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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My sis has joined our century!

#1.My older sis and my nephew Mannix in Palm Springs I think.
#2.My sis and my BIL in NEW YORK CITY!


Yup my sis and my BIL have finally joined our century and got a lap top. This excites my to no end! We can now send pics and keep each other updated on the going ons more easily. No more having to develop pictures to send away. Oh don't get me wrong once in a while its great to actually have the pic to frame, but if I get a really good one I can just email it! Plus if there's a specific one I really want printed I can just email it off to Walmart and pick it up later! Oh the wonders of technology! She has visited my blog so I'm hoping she decides to start one of her very own.

Work last night was rather dead but I wasn't board for to long. Sandy the girl I was working with didn't really want to work anyway so we ended up chatting till 9 then she left and it was time to start clean for closing time. Dispite the lack of customers my night still went by quickly. She finally showed me how to do a block quote or order on the computer. So I got a quote on the blocks we need for the front beds. The discount was great, it was over a $1.00 a block! And when one needs a over a hundred blocks to complete the task at hand that $1.00 will sure add up to big savings. Here's hoping we can try and get it done not only this year, but by the fall so I can plant some bulbs! Super stocked about the possibility of surrounding myself with even more flowers. It will be a lot of work but Earl says he will help with the up keep of all those flower beds, so that makes me feel more comfortable with the fact that I'll have so many beds to tend to. The vision in my head is beautiful, hopefully it will all work out the way I imagine it.

Well that's it for me today. No honestly, I'm not coming back again today. lol.
See you tomorrow!

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