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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like a rocket!

Evan's words have shot up like a rocket!

He is now saying yes not yah and along with that so many other new sounds!

He's now got s,d,k,c,f,r,t and all in the last few days! It's crazy! He's repeating almost everything we say. When he wants the radio on he says "me dance". It's so great that he can tell us what he wants. There's still times when he says something and we don't quite understand, but about 75% of the time we actually understand. Now we just have to work on other ppl being able to understand him. lol.

I'm still going to take him to the appointment on the 2nd of April just in case, but I'm pretty sure he's going to be just fine.

I can breath a sigh of relief now. Few!

Well my hard wood floors go in tomorrow! Yippee! No more nasty carpet!

So for those of you who have walked through my dinning room and noticed the weird bump in the carpet here's the explanation.

When we pulled up the nasty carpet we found press board under it. This was on top of the sub floor and was no good to put hard wood on, so we had to pull it up. It was a lot of work but when we got to the weird bump spot we where sure glad we already had the choice made for us. Earl pulled up the carpet and the smell was over powering. The mysterious bump wasn't a stray piece of underlay as we thought, but a bulging nasty swollen spot of press board. It was black! It smelt disgusting! It was soooo gross! Knowing that we had been living with that disgusting stuff on the floor for 3 years was just to much! The women who owned this house was a nurse for crying out load! No wonder my dogs always wanted to pee in that room! They always thought there was another dog some where in the house! So there you have it folks, buyer beware.

Anyway now that it's gone the smell is gone too. Despite the saw dust and grime associated with renos my house feels so much cleaner.

Another sigh of relief. Few.

Have a good one ladies.

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Jordanna said...

That is so great that Evan's doing so well!! I can't wait to see him at his birthday.

Looking forward to our visit!