Total Goal

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday on Wednesday

Well Evan is doing much better today. His nose still sounds stuffed and he still doesn't want to eat much, but he had a few mouthfuls of oatmeal this morning so here's hopping he's taking a turn for the better.

I totally forgot to weigh in yesterday, so this morning I stepped on the scale. I was very happy to see 191.4. That's exactly one pound off my lightest weight of 190.4 that was last recorded on my ticker. This is also another relatively large loss, about 2 pounds. I'll take it with a smile. Looks like my hard work at Rona is paying off in pounds. Since the last two nights have been pretty nice we've been reving up for our busy season, this involves some lifting and yup running trying to help customers and get stuff done.

I'm having a love hate relationship with our summer season. I remember the craziness, but the shifts flew by. I also got to keep thinking I've got more experience under my belt this year, so here's hoping that makes a big difference.

I got some calling to do. I have to call my Uncle Ian about my sister's baby gift. She wants a double stroller that we can order on line. I think my Dad, Uncle Ian and Earl/I will be chipping in to get it for her. She has her c section scheduled for May 27! I can't believe how fast time is going! I can't wait to see pictures of my new niece.

I also have to call my other Uncle Denny, it's probably about Gorden's wedding, which Earl and I aren't attending for two reasons. 1. it's in Vancouver, can we say $$$$$ 2. no kids aloud at the reception. What do they think we would do! Evan's only 2! Grrrrr. I guess we'll see what Denny has to say, but we aren't going. I don't mind the no kids aloud thing, they sent the choices of dinners in the invitation. It looks pretty fancy, not my style, not fun to me, and definitely not kid friendly. I'm cool with it, it frankly just gives me more amo to say "nope we can't come"

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Board Earl

I'll get to the reason I'm posting in a minute.

First I'll update you on Evan's condition.
Dr Anderson said it's just a virus and that Evan should be improving day by day till the virus runs it's coarse. So that's that, he's a okay.
I know he probably would be, but it's better to be safe then sorry.

Okay so on to my post "Board Earl" I had to work tonight so Earl was stuck at home with sick Evan. Earl got the munchies, Earl decided to bake! Yup that's right I typed bake! Well sort of anyway. He made cupcakes from a cake mix box. He didn't get to the icing since Evan throw up again. He did however clean my kitchen because he had to clean the floor anyway. He also had to do laundry. I won't get into the Gorey details but I figure I should make him board more often, at least I got cup cakes minus the icing out of it. Now if only I could get him to clean the kitchen and at least start the laundry when Evan throwing up every where isn't involved.
Oh well I guess I'll just have to settle for the cupcakes. lol.

Have a good one ladies!

Sick Evan

Well ladies it's been a long weekend of no sleep. Our little boy has one dussy of a cold, or at least I hope it's just a cold. Just to be safe I've made him an appointment today with his Doctor.
He's been running a fever for about 3 days, Friday night it was just a little fever that I thought was just teething, by Saturday night it was a full out sweat fest. He's thrown up twice, once each night Sat and Sun. His nose is like a tap, dripping and dripping, oh and he keeps grabbing at his throat. The throat thing is what's got me the most worried. That's the main reason I've made him an appointment.
Yesterday he ate, pooped and generally did what Evan's do, today he will not eat, and he doesn't want to put cloths on!?! He's just not being himself, this scares me. He wouldn't let me put him down last night, I couldn't leave the room! Earl had to distract Evan with his Black Berry so I could just go pee! Crazy I tell ya.
His appointment is at 12:50, so I'm off to have a shower.
So here's hoping its just a nasty cold.
Hope you have a good Monday. Grrr Jordanna, I would much rather be in Dominican with you drinking fruity drinks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tubb off Tuesday

humm Blogger isn't letting me add a picture to this post. So I guess Tub of Tues will have to go picture...less.

