Total Goal

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I got a comment!

I got my first "You have lost a lot of weight!" comment today. I went out for b-fast with the girls this morning because I was going to Walmart anyway. (Need diapers and some more sippy straw cups, who knew they could just disappear like that!) I've been joining the ladies at Socattee's restaurant for years now so the waitresses knows us. So needless to say they've seen me at least 2x a month since before I got married. They saw me in all my preggy glory and the after math of it. Meaning they've seen me at my worse. Anyway one of them commented today! It felt great! I can't wait till I've lost more, I'm sure it will be more noticeable, case in point Leanne who looks like a super model!!!!! You go girl!

Other then that nothin much more to say.
Have a good one ladies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Tubb off Tues went rather well for me with a loss of 1.8.

You may have heard on the radio news this morning that Chris Benoit was found in his family home dead along with his wife and child.

For those of you who didn't know who this is, Chris was a beloved WWE superstar. Born and raised right here in Edmonton, and trained at the famous (to WWE fans) Heart gym in Calgary.

He was a man true to himself even in the WWE character he portrayed. He never played the bad guy, and never picked stupid fights. He was respectful even when faced with a loss, shaking the hand of his opponent and leaving the ring so the winner could have his time of glory. Just last year he won his Heavy Weight tittle right here in his home town of Edmonton and I watched while he held up the belt with tears streaming down his cheeks.

I find it hard to believe that this man would not only take his own life, but take the lives of his wife and child. I for one am looking forward for further information.

Well Chris, you will be missed, and despite the circumstances of your death may you rest in peace.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, Monday.

I got some good news on Saturday at work. It seems all my hard work has not gone un noticed. In fact my Zone Manager Bill went to the Manager of the store and insisted on giving me more money. So I got a raze! It's not much about 50 cents but in the grand sceam of things its pretty good, and lets face it I do work at Rona.

Other then that I have a complaint. The new NS website is pretty good. I like the new weight loss graph etc. My complaint is I was only 2 clicks away from my next coupon and they are no longer doing the click in thing! Either they've stopped doing it or I can't find it. I'm a little mad, if I was far from my next coupon then maybe I would be alright with it. But 2 clicks! Sucks.

Oh well I guess that's life.
Have a good Monday ladies!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I just have one quick note to make this weekend.

The new Slurpachinos at 7-11 are disgusting!!!
Don't do it! Gross, gross, gross!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Isn't it funny...

I was at work the other night putting pond plants into the pond. The flouter plants where all tied up into plastic bags. Each of the bags where knotted a special way, knotted but with a loop so it was super easy to untie them. Then a memory hit me out of no where. A memory of my grandfather showing me how to tie the bag on a loaf of bread. He showed me how to knot it the same way as the flower bags.

It's so funny how the littlest things can take you back. A smell, an action, or a random object. I smiled at the memory the knotted bags brought to the surface and continued on with my work.

I was talking to Earl last night on our deck after Evan was in bed and the house was quite. He had just gotten in touch with a old buddy through face book. Earl was telling me that Eric saw the word testicle just 2 days before and it made him think "I wonder what ever happened to Earl!" Apparently Earl used to have the nick name grizzly balls, not because they saw his package and that it is hairy. (gross) but because Earl always did all the crazy things. He was the most ballsy!

The above conversation only hits home my thoughts for the day. Those memories can come from the most funny of places.

Have a good one ladies and enjoy the memories!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I know, its late.

Well it's now 11:58 pm and I'm finally getting around to my post for the day. So happy Thursday even thow its still Wednesday to me. I had a long day today. Got up with his hinus at 7:30ish. Went G-shopping at 9am. G-shopping with the Evan is becoming almost impossible and very frustrating. He's just to active. He pulls things from the cart and drops them on the floor. (I've remembered not to put the eggs within his far) He trys to stand up in the cart etc, etc, etc. Since I shop at Superstore one must bag your own stuff, as you can imagine this is difficult. Evan in the cart, food staking up on the conveyor belt, me pulling my hair out. I told Earl about my experience this morning and he said g-shopping is now moved till Thurs or Fri night when both of us can go. I said I'm holding you to that.

Work tonight also kicked my butt. I showed up at 5pm to find 50 8 foot Majesty Palms outside the back door to the green house. Along with 50 of those big guys was some other tropical plants of verise sizes. I found out they all needed to go into the green house as soon as possible. The ladie I worked with tonight was not only an older lady but also had a siatic nerve injury. So I was on my own. I started with the big guys since they're home was the closest to the door. I loaded as many as I could on to the cart, about 6, I then went for the door, that wasn't going to happen, since they where on the cart that's an extra foot off the ground, the door is only 8 feet tall! So needless to say I felt like a total idiot! So I had to carry 50 palms one at a time into the green house! It sucked! They where heavy, ocward and the fronds kept tickling my nose! I completed the task and the morning crew will show up to see 15 empty pallets outside in the court yard behind the green house. Yah me! I better get some props for all my hard work. One person moved a jungle, pls can I have a hero cookie now!

