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Monday, June 18, 2007

2 things

1. Okay so as I've said we are currently jumping through the hoops to get our house refinanced. On Saturday night I came home from a rather long day at work to Earl's news! The appraiser called and is coming on Monday!!!! We had quite a bit to do, everyone who knows us, knows that "Earl's room" the computer room is always a cluttered mess. I told him, clean your room, vacuum the house, and hang some pictures and I'll handle the rest. So that's what we did all day yesterday and a little this morning. Everything looked perfect! The appraiser came and was gone in 30 min! It really needed to be done, spring cleaning and all, but all that work for 30 min! I felt like inviting him in and at least serving coffee for all that work! Well we only need the house appraised at 340 for the amount of money we want and he seemed to think we are over that. I think so too considering a run down bungalow on the next crescent is listed at 390! Our house is in considerably better shape and has so much more upgrades. But stranger things have happened so keep your fingers crossed for us.

2. On the weight loss side of things Earl noticed yesterday that my size 18 jeans where getting super saggy in the butt region. So I decided to look through my stash of jeans. I had one pair of size 16's from Leanne. (thinks if it wasn't for your generosity I would be pants-less) I also had some 34 waist jeans (what the size to waist conversion is I don't know) I tryed on the 16's they fit and very well I might add, I even needed my belt! I tryed on the 34" ones and they fit but where a little tight. So Yah me, down one more size in 2 weeks! Pretty darn good. Hero cookie for me! Well okay Hero NS crispy bar for me! Yummy!

As I was cleaning out our closet (you never know where those appraisers are going to look) I decided to move my too big jeans down stairs in a box, I'm planning on keeping them around for after the next baby purposes. Anyway I have sooo many pairs of jeans and pants, some of them I loved wearing too! 24,22,20 and now 18. The 24's didn't last long, I whore them mostly right after Evan was born. That baby water weight takes forever to come off, my feet where swollen for a month after Evan was born! So for those of you hoping to get your bod back right after, keep dreaming.

Well I think that's it for me today. Have a good Monday,or at least try to have one as good as a Monday can be.


Annieann77 said...

Congrats on loosing inches! I have some more pants for you too next time I see you! :)

Hopefully we can get together soon! ;)

Jessica said...

Congratulations on another size down!

Anonymous said...

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