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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Good Morning Ladies

Well I lost 0, notta, nothin this week. Which makes me rather happy considering my NS diet has basically gone out the window. I'm still finding it hard to stick with the program on the days I'm working. (meaning I'm not eating enough) plus my TOM is coming again, so gaining nothing and losing nothing is fine with me.

Well on the Survivor front Yau didn't win. (Boooo) But at least Earl won instead. I'm happy with that. The finale was the highlight of my mothers day. We really didn't do that much. Had breakfast at my MIL's house. (banana pancakes-not exactly NS friendly-but at least there's some fruit in there lol) The rest of the day was pretty much spent relaxing.

Saturday at work was crazy!!!! I was left on my own with the magic phone. I could call Bill my zone manager, but he's got 2 other area's to worry about so I did my best to not call. He called me when I got home to say thanks for my bravery, and that the medal will be there for me some time next week. The message made me chuckle a bit, and I felt appreciated.

Other then that I got nothing more to say.
Have a good Tuesday Ladies.

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