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Thursday, April 3, 2008

My spoiled son

I don't want to ruin the birthday surprises but I had to show some one. To the left are the 2 biggest presents scheduled for Sunday. Both where on sale at Toys R Us for super cheap!

The sand box is our gift to Evan. It was regularly $200 and we got it for $99!!!! It's already out on our deck without sand of course. We're waiting for the snow to finish melting and a dog bomb clean up before we set it up in a temporary place until the fence is done. The other picture is being bought by Earl's parents. It was also on sale regular price $450 on sale for $250! I'm going to have a play ground in my back yard! It will be great to just let him rip around the yard in safety, I can relax. It will be especially handy when he have another baby. It's nice to know I can keep Evan active with a new born, the new baby can just hang out in a swing or stroller and I know diapers and bottles aren't to far. I don't have to pack the whole house just to go to the park. I also love how the climbing thing has 2 slides, hopefully that will mean less fighting.

On Friday night our family is once again growing. One of the guys that Earl works with is giving away 8 month old kittens. They have their first shots and they are micochiped! We picked an orange stripped tabby. He's super cute and seems to do well with getting his tail pulling, so here's hoping he'll make friends with Evan and Gandolf. Goodness knows Gandolf can use some play mate exercise. We would have been bringing him home sooner, but the guys son wanted to have a fair well party, he's only 3 or 4 so we don't mind a bit, it's cute!

I'm so looking forward to Sunday, I've almost got the whole house spic and span, not that it was overly dirty, but when you have company over you just need to make sure. His cake is due to be picked up on Sunday around noon, and I'm planning on putting up the decorations on Sat night after Evan goes to bed. I hope they give everyone a chuckle. Then food prep etc will start on Sunday. If you ladys are board feel free to come early, for a visit, and maybe give me a hand? Just give me a call, but I understand if your busy. I have to work Saturday so that whole day time is pretty much a write off.

That's it for me ladies. I hope you have a great Friday and I'll see you Sunday.

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