Total Goal

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tub Off Tuesday

Another 2 pounds down!!!! Yippy!

be back later.

okay I'm back, few what a busy 4 day's I've had!

Work was crazy! Of course it was I work in a garden center and it was the long weekend. I'm off until Friday now which worked out great since Earl is on Vaca.

We signed the paperwork for our new mortgage, we're looking at a mini van, due in part to Earls parents who have encouraged us to just buy a van out right. "When will you ever get the chance again?" they said. It's true we will never be able to just buy a van out right ever again, and we could use a bigger vehicle with Evan around. We have found a light blue kind of more silver one it's a 03. I like it we're going out to test drive it later.

We had Danna over for dinner on Sunday Canada Day. I was exhausted due to work so thank God she could watch Evan while I showered and Earl started dinner. Thanks Lady!
We also went to the fire works! Evan was great as long as one of us was holding him. He kept looking up at the sky and trying to touch them. And he kept saying Ahhhhh softly the whole time. I truly didn't watch them at all I was to busy watching Evan. lol. It was good times.

Other then that, not much more to say. I know I'm forgetting some things. Oh ya it was our happy 2 year anniversary late night! We went to McD's. lol. Roo was hungry, and I didn't want to cook. Oh well I guess the kids come first.

Okay I think I'm done for sure now. Have a good Monday that's actually a Tuesday!


Annieann77 said...

WOW -- Congrats on your weight loss!! Your doing awesome, keep it up!! :)

Cory said...

Great loss! Congrats!