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Monday, March 30, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice

Okay so sadly I've gotten into celebrity apprentice this season. I was channel surfing one night and Tom Green selling a cup cake for $5000 bucks caught my attention. Then I was hooked.

Any way tonight I watched Saturdays airing and found myself rather sad at the end.

Included in this years cast is Dennis Rodmen ( left pic). Yup you know him, the NBA star with the funky coloured hair, the antics, you may have noticed in the papers a few years ago. I know very little about him till now, he was just that crazy B-ball player with the green hair. Sure I heard he was a great B-ball player too, I think? Hey this is Canada, he's not a hockey player. Sorry Dennis, I don't mean to offend you

Anyway, he's on the show this year along with Jesse James (right pic). You may know him from shows like Monster Garage. Jesse was type cast in his shows as a wild, crazy and off the wall kind of guy. Lets just say you wouldn't want him to drive your mini van, or give him the chance to take it to his shop, it may come back to you as a giant coffee maker.

Anyway it has come out on the show that Dennis has a drinking problem. You could tell at the end of the show in the board room that this was very upsetting to Jesse who fought the same battle with alcohol at an yearly age. Jesse looked like he was going to cry. Everyone looked upset, it felt like a room full of Celebrities melded into that intervention show. Well without the crying, blubbering and reading of pre-written letters.

I was moved by Jesse's reaction. Since the only time I saw him was driving the crazy contraptions made in his show, I was surprised at the human there. I know, I know, he is human, but I had never seen it till now. I think we forget that some times.

Not to mention Dennis who is now past his prim as an athlete and has been forgotten, cast aside. I hope you can find and view the clip, it was so sad. He kept talking about what he has done, in the past. How good we was, not is. What he could do, not can

So I would just like to thank Trump for reminding us no mater what, we are all humans. No matter how much star power, or how much money. That even the celebs we read about past or present, have brains, have feelings, have capability's aside from the things as the regular public get to see.

Jesse I hope your big heart and level head lead you to victory.

Dennis best of luck on your battle your secrets out, but I'm sure you've got lots of people on your team.

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