Well I stepped on the scale today and I was thrilled to see 190.4! That's like 4 pounds!?! I have been working more hours at work, and despite the snow there's quite a bit left to do, inside anyway. Outside is another story. Rona had to cancel orders for bedding plants, our shrub order has been put off, and our trees are being forced on us. We'll have to find a decent home for them inside, but who in there right mind would buy an apple tree in this snow!

Here's hoping mother nature wakes up soon. I'm so sick of this snow! Especially when its this miserable out, I don't even feel right about taking Evan to the indoor play park!

I don't want to be house bound any more, and frankly either does Evan!

Well that's my snow complaining for the day.

I want to be in Jordanna's shoes, off she goes to the Dominican today. Lucky lady!

Have a good one Ladies, or should I say Lady.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sam the Suck!

So our newest addition to the Potter familly has now intergrated himself into a full fleged member. Not only is he great with Evan he's also very attached to Evan.

For the last couple nights Evan has been waking up at 3am, I think he sprouting yet another 2 teeth. Anyway, Sam hears him fussing before I do, and seeing that he's part Siamese he can sure scream if I don't get up right away to tend to his new best bud. He scratches at my door as if to say "hey lady! He's up!" He also gets loud when he's not permitted into the room to investigate the problem and make sure Evan is okay. Its funny but also a pain in my butt. He distracts Evan, gets up on the change table when I'm trying to change him and jumps into his crib when I'm trying to put Evan back down to sleep. Sam would sleep with Evan in his crib if I'd let him. I'm planning on letting him when Evan gets into a big boy bed, this way I'll have to leave the door open and hopefully Sam will be past the attacking feet under the cover stage. Lol, kittens!
Needless to say despite these minor problems Sam has turned out to be exactly what we wanted. A kitty with a great kid friendly personality. He actually plays with Evan! He runs past him with a meow to get Evan's attention, then runs and hides in the play tent. Evan of course runs after him, laughing his little head off. Evan gets to the tent and peeks in, Sam runs out past him to one of the tunnel tents, and Evan chases, and back Sam goes to the tent waits and this repeats. It's soooo funny to watch! It entertains Evan for 20 minutes! Believe me that's a long time for a 2 year old!
Well that's my little tid bit of daily fun.
I only have 2 more things to say:
1. Mother nature is a B with an itch. This snow sucks!
2. Have a great day ladies!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Funny for days!

So Evan is starting to have an extensive DVD collection. But what is a kids collection with out a potty video! Crystal suggested this one to me, not because she saw it but because she saw it in the store. Evan loves Elmo so I decided to go out and find Elmo's Potty Time. It took awhile, apparently it's popular. I ended up finding it at Capallano Walmart. If your ever in need of something and the other Walmarts in the city don't have it, give Capallano a call, more often then not they seem to have the stock.
So after calling over there and making the employee laugh his ass off, we headed over to pick it up. We of course throw it in the DVD player in the van right away. As we where cruising down Yellow head we hear songs like, "It's potty time" with a blues feel, "Accidents happen" sang by Grover, and "What words do you use" - a song about all the diffrent words for pee pee and poo poo as sang by Elmo's Dad. Earl and I where cracking up listening to it. It does have some adult hummer to make you chuckle as well.
My only beef with this video is the length. It's a lot of information for a little brain. But then again potty training must be info over load. Just think of it for a second. They have to learn what it feels like to have to go, then run up to their potty, go on the potty, flush, wash their hands, dry their hands. For a little one that can hardly use a fork and spoon that's a lot to remember.
Well Evan and I are off to go swimming. I've started tuckering him out every morning. I'm truly looking forward to the summer months, it was so great yesterday when we could just walk to the park he could run and run. When it's nasty out like today, I have to pack everything up and go some where. I am running out of fun places to go! Please mother nature! Let the sun shine in?
Have a good one ladies! Don't forget to read yesterdays post, it may clear up why I've all of a sudden bought a potty training DVD. lol.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I woke up to poop!

