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Friday, July 13, 2007

Evan got his first hair cut!

We went last night for Evan's first hair cut. He was actually pretty good. No tears or screaming just a little impatient mostly because he wanted to go run around rather then afraid of the hair cut.

It was fun! We went to a Salon owned by a family I know from my youth group. She was happy to do it and we even got a first hair cut memory folder with a little baggy for his little locks of hair. We also got a free bottle of tearless shampoo, the expensive salon stuff. We haven't tried it yet mostly because we just opened our 2nd bottle of baby shampoo since he was born. Man those bottles last forever!!! I think I'll save this one for our trip to Cal to see my sis in Dec, since its smaller.

Well that's my thrilling news for today. Have a great TGIF!

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