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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tubb off Tuesday

humm Blogger isn't letting me add a picture to this post. So I guess Tub of Tues will have to go picture...less.

Well I stepped on the scale today and I was thrilled to see 190.4! That's like 4 pounds!?! I have been working more hours at work, and despite the snow there's quite a bit left to do, inside anyway. Outside is another story. Rona had to cancel orders for bedding plants, our shrub order has been put off, and our trees are being forced on us. We'll have to find a decent home for them inside, but who in there right mind would buy an apple tree in this snow!

Here's hoping mother nature wakes up soon. I'm so sick of this snow! Especially when its this miserable out, I don't even feel right about taking Evan to the indoor play park!

I don't want to be house bound any more, and frankly either does Evan!

Well that's my snow complaining for the day.

I want to be in Jordanna's shoes, off she goes to the Dominican today. Lucky lady!

Have a good one Ladies, or should I say Lady.

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Annieann77 said...

Congrats on the huge loss!! That's awesome seeing's how you are already so far along on your journey!! :) I would also love to be with J!! :( Hopefully this snow goes away very quickly!!