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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My eyes are better after Evan!!!!

I've been getting these huge headachs lately. I'm pretty sure its from not being able to wear sun glasses when I'm driving. I went to get fitted for contacts this morning so I could do just that.

I've had contacts before but they sucked! My eyes where so dry! So this time I wanted to try the oasis brand of contacts as seen on TV. I went in and got fitted. OMG these ones feel so much better not to mention I can now brack out my sun glasses once again!!!

It will be so much better for work too, no more stopping half way through my shift to clean my glasses so I can see again. The Rona green house isn't exactly the cleanest place of employment. Which isn't their falt of course, its a green house!!
I'm looking forward to my first shift with them in, which isn't today since I called in. Ave our nanny isn't going to be able to get here today, her father in law is in the hospital. Diebetic and Namonia don't mix. So Earl and I are going to Ikea, then over to see Leanne!

I also have a note about work. Now that I'm getting to know my job and it's slowing down a little I love it!!! I never realized how stressful my old job was until now. I also never realized the sense of joy I could get from doing something so simple! The bar isn't very high there, with the quality of staff a place like Rona has been forced to hire I'm a steller employee I guess. But that aside I leave my job content with what I have acomplished, I love the ppl I work with and work for. The drama isn't there, the stress isn't there, I can leave and leave my work life behind until my next shift.

Well that's all for me today. Have a good one!

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