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Monday, June 11, 2007

OMG what a weekend!

I don't mean it in a good way either. Okay so I guess looking back it wasn't so bad. But when one is in the middle of it, it always seems worse.

1. Fence still not built! Surprised? I'm not.
2. Tree in our front yard looked ready to fall into our house due to all the crazy weather. Needless to say it was cut down this morning.
3. Evan ran a fever all weekend. It ran from 38-to 41C!!!! Why? Don't know. I can't wait till he can tell us where it hurts! He kept us up all night Sat and late into the morning last night. It was super scary, there was one throw up incident in the car, that seemed to have helped. I have to work tonight so I'm afraid detail in today's post is going to be in short order. I need a nap!!!!!
4. Due to the above my NS diet went out the window. The lack of sleep and lack of time have caused an over load of timmies. Not to mention my TOM is coming around again, so I'm munchie crazy. Dam you gold fish crackers! (they are the only thing that Evan would eat, those and toast!)

On the other hand we found out from our mortgage broker that we are able to re finance! This will give us one monthly payment! Yup one!!! No more car payment, student loan payment, or parents loan payment!! Earl and I will be the only ones on the title to our house! No more co-signer etc. It feels great to know we did this all on our own! No one can say jack to us now. hehehe. If I want Earl's mom to leave my home, I can't now tell her to get out! It will also give us a little something extra to finish the renos outside this year!!!! The other side of the fence, the front flower beds, the front walkway all can be done.

We where offered a line of credit but that just scares me to death. Earl and I have a really bad habit of justifying things to each other. We make excuses for what each other wants. Or I give up. Hence why we have a Nintendo wii and an x-box. So in other words a line of credit is really bad for us. So we took out a consolidation loan instead. That way we just pay it, and what we can't afford we don't need. If we want something big, we'll have to save for it the old fashioned way.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good Monday.

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