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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Well my baby has learned a new skill. Putting things in things! Up until now he could only take things out of things. He's learning. Why does this excite me so much you ask! This means I am one step closer to being able to play the clean up game! On any given night my living room looks like a war zone. Toys, Books, Blocks and such all over the place! It will be nice when Evan can help even put 2-3 toys away! I can't wait.

He can now put the rings back on its holder (you know the toy with the middle part and the rings- different sizes and colours.) Yup he's getting that down now. He's also learning what shapes fit into what hole on the two shape toys we have. Its great to see him develop, I can show him how to do something a few times and then one day he does it! Then I get to smile and feel my heart burst with the thought that I taught him that! Its one of the most wonderful feelings in the world!

On the Rona front last night was another busy one. I guess I can pretty much expect it to stay crazy until the Fall. I work tonight then have 2 days off, then I work Saturday. I'm not looking forward to Saturday at all. Last Saturday was so busy I almost cried! This weekend is going to be worse it being May long and all. This weekend is the official "Your good for the annual planting now for sure, should be no more frost till the leaves change colour.) Anyway at work last night I found something worse then a paper cut, yup that's what I thought nothing sucks more then a paper cut (well a broken leg probably does but of all the minor cuts one could get a paper cut sucks!) Well, a plastic flower try cut sucks even more, trust me! and its right on the pad at the tip of my middle finger. It sucks! Since it was a flower try and dirty and all I even had to put the stingy stuff on. Now I have a big bandaid on my finger which is rather annoying. But that's life. Hopefully my bandaid will make it through my shift tonight, I'll have to bring an extra or two to work with me I guess.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good Wednesday Hump Day.

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Annieann77 said...

WOW - I'm so excited for you, it must make you feel so good to see your little boy grow mentally and physically! ? Someday you will look at him and be amazed at how big and smart he is! ;)

Sorry about your sore finger, at least you can't say that you have a boring job - sounds like you always have something to do!

I'll have to find time to make it over to your place for a visit, I sure miss watching Evan and all his little quirks! LOL