Well that's it for me today...well actually tonight. Have a good Thurs ladies, only one more day until TGIF after today that is.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Tub off Tuesday results: .8 I knew the big 2-3 had to end some time. Oh well I hope the lull doesn't last too long. I guess my 30 pound bear will just have to weight one more week. I hope I will loss at least another .8 in order to reach that mile stone, next week is the last week before my order goes out. Here's hopen.

Have a good one ladies.

Monday, June 18, 2007

2 things

1. Okay so as I've said we are currently jumping through the hoops to get our house refinanced. On Saturday night I came home from a rather long day at work to Earl's news! The appraiser called and is coming on Monday!!!! We had quite a bit to do, everyone who knows us, knows that "Earl's room" the computer room is always a cluttered mess. I told him, clean your room, vacuum the house, and hang some pictures and I'll handle the rest. So that's what we did all day yesterday and a little this morning. Everything looked perfect! The appraiser came and was gone in 30 min! It really needed to be done, spring cleaning and all, but all that work for 30 min! I felt like inviting him in and at least serving coffee for all that work! Well we only need the house appraised at 340 for the amount of money we want and he seemed to think we are over that. I think so too considering a run down bungalow on the next crescent is listed at 390! Our house is in considerably better shape and has so much more upgrades. But stranger things have happened so keep your fingers crossed for us.

2. On the weight loss side of things Earl noticed yesterday that my size 18 jeans where getting super saggy in the butt region. So I decided to look through my stash of jeans. I had one pair of size 16's from Leanne. (thinks if it wasn't for your generosity I would be pants-less) I also had some 34 waist jeans (what the size to waist conversion is I don't know) I tryed on the 16's they fit and very well I might add, I even needed my belt! I tryed on the 34" ones and they fit but where a little tight. So Yah me, down one more size in 2 weeks! Pretty darn good. Hero cookie for me! Well okay Hero NS crispy bar for me! Yummy!

As I was cleaning out our closet (you never know where those appraisers are going to look) I decided to move my too big jeans down stairs in a box, I'm planning on keeping them around for after the next baby purposes. Anyway I have sooo many pairs of jeans and pants, some of them I loved wearing too! 24,22,20 and now 18. The 24's didn't last long, I whore them mostly right after Evan was born. That baby water weight takes forever to come off, my feet where swollen for a month after Evan was born! So for those of you hoping to get your bod back right after, keep dreaming.

Well I think that's it for me today. Have a good Monday,or at least try to have one as good as a Monday can be.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!

Hehe this pic made me laugh!

I have a note about my weight loss. Earl comments to me all the time and says things like "Hi Sexy" which makes me feel great at first then I think he might be lieing. Anyway yesterday he put his arms around me and commented on how much I've lost! This time I believed him. I felt rather skinny yesterday. I had bought some cheap shirts from Walmart. ( V-neck of course-it's my signature.) They fit a little tight at first which I did on purpose so they would fit for a while. They are still a little tight but now my tummy rolls are starting to melt away! It feels great! I'm looking forward to my weigh in on Tues. I have a full 8 hour shift at work tomorrow and of course it's going to be crazy! Not to mention I went for a walk last night and stayed on the program-except for a timmies. hehehe

On my walk I thought I would drop by Cindy's house. This is one of my high school friends who just gave birth to a baby boy! His name is Clark and I hadn't seen either Cindy or new baby since the big day. I got the chance to catch up on what happened at the hospital and we had a good laugh about the fact that she too insisted on the epidural. " Hook me up!" that's what I say on that issue. Clark is a little dark haired angel! He's perfect! Cindy is doing great as well and it's great to know her breast feeding is going much better then mine. Good for her, I'm so proud! I'm dropping off my baby swing (used by Evan about 10 times) and 2 boxes of cloths for her tonight. I know she will take great care of them and pass them on to the next deserving person including me if I have another boy. Which I really want a girl, so here's hopen. Don't worry ladies I'm waiting another year or year and a half till the next one. I have an IUD good for that long, it's in there so why mess with it. I think Earl is getting the itch now, he keeps bringing it up! I think Evan and Earl have really bonded since I went back to work, I love to listen to them in the bath together or watch them play. It's a great feeling, Earl's a great dad I must admit.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

High School Grad

I checked my email yesterday to find an E-mail from Liz, she was the grad pres for my high school class of 1997. Yup that's right, I graduated 10 years ago last month. It's crazy to think its been that long. I don't feel old yet...okay so sometimes, but 29 isn't old is it?