Sunday morning we woke up to poop! Since it was my morning to sleep in Earl got up to get Evan b-fast and such. All I heard was Earl yelling "Evan, don't touch anything!" So I of course got up. When I walked into Evan's room I found poo! On his bedding, on his crib rails, on his stuffed animals. I'm thankful he didn't draw to much with it, we've all heard the horror stories of moms having to clean it up from the ceiling to the floor, I thankfully have a relatively clean son, so I didn't have to deal with that. So with this new development the thought of potty training has finally hit the front of my brain. I know it was coming, I knew I'd have to start dealing with the fact that Evan is growing up, my little baby is gone, and it's now time to start treating him like a bigger boy. So I've started the first steps to potty training.
We've now got pull ups instead of diapers. This serves two purposes.
1. We can start calling them big boy underwear, and pushing the "big boy" things.
2. He can't get them off as easy as a diaper so we avoid the whole "who flung dung" thing. Lol -the "who flung dung" saying came from Earl, not me. But I thought it was funny.
Oh but you can't just buy one type of pull ups. Nope, you gotta buy two! One for during the day- these let them feel when they're wet in order to get them uncomfortable so they feel the need to be changed and they don't want to feel it at all, which leads to wanting to use the potty so they don't have to feel gross and wet. Few, that was a lot of typing! The other type is basically the same idea only a little more absorbent so they last through the night.
Then we move on to the choice in pottys! OMG! I got one for him from sears that converts to a step stool and seat that fits on the toilette for later. But what about when your out and about? Well the lovely retail ppl have thought of that too. They have smaller seats that fold up so they fit into your bag for when you go out. If I knew this I would have spent the original money on just that one potty seat and step stool and used it at home too! GRRRR!
This potty training thing is harder then it seems. It's kind of scary actually. Like most things child related there is an over whelming amount of information. Which as a mom you have to wade through and find your own way. I've been looking for web sites and talking to other moms. But the bottom line is you have to teach them the vocab and get them sitting on the bloody thing. Again easier said then done.
I'm glad Evan is such a fast learner. He may not say the words, but he understands them. He already knows what his potty is, where it belongs (stays in the bathroom) and what it's used for. Now it's just getting him to actually sit on it for more then a couple of seconds. I guess I'm just going to have to keep at it.
I'll keep you updated.
On the weight front (which honestly has been at the back of my mind since the potty stuff has flouted to the front) I didn't weigh myself this week, to much going on. I've started working 3-4 shifts a week so that should help my battle of the bulge. Toon in next week for my Tubb of Tues report.
Oh and Biggest Loser! You go girls! Yahoo for the first female biggest loser!
Have a great Thursday ladies.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Introducing Sam!

Well here's a picture of the newest addition to the Potter family. I would like to introduce you to Sam.
He's great! He's super affectionate. He follows Evan around like a puppy dog. Sam rubs up against Evan's legs and arms while Evan wants to play. He lets Evan know when he's petting him wrong with a little nip that doesn't leave even the tiniest scratch! Evan was actually getting frustrated when Sam was getting in his way while he was trying to play! It was sooo funny. I've posted more pics on face book if you want to go and have a look.
I did weigh in yesterday and was happy to see no gain and no loss. Well that's it for me today. Have a good hump day ladies.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My spoiled son

I don't want to ruin the birthday surprises but I had to show some one. To the left are the 2 biggest presents scheduled for Sunday. Both where on sale at Toys R Us for super cheap!

The sand box is our gift to Evan. It was regularly $200 and we got it for $99!!!! It's already out on our deck without sand of course. We're waiting for the snow to finish melting and a dog bomb clean up before we set it up in a temporary place until the fence is done. The other picture is being bought by Earl's parents. It was also on sale regular price $450 on sale for $250! I'm going to have a play ground in my back yard! It will be great to just let him rip around the yard in safety, I can relax. It will be especially handy when he have another baby. It's nice to know I can keep Evan active with a new born, the new baby can just hang out in a swing or stroller and I know diapers and bottles aren't to far. I don't have to pack the whole house just to go to the park. I also love how the climbing thing has 2 slides, hopefully that will mean less fighting.

