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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I was having a good day till...

Well I got up this morning knowing that Andrea was coming for a visit. I thought hey this might be a good day.

The Andrea part was good she came over and left yearly enough to take Evan to the play park. So we got dress, got on boots, hat etc and headed out to the van. I noticed the door was not shut all the way which I thought was odd but I checked and there was no damage. As I put Evan into his seat I noticed the contents of the glove compartment was on the passengers seat. My heart started to quicken. I opened the front door to find a metal piece of something and looked at my ignition switch, it was torn apart! Wires exposed but I guess it could be worse. The key part itself is damaged but the column itself seems okay. I guess thief's now a days don't need to expose the whole thing? Or maybe our thief really had no idea how to steel it and just thought they would give it a go.

The change that was in the cup holders was all there, and there didn't seem to be anything else missing. But our van is a disaster! It does house a 2 year old and 2 timmies junkies after all. I'm going to be mortified when the cop comes to check it out. He's going to think we are the messiest ppl alive. I guess the wear clean underwear thing really is true! Thanks Mom.
Well that's my big news.

The weight loss thing really didn't happen this week. I can tell that aunt flow is coming to visit because my appetite has been atrocious and salad really hasn't fit the bill. I gained a little. So I'm back up to 216 when I was at 215.2.

Well that's it for me today, or properly this week unless something happens with the van. I guess we'll see. What I do know is I'm out a vehicle until its fixed. It's probably a little hard to drive it when you can't start it with the key. This is going to suck!

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Jordanna said...

Oh man that totally sucks - how annoying. People drive me crazy these days. At least they didn't take your was a huge pain in the ass when Dustin's truck got stolen.

Miss you!