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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sam the Suck!

So our newest addition to the Potter familly has now intergrated himself into a full fleged member. Not only is he great with Evan he's also very attached to Evan.

For the last couple nights Evan has been waking up at 3am, I think he sprouting yet another 2 teeth. Anyway, Sam hears him fussing before I do, and seeing that he's part Siamese he can sure scream if I don't get up right away to tend to his new best bud. He scratches at my door as if to say "hey lady! He's up!" He also gets loud when he's not permitted into the room to investigate the problem and make sure Evan is okay. Its funny but also a pain in my butt. He distracts Evan, gets up on the change table when I'm trying to change him and jumps into his crib when I'm trying to put Evan back down to sleep. Sam would sleep with Evan in his crib if I'd let him. I'm planning on letting him when Evan gets into a big boy bed, this way I'll have to leave the door open and hopefully Sam will be past the attacking feet under the cover stage. Lol, kittens!
Needless to say despite these minor problems Sam has turned out to be exactly what we wanted. A kitty with a great kid friendly personality. He actually plays with Evan! He runs past him with a meow to get Evan's attention, then runs and hides in the play tent. Evan of course runs after him, laughing his little head off. Evan gets to the tent and peeks in, Sam runs out past him to one of the tunnel tents, and Evan chases, and back Sam goes to the tent waits and this repeats. It's soooo funny to watch! It entertains Evan for 20 minutes! Believe me that's a long time for a 2 year old!
Well that's my little tid bit of daily fun.
I only have 2 more things to say:
1. Mother nature is a B with an itch. This snow sucks!
2. Have a great day ladies!

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