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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Job day 2...

Last night kicked my ass!!! The place was a mess, it was a big mess last night too but I wasn't sure where things went, or where to put the gagillion carts of flowers etc. I guess the flower delivery guys didn't do their jobs so Rona had to call the company and raze a little hell. They where going to send some on out today to clean up the mess and get the all the flowers into a display. I was told by the supervisor going home yesterday to get things cleaned up. Start at the front and work your way back. We did a walk through and she named off thing after thing to do. She said there is going to be 3 boys on tonight so you and Marilin put them to work with the heavy stuff. I thought okay two girls and 3 boys can do this. The supervisor said get as much as you can get done. Okay I thought. We should be able to get it all done! That would be great for you ladies tomorrow. Everything cleaned up, Thursday flower order coming in, great! Yah Right.......I wish. The place was crazy with customers. I was moving flowers, sweeping etc between customers, by myself!!!! Marilin was busy with customers, well crazy with customers and from what I could see the two boys out of three where busy hanging out and flirting with the cashier girl!!! I was pissed!!!! Marilin said I'm going to send them over to you, you tell them what to do. OMG its my second day!!! I better get a raze for being a team lead type person on my second day!!! The guys where a little snotty, but they did what I told them to do anyway. Granted I didn't really ask them, I told them. They where little punk kids, about 17-19 years old I would guess. Anyway I got the whole front end of the outdoor side really clean and the guys cleaned up (sort of) the back side of the outdoor area. It doesn't look great, but its a vast improvement. I give my self a pat on the back and about 3 bottles of Advil I'm very sore and stiff today. I don't think I've worked this physical of a job since Domo! Which was over 9 years ago!-(for u US ladies Domo is a full serve gas station.)

On the home front Earl has been great! I've come home to a tidy house, no toys all over the floor, a tidy kitchen etc. He's even bathing Evan, and reading him his bed time story. Last night Evan smoked his head on the tile floor so Earl kept him up until 10 to keep an eye on him. He woke up once and cried out, but he was back to sleep within seconds. All seems to be well today he's as active as ever!

On the diet front I'm finding it really hard to eat all the food! I can't eat on the floor when I'm working so grabbing a snack is rather hard. I've been having my dinners for lunch and the lunch salad before I go to work at around 4:00pm. Then at work (if I have time) I've been having a lunch bar. But that still leaves my afternoon snack and my dessert snack for when I get home. I'm hungry but not that hungry. I'll have to try some other ways to get all the food in. If any one has some idea's I'm open for suggestions. Other then stuffing my face all at once that is.

Well that's all for me today.
Have a good one ladies.

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Annieann77 said...

Sounds like your new employers have a lot of trust in you, they seem to think you don't need much training!? I would totally ask about getting an increase in wage after 3 months, especially if it looks like you are turning into a boss rather then just an employee!?

Glad to hear that Earl is helping you out!:)

I'm not sure what to suggest to you about getting all your meals in? If you were a milk drinker it might be easier for you to have a glass of milk (milk 2 go) instead of yogurt? And I know that sometimes when I'm in a hurry I sometimes have those "applesauce" type fruit cups or have a small can of diced fruit?

Hope that helps? Oh- and BTW I can't believe you are almost down -20lbs!! It feels like you just started NS? Congrats! ;)