On Friday night our family is once again growing. One of the guys that Earl works with is giving away 8 month old kittens. They have their first shots and they are micochiped! We picked an orange stripped tabby. He's super cute and seems to do well with getting his tail pulling, so here's hoping he'll make friends with Evan and Gandolf. Goodness knows Gandolf can use some play mate exercise. We would have been bringing him home sooner, but the guys son wanted to have a fair well party, he's only 3 or 4 so we don't mind a bit, it's cute!

I'm so looking forward to Sunday, I've almost got the whole house spic and span, not that it was overly dirty, but when you have company over you just need to make sure. His cake is due to be picked up on Sunday around noon, and I'm planning on putting up the decorations on Sat night after Evan goes to bed. I hope they give everyone a chuckle. Then food prep etc will start on Sunday. If you ladys are board feel free to come early, for a visit, and maybe give me a hand? Just give me a call, but I understand if your busy. I have to work Saturday so that whole day time is pretty much a write off.

That's it for me ladies. I hope you have a great Friday and I'll see you Sunday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tubb of Tuesday (sorry its late)

Well I did weigh in this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see 193.4. So just under a 2 pound loss. I know I can do much better, so here's to another week. I know this one will be a bust since it's Evan's birthday on Saturday and a piece of birthday cake is on the menu. Oh well whats another week. I'll only have a small piece. We are expecting about 15-18 people on Sunday, I only bought a quarter slab cake, so I'm hoping there won't be any left overs. I'm planning on having a healthy menu for the rest of the afternoon, fresh veggi's, fruit, some lunch meat and low fat cheese for sandwiches with brown buns. Oh but then there's the snacks, chips etc. Maybe I'll skip that, does one really need to serve chips to make a 2nd birthday right? I don't think so! I guess I'll see.

The only other thing I got on my mind is my emotional state as far as the big 2nd birthday. Evan has a habit of crawling into the edge of his crib and waking himself up. So he crys out because he's to sleepy to figure out where he is in the crib and is some how powerless to do anything about it. This happens about 3 nights a week. Any way, so I go into his room and move him, once he sees me he doesn't want to go back into his crib right away. So I usually take him back down stairs for a snuggle which puts him back to sleep within a minute. It's nice to be able to hold him to tell you the truth. During the day he's so on the go I don't really get the chance to just hold him and marvel at how much he's changed. His hands are still so small but so much bigger then they where even a month ago! He changes so much every day! I can't believe he's going to be 2 years old! I kind of miss my little baby boy! Don't get me wrong he's so enjoyable now, he does stuff, has a character, he's such a little wise guy! lol. Time flys so fast!!!! Remember how when we where kids 4 sleeps seemed like decades! Now I'm thinking OMG his party is on Sunday! It's already Tuesday! When am I going to get stuff done. Today I went to Walmart and got the plates etc, then stopped in at Sobes so that Evan could pick his cake. He ended picking the cake that had the most toys included! Little monkey! The bakery ladies where great! They took all the pages out of the binder and let Evan look at them. He has this new thing about putting is index finger on his lips and saying hmmm. I'm hoping he does it on Sunday for everyone, it cracks me up every time! Well he hmmed at every page, then put the ones he narrowed down in the cart and handed me the ones he wasn't interested in, these included the princess cakes, lol, no one can say he's not smart! It was fun to watch his little brain work, he really picked his cake, he's only 2! He had it narrowed down to the car and truck cakes. He really does recognize what he likes! It was so cool! I won't ruin the surprise, but I'm so stoked about my decor for his party, it's super cute.

Well that's it for me today, I know it was a lot of Evan stuff, sorry about that. I don't think I'll be getting around to posting again this week, but I'll see. But if not I'll see you ladies at the party.

Have a good hump day!