close.

I must say I had a great time! I'm so glade I happened upon the groups first meeting at the Servus place play park!

He was so good, I was so proud and the other ladies where impressed with his behavior. Well he was good until we had to leave, they all laughed at my tough love. Yup he refused to put his jacket and boots on, so he walked to the van in his sock feet and a t-shirt. It was warm out so I didn't feel to guilty. It's not the first time I've done it, Leanne had witnessed my tough love when we where leaving her house. Lol, he'll learn eventually. I'm eagerly awaiting the next function. The ladies where great, fun, friendly, and chatty. The house we where at was a small half duplex it was crazy cramped, but neither the kids or mom's seemed to care. I'd say there was a total of about 10 mom's there with children ranging from 5 months to the oldest at 4 years. It's a great range of kids, and mom's at different stages. I mentioned Evan going through the speech problems and that opened a flood of questions. I'm glade I could hand out some info that could help these ladies. I'm hoping Earl will finish the projects we have on the go in the next few months so that I myself can host an event. I have so much space and I would love to have them over. But my unfinished bathroom and nasty carpets up stairs are stopping me from doing it right away.

On Monday night I went on a shopping spree. Despite my thoughts about loosing weight I was getting sick in tired of having 1 pair of jeans (leanne's old fat jeans I'll add) and three v necks from Walmart as my entire wardrobe. I always felt like crap because I thought I looked like crap! I put my foot down with Earl and we headed to Kingsway. I bought 2 pairs of Jeans -1 size 16 BOOOOO! which fit now and one 14 since they where on for 1/2 price. I bought a grey soft hoodie and about 4 nice shirts. I felt so much better going out in public yesterday and today! It felt good to feel good. Lol, did that make sense?

On the weight loss front I stepped on the scale not expecting any loss. I was pleasantly surprised so see 215.2 a 2 pound loss! This despite a night out at BP's and some cookie eating. Not to mention it's roll up the rim time so there's a lot more coffee drinking. I know, I know, how much more could there be when you drink so much already? Trust me last night my teeth where flouting.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.