Total Goal

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I'm happy to report a loss of 1.2 pounds. Not great results but a loss non the less. I've been finding it really hard this week to stick to my plan. Mostly because the winter blahs are setting in. I can't wait for spring! There's so many exciting stuff going on in this spring.
There's more then just my usual flower planting excitement.
There's so much more this year, that I can't wait:
1. My sister and her family are coming around June 9-10th. We're going to have a huge BBQ so that everyone she's gotten back in touch with can come for a visit.
2. Jordanna's baby is due in the beginning of May! I can't wait to meet him!
3. Evan is turning 3! Man I can't believe it! 3!
4. There's a old jobie reunion in April. I've been in touch with most of the old jobies that I would want to see, but all separately. I'm looking forward to getting together with everyone as a group again. This and my sister's visit should be giving my weight loss focus, I would love to be at least where I was (about 190) when these events take place. I know, I know 25 pounds by Apr is wishful thinking.
5. Call me a big dork but Westlemaina 25 is in April as well. We're having a get together for all the WWE fans in our lives and everyone is chipping in to rent it. I know that doesn't include you two, but I'm looking forward to it lots of hall of famers getting involved in the story line, something big is brewing for the special event.
Well that's it for me today. Good luck on your weigh ins ladies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yup I knew it. I shack my fist at you weight loss Gods! Grrrrrr! Well back to square 1.

Have a good one ladies.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay so like most drug addicts my coffee habit has accelerated. I am no longer satisfied with the Triple, Triples. I have moved to bigger things.

I am now addicted to Star Bucks! I know, I know, slap my hand. $5 a coffee is crazy!!!!!! I can't do this! It must stop now!!!!

Okay just 1 a week?!?! Please?!?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well I got a 5 pound loss, putting me at a total weight of 213.4. All of this loss has nothing to do with my effort and all to do with this tummy bug I have. I've bearly eaten more then a couple of peices of toast in about 3 days, so I'm sure my body is going to rebel agaist this next week.

I know this weight loss isn't a heathy one so I'm counting on a gain next week so re fuel my body.

Well talk to you ladies soon.

Signing off from the land of sickie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday (WIW)

Well I thought I had done pretty good this week. I feel good, I thought something was different. I was looking forward to WIW wanted to see if I was doing some thing right.

I stepped on the scale this morning at 6am (Evan...Grrrr) My mind was foggy, my eyes where still blurry, I wanted a coffee bad! But I wanted my results to be the best they could be. Meaning I didn't want any coffee adding to my number. Tired or not it had to be done now. I didn't believe it at first. I stepped off, then on again, yup the number was right. I'd gone down to 218.4! That's 3.6 pounds. I know not a huge number, but much better then the numbers I've been getting prior to this. I guess I'm doing something right. I'm proud that I got a 3 pound loss with out the aid of diet plan or personal trainer. I feel pretty good about the numbers I see. I remember my first ticker being over whelming! The left to loss number was so high I thought the time would never come when I felt comfortable. I look at the 50 some odd pounds I want to loss with a "I can do this and this is doable" attitude.

On the other hand I feel like I've been hit with a Mac Truck. I know I'm feeling a little sad these days simply because tomorrow is the anniversary of my Mom's funeral. Meaning the week prior was a blurr or crazy relatives and well sadness. I always feel a little irritable about this time. But it's never translated into physical crap. I hope it's just my hectic schedule catching up with me.

Well that's it for me.
Have a good week ladies.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm in love with a bird! Who knew! His name is Hootie! He's a love bird, he's cute, I want one. But Sam would eat him.

Hootie was in a mood today so he road around on my shoulder for an hour. He nibbled my ear, chirped and even snuggled! I don't get that from my husband!!!!

Other then a night out at BP's I've been on the right track with the weight loss this week. Here's hoping it shows on the scale. I guess I'll find out on Wed.

Cross your fingers for me ladies!