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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I got a comment!

I got my first "You have lost a lot of weight!" comment today. I went out for b-fast with the girls this morning because I was going to Walmart anyway. (Need diapers and some more sippy straw cups, who knew they could just disappear like that!) I've been joining the ladies at Socattee's restaurant for years now so the waitresses knows us. So needless to say they've seen me at least 2x a month since before I got married. They saw me in all my preggy glory and the after math of it. Meaning they've seen me at my worse. Anyway one of them commented today! It felt great! I can't wait till I've lost more, I'm sure it will be more noticeable, case in point Leanne who looks like a super model!!!!! You go girl!

Other then that nothin much more to say.
Have a good one ladies!

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Cory said...

That first comment always feels great! Congrats on hearing it!