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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Earl's home again...lunch dinner issues.

Well Earl is home again today. His work has been promising him a better computer chair for months now, it's now in the building but they haven't delivered it! WTH! He's told them he needs it. After the last two days his back has started hurting him again, mostly in part by the crappy chair he has!!! So he had to take some pain killers last night and is still knocked out cold in bed as I write this.

I'm finding it hard to figure out what I'm going to do with my NS now that I'm working. It's not the kind of job one can stand or sit and eat when ever I want. So I think I'm going to switch my dinner and lunch, since lunch is easier to eat on the go. (I love the graham fudge bar the best anyway lol) So today I had chili and my dinner veggies for lunch. I'll have my snack at the usual around 2, and my salad around 4 and take my lunch bar with me. Then when I get home I can have my dessert and fruit. That's the plan so far...I'll have to see how it goes. What I do know is I'm very full from having dinner at lunch today.

That's it for me! Have a great day Ladies!

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Cory said...

I hope they deliver his chair soon. It really sucks that they haven't.
Good luck with the switch on your meals. I hope it goes well!