The email said the 10 year reunion is on Aug 26. It's a small event with a meet and greet with old teachers, followed by some finger food and a plain out party. I'm super interested in going, not so much to see ppl but to see some of my old teachers. There are only about 3 teachers throughout my whole school life time that I can remember making a difference in my life. Two of them I meet in high school, I don't know why but I strived to do my very best for them, and some of the things they said have stayed with me. Is that weird?

Okay so I would love to go. I still talk to all my high school friends on a regular bases or at least I keep in touch with them through the friends I talk to once a week. I ask and keep up with the going ons in their lives. I don't think any of the others in our 5 person group are truly interested in going, which sucks! It would be so great to walk into the room with all 5 girls from our click to show that opposites really do attract. We where all so different! But it was the differences that made things interesting. I think we have all done pretty good for ourselves, but its not the showing off that I'm interested in. I just want to go and have some fun! See people and be seen. They don't need to know all the things I've accomplished, frankly I could care less about what they all think, I didn't care then, why would I care now. It's not all about the who's become successful and who didn't, or about who makes the most money and lives in a huge mansion in Vancouver. It's just about looking back at all the great times. Chatting with ppl that now as an adult we never would have bothered with in the past. I hope the other ladies rethink their attendance. It would be great to see all of us in one room again. It's been a while. It makes me sad to think we would miss out on this event. This is a once in a life time chance to do something different then the every day thing. So lets just go and have some fun! It would be $35 bucks well spent.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mystery Solved!

So the what was wrong with Evan mystery has been solved.

I got home from work last night and one of the first things Earl said was "take Evan to the doctor tomorrow" I was of course instantly worried. Earl proceeded to tell me that he noticed a red blotchy rash all over Evan's face, neck, back and tummy! I wondered how that could have happened so quickly, he had clear skin when I left for work.

It was another long night last night. Evan again did not want to sleep. Only this time it wasn't because he was running a fever, or sick, the little monster wanted to play! He was just simply awake! So it was a long fight, including a bottle, and some lulling to get him back to sleep. He was up at 12am and he finally went back to sleep at 3am!!! So I'm a little sleepy today.

Anyway I called Dr Anderson first thing in the morning. Evan was awake at his regular 8am. They could fit me in for 10:10 am so off I went.

I love my Dr! He walked in smiled at Evan and I then asked what was going on. I told him the whole story about the fever over the weekend and now about the rash Earl found last night. He asked me with a chuckle "How many times he throw-up". I said "once". He said "Your lucky." then left the room for a couple of seconds and came back with a ear thermometer. I removed Evan's shirt so he could see the rash and Dr A took his temp. He looked at the rash and shook his head. Looking at Evan he said "Are you giving your mom grey hairs?" He then proceeded to tell me it was a common virus called Rosavirsa and we had the classic case. He also said it can be rather dangerous, not because of the virus its self but that its really hard to diagnose until after the fever when the rash appears. So with out a diagnoses some doctors will treat it as a different problem or give parents a heart attack by ordering a battery of tests. I asked if we where now over the worst of it and he said everything will be just fine the rash should disappear in a couple of days. I was relieved of course. Dr Anderson gave me the instructions that if the fever returns to bring him in and then he sent me on my way.

I'm now glad that I have an answer. With so many unanswered questions even in the 14 months Evan's been in my life it's nice to finally know what was wrong on this occasion.

The only other thing I have to say is my fence is almost built! OMG it seemed to take forever! All we have to do is finish the little touches like the cap along the top and shorten the post sticking up to a more esthetically pleasing length.

Well that's it for me today! One more evening of work and I'm off for a couple of days. Yippee!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My sis has joined our century!

#1.My older sis and my nephew Mannix in Palm Springs I think.
#2.My sis and my BIL in NEW YORK CITY!


Yup my sis and my BIL have finally joined our century and got a lap top. This excites my to no end! We can now send pics and keep each other updated on the going ons more easily. No more having to develop pictures to send away. Oh don't get me wrong once in a while its great to actually have the pic to frame, but if I get a really good one I can just email it! Plus if there's a specific one I really want printed I can just email it off to Walmart and pick it up later! Oh the wonders of technology! She has visited my blog so I'm hoping she decides to start one of her very own.

Work last night was rather dead but I wasn't board for to long. Sandy the girl I was working with didn't really want to work anyway so we ended up chatting till 9 then she left and it was time to start clean for closing time. Dispite the lack of customers my night still went by quickly. She finally showed me how to do a block quote or order on the computer. So I got a quote on the blocks we need for the front beds. The discount was great, it was over a $1.00 a block! And when one needs a over a hundred blocks to complete the task at hand that $1.00 will sure add up to big savings. Here's hoping we can try and get it done not only this year, but by the fall so I can plant some bulbs! Super stocked about the possibility of surrounding myself with even more flowers. It will be a lot of work but Earl says he will help with the up keep of all those flower beds, so that makes me feel more comfortable with the fact that I'll have so many beds to tend to. The vision in my head is beautiful, hopefully it will all work out the way I imagine it.

