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Thursday, June 14, 2007

High School Grad

I checked my email yesterday to find an E-mail from Liz, she was the grad pres for my high school class of 1997. Yup that's right, I graduated 10 years ago last month. It's crazy to think its been that long. I don't feel old yet...okay so sometimes, but 29 isn't old is it?

The email said the 10 year reunion is on Aug 26. It's a small event with a meet and greet with old teachers, followed by some finger food and a plain out party. I'm super interested in going, not so much to see ppl but to see some of my old teachers. There are only about 3 teachers throughout my whole school life time that I can remember making a difference in my life. Two of them I meet in high school, I don't know why but I strived to do my very best for them, and some of the things they said have stayed with me. Is that weird?

Okay so I would love to go. I still talk to all my high school friends on a regular bases or at least I keep in touch with them through the friends I talk to once a week. I ask and keep up with the going ons in their lives. I don't think any of the others in our 5 person group are truly interested in going, which sucks! It would be so great to walk into the room with all 5 girls from our click to show that opposites really do attract. We where all so different! But it was the differences that made things interesting. I think we have all done pretty good for ourselves, but its not the showing off that I'm interested in. I just want to go and have some fun! See people and be seen. They don't need to know all the things I've accomplished, frankly I could care less about what they all think, I didn't care then, why would I care now. It's not all about the who's become successful and who didn't, or about who makes the most money and lives in a huge mansion in Vancouver. It's just about looking back at all the great times. Chatting with ppl that now as an adult we never would have bothered with in the past. I hope the other ladies rethink their attendance. It would be great to see all of us in one room again. It's been a while. It makes me sad to think we would miss out on this event. This is a once in a life time chance to do something different then the every day thing. So lets just go and have some fun! It would be $35 bucks well spent.


Jordanna said...

I think Vicky and Cindy are going...maybe Nicole too?

IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...


IRIS FLOWER-aka Denise said...

its not the same with our you!

Cory said...

I hope you have fun. What sucks for me is that all of my close friends in highschool were a year younger!