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Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Poor Red Truck

Yesterday was quit an exciting day! I woke up to Earl asking if I had heard anything when I was up with Evan at 3am-4:30am on Wednesday night. I said "Nope I didn't hear a thing and I even went outside for a smoke while I was waiting to make sure Evan went back to sleep". "Well" he said "My truck was hit on the front end!" He picked up the phone and went outside. As you can guess I got up. Evan was still sleeping so I put on my jogging pants and a sweeter and headed outside to see the damage. As you can tell this is not a fiber glass new truck, it's an 84 made strong with steel and such. Who ever hit it head on must have been driving on the wrong side of the road and going rather fast! Earl called the cops and our insurance company. The investigator came out to take a look, looked for paint scrapings etc. He sent Earl to the cop shop to make up a report and get a sticker.

I was tired from being up with Evan the night before so when he went down for his nap I went for mine. I didn't get much sleep since Earl kept coming in to give me updates on the situation. He happened to have driven around the block and found a car on the other side of the crescent all smashed up on the front drivers side. Not only was this the damage we where expecting on the car that hit the truck but there was no sticker, there for it hadn't been reported. Earl called it in and gave the cops the licence plate number. To further prove our case against the ppl living in the rental house on the other side of the crescent our next door neighbor found a tiny piece of black molding on the road that could only belong to a chev car in a certain year. Yup you guessed it, it matches the car Earl saw. He called the cop again and he came and got it, put it in an evidence bag and everything.

That's all we know so far. The only thing the cop said to Earl when he picked up the molding piece was the story they are telling doesn't jive, so far he hasn't got a clear cut answer from them about how their car was damaged.

Hopefully it was them, and hopefully they have insurance! Our truck isn't new, but it is our toy! We where going to deck it out and make it look hot. Its a rare truck, worth about $2500, so we do want to fix it. Too bad the damage goes deeper then it looks. Looks like it got down the inner fender and the rad support. Hopefully the insurance company (coming out on Tues to look at the truck) will fix it for us.

Well folks that's about it for me today. I'll keep you posted on the going ons with our poor red truck. Bye!


VegasGirl said...

OMG! I hate that people don't just report things when they have had an accident. I mean, even if they were drunk, why not come over this morning (after sobering up) and tell you they'd hit the truck. That way they could avoid a DUI and still be good neighbors.

hehe. I love the last post. It makes me here my sister singing, "clean up, clean up! Everybody clean up." to my nephews. =0)

I hope the truck mystery gets solved.

Annieann77 said...

Crappy about the truck, it doesn't look as bad as I thought but like you said there is internal damage that we can't see! ? Hopefully it gets sorted out soon!

We will try to make it over on Sunday but I'm still waiting for a phone call to let me know when we are going for dinner with my mom! grr family! LOL