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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stupid People!

This morning I went to empty the mail box of all the stupid St A papers when I found a notice taped to our door. It said some one was here to serve court papers when we weren't home! And that we had to call this number blah, blah, blah. I ran it out to Earl before he could drive away to go to work and showed him. He said he would call and find out what it was about. I was of course worried. What could it be! I was racking my brain for hours!!!

Later today when I was just walking into work Earl called my cell and told me what it was all about. Before we bought our house we where renting to own an older house in St Albert. We took the paper work from them before we signed and moved in and brought them to our lawyer, who looked them over and re-did them with things that we felt where important. Things like, fixing the hot water tank, getting the fireplace inspected and certified, checking and certifying the furnace etc. We also included an out clause that relieved us of responsibility if we ever wanted out. So now they are trying to sue us!!!!! Did they forget that we weren't stupid!!! That we took the paper work to a lawyer!!! Did they not look at our out clause!!!!! We owe them nothin, nill, notta!!!! Stupid People!!!

So needless to say we are now counter suing. Earl's Mom is a legal secretary, she and her boss where the ones who draw up the original contract we signed. She and her boss are the ones taking care of it. Not only are those Stupid guys going to waste time and money, now they are going to have to pay us!!! Oh and they are using a student fresh out of law school to sue us!!! Should I have to say stupid people once more!!! I shack my head and say STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

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