Well that's it for me today. No honestly, I'm not coming back again today. lol.
See you tomorrow!

Tub Off Tuesday

Another 1.6 down! Wooohooo!!! I'm feeling great! I got more blog for you later, but I thought I'd do a quick Tub off Tues report.

Talk to you later! Got some great pics of my sis in CA to share.

Monday, June 11, 2007

OMG what a weekend!

I don't mean it in a good way either. Okay so I guess looking back it wasn't so bad. But when one is in the middle of it, it always seems worse.

1. Fence still not built! Surprised? I'm not.
2. Tree in our front yard looked ready to fall into our house due to all the crazy weather. Needless to say it was cut down this morning.
3. Evan ran a fever all weekend. It ran from 38-to 41C!!!! Why? Don't know. I can't wait till he can tell us where it hurts! He kept us up all night Sat and late into the morning last night. It was super scary, there was one throw up incident in the car, that seemed to have helped. I have to work tonight so I'm afraid detail in today's post is going to be in short order. I need a nap!!!!!
4. Due to the above my NS diet went out the window. The lack of sleep and lack of time have caused an over load of timmies. Not to mention my TOM is coming around again, so I'm munchie crazy. Dam you gold fish crackers! (they are the only thing that Evan would eat, those and toast!)

On the other hand we found out from our mortgage broker that we are able to re finance! This will give us one monthly payment! Yup one!!! No more car payment, student loan payment, or parents loan payment!! Earl and I will be the only ones on the title to our house! No more co-signer etc. It feels great to know we did this all on our own! No one can say jack to us now. hehehe. If I want Earl's mom to leave my home, I can't now tell her to get out! It will also give us a little something extra to finish the renos outside this year!!!! The other side of the fence, the front flower beds, the front walkway all can be done.

We where offered a line of credit but that just scares me to death. Earl and I have a really bad habit of justifying things to each other. We make excuses for what each other wants. Or I give up. Hence why we have a Nintendo wii and an x-box. So in other words a line of credit is really bad for us. So we took out a consolidation loan instead. That way we just pay it, and what we can't afford we don't need. If we want something big, we'll have to save for it the old fashioned way.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good Monday.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Short post today ladies. I lost another 3 pounds. Yippy!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Okay so my weekend was pretty good! I got my annual flowers in which is great, now my deck at the back has some colour! I'll post some pics later when they've filled in some more.

On the other hand work was crazy on Saturday!!! It was soooo hot!!! It zapped the energy right out of me. I worked 9am-5:30pm. The first 2 hours where great! But soon after that the heat hit. I didn't have a pair of shorts that where my size and where work worthy (no cut off jeans allowed) so I was forced to wear full jeans. Never again!!!! I was dieing. Not to mention despite my 45 sun block my sun rash was braking out in full force! I've never seen that before, usually 45 does it. So not only was I tired, hot and frazzled because everyone else was tired and hot, I looked diseased! So today Earl took the day off to try and get the stupid fence built. (more on that later) so while Evan is down for his nap I'm going to Retmens to find some work worthy shorts and maybe even a tank top-Not that I like them since my arms are still jiggaly. But I'm willing to take some temperature comfort for my pride if the weather keeps up to this 35C bull crap. Thank God my house has AC!!! I came home from work had a luke warm shower and sat on my couch. I watched Evan play and watched that new show Pirate Master. Kind of mellow dramatic and dorkie but also sickly interesting. Kindof like the New Adam's Family show, you can't beleive your actully watching it, but now you want to know what happens. (Danna you know what I'm talking about. lol) Canada's Next Top Model also started last week. The first one was pretty good, they seem to be following the America's Next top model flow a little more this time. Hopefully it will be a little better this year. Last year sucked! But I still watched it, hey what can I say, I'm a reality TV junkie!

Okay so the fence. Long story short it has taken over 2 weeks! If you where to sit on my deck and look to the left you would see no fence for about 6 back yards. It looks like a cottage community at the lake! Don't get me wrong it looks nice except for one yard that looks like hell. I thought I had a dandy lion problem! Anyway, we have 2 small dogs, they've been doing rather well at staying in our yard but it's a worry for our next door neighbor Melissa who has a dog phobia. So the sooner we get the fence up the better for her. Yesterday we did all the running around picking up supplies since we have the only working truck. Then with the weather and our neighbor Jason (Melissa's hubby) being away, things haven't been moving along as quickly as planed. Hopefully over the week ahead things will move along at a faster pace.

Well that was my weekend. My diet isn't doing so well this weekend. Dam you Timmies Ice Caps!!!!