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Friday, June 22, 2007

Isn't it funny...

I was at work the other night putting pond plants into the pond. The flouter plants where all tied up into plastic bags. Each of the bags where knotted a special way, knotted but with a loop so it was super easy to untie them. Then a memory hit me out of no where. A memory of my grandfather showing me how to tie the bag on a loaf of bread. He showed me how to knot it the same way as the flower bags.

It's so funny how the littlest things can take you back. A smell, an action, or a random object. I smiled at the memory the knotted bags brought to the surface and continued on with my work.

I was talking to Earl last night on our deck after Evan was in bed and the house was quite. He had just gotten in touch with a old buddy through face book. Earl was telling me that Eric saw the word testicle just 2 days before and it made him think "I wonder what ever happened to Earl!" Apparently Earl used to have the nick name grizzly balls, not because they saw his package and that it is hairy. (gross) but because Earl always did all the crazy things. He was the most ballsy!

The above conversation only hits home my thoughts for the day. Those memories can come from the most funny of places.

Have a good one ladies and enjoy the memories!

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