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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mom's group and WIW

Well I attended the first mom group event that I could get to. It was a simple play date at the organizers house. It was in Castle Downs so it was free and close.

I must say I had a great time! I'm so glade I happened upon the groups first meeting at the Servus place play park!

He was so good, I was so proud and the other ladies where impressed with his behavior. Well he was good until we had to leave, they all laughed at my tough love. Yup he refused to put his jacket and boots on, so he walked to the van in his sock feet and a t-shirt. It was warm out so I didn't feel to guilty. It's not the first time I've done it, Leanne had witnessed my tough love when we where leaving her house. Lol, he'll learn eventually. I'm eagerly awaiting the next function. The ladies where great, fun, friendly, and chatty. The house we where at was a small half duplex it was crazy cramped, but neither the kids or mom's seemed to care. I'd say there was a total of about 10 mom's there with children ranging from 5 months to the oldest at 4 years. It's a great range of kids, and mom's at different stages. I mentioned Evan going through the speech problems and that opened a flood of questions. I'm glade I could hand out some info that could help these ladies. I'm hoping Earl will finish the projects we have on the go in the next few months so that I myself can host an event. I have so much space and I would love to have them over. But my unfinished bathroom and nasty carpets up stairs are stopping me from doing it right away.

On Monday night I went on a shopping spree. Despite my thoughts about loosing weight I was getting sick in tired of having 1 pair of jeans (leanne's old fat jeans I'll add) and three v necks from Walmart as my entire wardrobe. I always felt like crap because I thought I looked like crap! I put my foot down with Earl and we headed to Kingsway. I bought 2 pairs of Jeans -1 size 16 BOOOOO! which fit now and one 14 since they where on for 1/2 price. I bought a grey soft hoodie and about 4 nice shirts. I felt so much better going out in public yesterday and today! It felt good to feel good. Lol, did that make sense?

On the weight loss front I stepped on the scale not expecting any loss. I was pleasantly surprised so see 215.2 a 2 pound loss! This despite a night out at BP's and some cookie eating. Not to mention it's roll up the rim time so there's a lot more coffee drinking. I know, I know, how much more could there be when you drink so much already? Trust me last night my teeth where flouting.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.

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