Total Goal

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The back yard is coming along...

Well my back yard no longer looks like this. Well this side anyway. This side "the kid side" is completed. I now have those rubber tile under his slide, sand box, and his new water table. Hey, I got it on sale at Toys r Us for 24 bucks!!!!!! It has these buttons you can press that makes water spray and move a little boat around. Its cool and I got Earl with the spray, he was socked and I couldn't breath from laughing so hard. It was super funny I guess you just had to be there. We laid new sod on the parts with no tile, I'd say that side of the yard is 40% rubber tile and 60% grass.

The other side of the yard on the other hand looks like crap! At least there's crush down now so we no longer have muddy lake potter. "long story" The deck is still in tacked along with my newly expanded flower bed, but that's about it. The rest had to come out to make room for the garage expansion and the paving stones. It was mostly weed infested grass anyway.

Have a mentioned I just want it to be done? Grrrrr...dogs + mud = cleaning my floors daily.

The only other new thing is our master bed room has gone through some changes. Its now blue!! Yippee no more pail boring old yellow! I love it! It goes great with our new furniture. That's right! We joined the 30 + world and ditched the Ikea furniture. No more drawers falling apart, no more slats hitting the ground in the middle of the night, no more sore back, yippee!

I'm slightly nerves about this garage expansion thing. I may need to exit stage left this weekend when that's going on. The pad part of the project will be done on Thur which means 2 things. We are that much closer to being done, and that's less crush to sweep off my floors.

On the Evan front all is well. He's of course growing like a weed. Another growth spurt is in full motion this week. There has been disturbances in the force that last few nights and his face is doing the big head big checks catch up game again lately. He's been showing his true 2 year old colours lately. There's been a few sit on the floor and scream misshapes which are to be expected.

Well that's it for me. Have a good one ladies.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Front Yard

Yup that's right! Its done! These pics where taken a couple of weeks ago before we had all that rain, so now all the new sod looks like a lush green carpet. The only other thing you can't see is our ram sitting up by the hose thing, for some reason Earl didn't get that angle when he took these pics.

We've also added some moon lights up the side walk and around all the bark beds. I love it! it looks completely different! As you can see our new fence is up as well which gave Evan a whole pile more room in the back. I'm truly getting sick and tired of all the mud! The back behind
the fence still has the dirt patches
from the old flower beds. On Monday we're having a bob cat come in and take off all the old sod so we can lay fresh sod and those rubber paving mats under Evan's sand box and slide. I can't wait for it all to just be done! I've had to clean my floors almost daily to keep up with all the dirt and mud being tracked into the house! I'm getting so tired of it! GRRRR We're hoping to have all the outside done including the garage expansion in mid August, here's hoping we get it done so we can sit back and enjoy for a while before the snow flys.

Well that's pretty much it for me sorry I haven't been writing that much, but now that you've seen the pics I hope you can understand why. It was a lot of work but worth it don't you think?