Total Goal

Friday, February 13, 2009


Okay so like most drug addicts my coffee habit has accelerated. I am no longer satisfied with the Triple, Triples. I have moved to bigger things.

I am now addicted to Star Bucks! I know, I know, slap my hand. $5 a coffee is crazy!!!!!! I can't do this! It must stop now!!!!

Okay just 1 a week?!?! Please?!?!


Jordanna said...

LOL that's why I never go to starbucks or second cup ... I love my Tim Hortons Steeped Tea and it's under $2.

You guys should just invest in a commercial grade coffee maker and grind the beans yourself like Dustin would taste better than any coffee you could buy and hella cheaper too!

Annieann77 said...

I also prefer Starbucks or Second cup over Timmies but I'm much to cheap to buy my daily coffee from them, I save it for special treats! :) I always get the "skinny vanilla bean latte" - YUM!