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Monday, June 4, 2007


Okay so my weekend was pretty good! I got my annual flowers in which is great, now my deck at the back has some colour! I'll post some pics later when they've filled in some more.

On the other hand work was crazy on Saturday!!! It was soooo hot!!! It zapped the energy right out of me. I worked 9am-5:30pm. The first 2 hours where great! But soon after that the heat hit. I didn't have a pair of shorts that where my size and where work worthy (no cut off jeans allowed) so I was forced to wear full jeans. Never again!!!! I was dieing. Not to mention despite my 45 sun block my sun rash was braking out in full force! I've never seen that before, usually 45 does it. So not only was I tired, hot and frazzled because everyone else was tired and hot, I looked diseased! So today Earl took the day off to try and get the stupid fence built. (more on that later) so while Evan is down for his nap I'm going to Retmens to find some work worthy shorts and maybe even a tank top-Not that I like them since my arms are still jiggaly. But I'm willing to take some temperature comfort for my pride if the weather keeps up to this 35C bull crap. Thank God my house has AC!!! I came home from work had a luke warm shower and sat on my couch. I watched Evan play and watched that new show Pirate Master. Kind of mellow dramatic and dorkie but also sickly interesting. Kindof like the New Adam's Family show, you can't beleive your actully watching it, but now you want to know what happens. (Danna you know what I'm talking about. lol) Canada's Next Top Model also started last week. The first one was pretty good, they seem to be following the America's Next top model flow a little more this time. Hopefully it will be a little better this year. Last year sucked! But I still watched it, hey what can I say, I'm a reality TV junkie!

Okay so the fence. Long story short it has taken over 2 weeks! If you where to sit on my deck and look to the left you would see no fence for about 6 back yards. It looks like a cottage community at the lake! Don't get me wrong it looks nice except for one yard that looks like hell. I thought I had a dandy lion problem! Anyway, we have 2 small dogs, they've been doing rather well at staying in our yard but it's a worry for our next door neighbor Melissa who has a dog phobia. So the sooner we get the fence up the better for her. Yesterday we did all the running around picking up supplies since we have the only working truck. Then with the weather and our neighbor Jason (Melissa's hubby) being away, things haven't been moving along as quickly as planed. Hopefully over the week ahead things will move along at a faster pace.

Well that was my weekend. My diet isn't doing so well this weekend. Dam you Timmies Ice Caps!!!!

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Annieann77 said...

I wonder what the calorie intake is on a Timmies ice cap? ? I was also craving one the other day but I figured since I had a blizzard on Wed I better slow down on the treats! ;)

Good luck with your fence project! Not the 9th weekend but the weekend after I should be free, if you want to get together ?! We have a dinner Sat but we should be available after that or Sun! :)