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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The great soother debate

This morning I noticed we only had one soother left and that one soother was getting really worn! OMG! The other one has gone missing! We had 2 left after the last soother check and I thought "okay well after these ones are worn out that's it for the soosies". Now that it hit me this morning I panicked. What if Earl has to put up with a crazy grumpy Evan tonight. What if he doesn't want to go down for a nap or to sleep with out one. I've heard about tricks like cutting the nipple off a bit at a time so they can no longer suck on them and then they simply lose interest. But one does need a functioning soother in order to do this. I've been working toward a soosie free home for a month now, but nap and bed time still seems to be a struggle. So I called Earl and left a message saying I was heading to Walmart to grab another 2 just in case back ups. He didn't call me back so I'm assuming he agreed with the not wanting to go Cold Turkey.

I had noticed before that the brand of soother that is Evan's preference was getting almost impossible to find. I noticed again that there where none when I arrived at Walmart. I decided to buy a pack of 2 that where as close to the old ones as I could get. The only ones available where munchkin brand "bling bling" ones so they have rhinestones and sparkly things on them. Evan likes the strait nipples not the weird curved/flattened ones. The strait type is proving to be harder to find all the time. So for all you new moms and dads out there, if you choose to do the soother get them hooked on the ones that are cheap to buy and easy find, if you can that is. Earl made the mistake of buying Disney strait yellow nipple ones, now non existent only a year later. Stick to Nuk brand - they seem to be every where! Again its the baby that will do the picking eventually-so good luck!

So we got home from Walmart and I boiled up the new blig, blig soothers. I handed them to Evan and he looked a them funny. I showed him what they where and he sucked a little and throw both of them on the floor. He played for a bit every once in a while picking one up and putting it in his mouth. Then minutes later he would pull it out and drop it one the floor again when he went to do something else, like climbing the couch. Maybe spending the extra $5 for another set that weren't his favs will pay off in the end. The old ones he wanted in his mouth all the time, until I had to start taking it way. These ones seem alittle bigger and heavier, maybe they are more annoying when he's at play? I guess we will see. Here's hoping.

My take on the soother debate is that I can take a soother away. You can't take a thumb away. A friend of mine had a younger sister that was still sucking her index and middle fingers well into her tweens (10-15 years old) I remember the two fingers she sucked looking odd and malformed. When ever I think of how I know Evan is less likely to have an issue like that the more I'm set on the soothers.

Evan seems to be napping peacefully with his new bling, bling soother. I did try to put him down with out it but he cryed for 30 minutes so I gave up. Maybe tomorrow when I'm home all day and all evening I'll try again.

Have a good one ladies!


Cory said...

It does suck how they change stuff like that. Good luck!

Annieann77 said...

WOW - so many things to figure out! Who knew a soother could be such an adventure!?! ;)

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