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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I know, its late.

Well it's now 11:58 pm and I'm finally getting around to my post for the day. So happy Thursday even thow its still Wednesday to me. I had a long day today. Got up with his hinus at 7:30ish. Went G-shopping at 9am. G-shopping with the Evan is becoming almost impossible and very frustrating. He's just to active. He pulls things from the cart and drops them on the floor. (I've remembered not to put the eggs within his far) He trys to stand up in the cart etc, etc, etc. Since I shop at Superstore one must bag your own stuff, as you can imagine this is difficult. Evan in the cart, food staking up on the conveyor belt, me pulling my hair out. I told Earl about my experience this morning and he said g-shopping is now moved till Thurs or Fri night when both of us can go. I said I'm holding you to that.

Work tonight also kicked my butt. I showed up at 5pm to find 50 8 foot Majesty Palms outside the back door to the green house. Along with 50 of those big guys was some other tropical plants of verise sizes. I found out they all needed to go into the green house as soon as possible. The ladie I worked with tonight was not only an older lady but also had a siatic nerve injury. So I was on my own. I started with the big guys since they're home was the closest to the door. I loaded as many as I could on to the cart, about 6, I then went for the door, that wasn't going to happen, since they where on the cart that's an extra foot off the ground, the door is only 8 feet tall! So needless to say I felt like a total idiot! So I had to carry 50 palms one at a time into the green house! It sucked! They where heavy, ocward and the fronds kept tickling my nose! I completed the task and the morning crew will show up to see 15 empty pallets outside in the court yard behind the green house. Yah me! I better get some props for all my hard work. One person moved a jungle, pls can I have a hero cookie now!

Well that's it for me today...well actually tonight. Have a good Thurs ladies, only one more day until TGIF after today that is.

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