Total Goal

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have 4 walls!

Well I have 4 walls on my newly expanded garage. Yup that's right 4 walls that's the way it should be. All Earl has to do tomorrow is get the walls sheeting and level for the big barn raising party on Sat morning. I'm really looking forward to it actually. I'm looking forward to seeing some big changes in the yard in the next few days. As soon as the garage is even slightly finished, meaning with 4 walls and a roof, I can start laying the brick and getting my flower beds in. I really want to have them finished before it's time to plant fall bulbs. I want some tulips and daffodils in the spring. Maybe even some crocus!

I'm super excited! I have where all the brick is going to be outlined with the metal edger and I can imagine what it's going to look like done. I'm really hoping that mother nature is good to us and gives us a nice sunny weekend. That would help a lot.

Well that's it for me! Have a great weekend ladies.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Before and After

I found these pics of my house before all the work was done. I can't beleive the diffrence.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Potty Time!

Okay so I know it's been like forever since my last post. But I have a good reason! Honest! Our home computer network has been on the Fritz. I so wanted to write since I have big news!
Yup it's potty time! Evan went pee pee on the potty! I was so proud! He told me it was time, he wanted to do it!
Here's the story. I know Leanne has already heard my potty story but for those of you still tuning in once in a while here it is.
We where at Walmart to pick up a few things, one of which was bum wipes. Next to the bum wipes are of course the potties. Evan was going crazy while I was grabbing my preferred brand. He was pointing and carrying on at the Tomas the Train potty seats. It's one of those ones that fit over the toilette. I ignored him since we already have a potty, but as I walked away he went nuts so I thought screw it. It's not like its a toy or something. I guess if it works it will be worth the $15 bucks, yup I'll get it. So I did.
When we got home from Walmart Earl and I showed Evan what he had chosen. We put it on the toilette and sat him down. He clapped happily, had his bath, and went to bed.
The next day was the big event. That morning I went up stairs around 10am to get a coffee refill. When I came back down stairs Evan got my attention. He was trying to physically turn me back around. So I did what he wanted. He got in behind me, planted one hand on each butt check and started pushing me up the stairs. So I did as he asked. He wasn't fretting he was just communicating. We got to the kitchen and he continued pushing my up the next flight on stairs. He then pulled down his pants and pull up, climbed on the potty and went pee!!!! OMG! I was ecstatic. I wanted to rush to the phone and call everyone I knew! But I had other things to tend to, mainly Evan. At this stage of the game it's of course important to teach him the steps. Go pee, wipe, flush, wash hands. While he was washing his hands, and brushing his teeth. (he likes to bush his teeth, and rinse and spit of course) I called Earl to tell him the big news. He was not as excited as I wanted him to be. (jerk) I got an "Oh....good...well I'll see you tonight." So I called the one other person that would be just as excited as me. Yup my big sis! She was so mush more proud then Earl. I guess pee pee on the potty is a women thing.
Well that was the big event.
The only other things I got going on is:
1. Earl and I said the hell with it...Protection making in...I'll let you know how it goes. Cells could be dividing as we speck. Oh...I have had heart burn on and off today. That's how I know last time. I'm going to test at the end of the week. I'll keep you all informed.
2. Yard, Yard, Yard....Garage, Garage, Garage. Have a mentioned I can't wait till it's done?
We're having a get the trusses on the garage party next Saturday starting at 10am. We're hoping having an extra few people will help get the work done. The rest of the yard, and any thing I can do to help finish depends on getting the garage as done as possible and soon as possible.
Well that's all my news.
Have a good one ladies.